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How WW2 is Helping ISIS Today

Updated on August 16, 2016
WW2 British mines today in Egypt
WW2 British mines today in Egypt
German STG-44
German STG-44
ISIS WW2 artillery
ISIS WW2 artillery

The weird just got much stranger in the war against ISIS. Who in the world would have ever thought what has happened, has? After battling with the terrorist group for two years, spending billions of dollars in arming and training Iraqis and Kurds, after the collapse of Mosul, where ISIS seized tons of American military equipment, the old North African battlefields are a haven for ISIS weapons.

It was way back in 1941-42, when Rommel, the Desert Fox, was moving ever so close to the Suez Canal, making the Brits very anxious. Nothing seem to stop them. The British were outfoxed at almost every step until they laid minefields in and around El Alamein. The number of mines laid in the vast desert regions is a wild guess, but probably well over 400,000 million. Many of these mines are in the areas of El Alamein and in Libya, where ISIS is. Of course, they are not along the normal roads, but strewn across vast desert areas, untouched since 1942. Even today, still, Egypt has a dedicated resource finding and removing the old mines. In 2006, over 150 Egyptians searching for them were killed by them. Even today, in 2016, the Egyptians claim that there remain 17 million mines in the off road areas laid in 1942. What a stunning revelation that is.

Now, ISIS is finding them and making IED bombs from them. Amazingly, the quality remains functional after 70+ years! Their IED’s are deadly.

The al-Tawhid Brigade stumbled onto an amazing find during their battles in Syria- 5,000 Sturmgwehr 44 (STG-44) automatic rifles. The rifles were in very good condition and still could be used. This rifle was far more effective than the old model, but introduced in WW2 too late to make a difference. Over 400,000 were made.

Lastly, ISIS has found vintage German artillery guns that still function. Granted, only a few have been spotted in battle, yet, these relics continue to battle on.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 19 months ago

      my bad, yes. In any case, still an incredible story.

    • ronbergeron profile image

      Ron Bergeron 19 months ago from Massachusetts, US

      Did you perhaps mean the estimated number of landmines to be between 400,000 and one million? That's a lot different than 400,000 million (400,000,000,000 or 400 billion).

    • emge profile image

      Madan 19 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Excellent info of which I was not aware