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How To Replace a Lost or Stolen British Passport in UK

Updated on October 17, 2011

Lost or Stolen Passport

Losing any legal documents you can be left in a very terrible situation, especially when you lose your passport! Life is tough as it is and we don't need extra problems that come out of nowhere. Your life may turn upside down if you go through the experience of a break in, burglary or theft, never mind having your passport lost or stolen.

Don't worry , because below you will find information on how to replace you legal document, your passport, which is either lost or stolen.

How to replace a lost or stolen passport.

If you rpassport is lost or stolen in the UK, you will need to follow the instructions below.

This is a very simple process, and the most important thing to do first is report it to the Police as soon as possible and get a log number.

If you have lost or had your British passport stolen then you should inform the Police straight away. They will provide you with a log number which you may need later on to apply for a replacement passport.

Lost or stolen British passport
Lost or stolen British passport

To reduce the risk of anyone else using you passport, you should report it to IPS (Identitiy and Passport Service) straight away.

You do not need to phone the Home Office or UK Border Agency (UKBA) or anyone else because they do not need to know.

To report you lost or stolen passport, you do not need to telephone IPS, instead all you need to do is fill in the LS01 form and post it to them.

You can request the form LS01 from:

  • IPS Passport advice Line on 0300 222 0000
  • Any regional Post Office
  • Your local Police Station
  • and certain Post Office branches that offer the Passport Check and Send Service

Or you complete the form online via this link - FORM LS01

Or you can request it online to be posted to you via this link - Request a lost or stolen (LS01) Notification Form

Through IPS you can also report you lost or stolen passport over the phone, but remember you still need to complete form LS01.

What To Do You Report Your Passport Lost or Stolen

After you have requested the lost or stolen form LS01, you need to complete it along with a completed passport application form. You need to complete the lost or stolen section of the passport application form and send it along with the form LS01.

Do not forget to send the form LS01 with the Passport Application form.

If You Find Your Passport

If you find your passport after reporting it lost or stolen to IPS, you must return it to IPS. After IPS receive your LS01 Notification Form, they cancel your passport. Once your passport has been cancelled you cannot use it for any purpose, for example travel, identification etc.

If the authorities find your passport, they will not give it back to you, they will instead forward it to IPS.

If you find your lost or stolen passport before sending the LS01 Notification Form, do not sign it, discard it safely and inform IPS as soon as possible.


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