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How do we solve any of these issues for the world today?

Updated on December 8, 2014

Wish there were answers.

Wish we could solve things with a magic wand.

A choke hold that takes the last breathe, while someone screams
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe and just dies on the ground.

This man could my brother, a cousin, a friend, and I keep on asking why, when will this
Violence end?

People getting shot more every day.
The media displays all the horror of today.

Our society, our people are scared and confused,
And each and everyday more people we lose.

We are human beings and even the displays of horror blinds us towards the police officers
That are good and are condemned by the bad ones And suffer because some do their jobs and have loved ones and families, while the bad officers out weigh more and more everyday of their brutality caught on video that goes viral and we all see it.

But what can we do?

The more we protest it seems like we get screwed.

Our furry loved ones suffer too.
Police officers will shoot on sight, dogs and even kittens that are our family members and
Have no remorse?

Once again the action of the few out weigh the good.
In our society today, there is chaos today that seems like it will never go away.

We are hungry, we are scared, and we tired.

Our people suffer so much in this world.
But what can we do?

We stand up more and more to face the ones that are suppose to protect us
And it causes more violence, but what else can be done?

There is pain and suffering and to the innocent ones.

Are we not meant to take each others hands and come together as communities?

Isn’t justice suppose to prevail and our people suppose to live their lives with freedom?

The people that were here, the Native Americans are slowly being wiped out of existence and live on reservations and have the highest level of poverty without even some place of clean water.

How can you live with dignity when there are simple things that you don’t even have like clean water?

Even in communities there are children that are abandoned and abused and go hungry.

The elderly live out their lives in some places where they can not die in dignity because of abuse and these poor people can’t even go to the bathroom themselves and have to put up with abuse?

The innocent animals in this world that are starved and left to die.

We sit back and post on social media accounts about what happens to animals and we
All go--what a shame, all the poor things.

We are all well aware of what goes on, but nothing gets done.

Sometimes there is a silver lining, with good hearted souls with all this, but our people in the land of America,

Are we so free?

Most of us live a life to pay for a house and taxes for 40 years and when we reach the end of our live we are suppose to retire and enjoy our golden years, but most people can’t even do that.

The pollution in our air, land, and our foods with cancer rates that are growing.

There is no God that is going to kill us, it is going to be us, man that is going to a good job killing ourselves.

We pollute the earth and we are the ones that damaged Mother Earth which is a living planet.

Mother Earth thrives and breathes just like all of us and she is slowly dying.
There is such easy solutions like taking all the trash that is just laying around smothering Mother Earth and converting that into fuel.
It cleans up Mother Earth and it would stop all the war over fuel.

Now I maybe a simpleton in this world, for I am not a politician or someone who rules
over our society see what goes on in this world and am tired of seeing all of our people suffering.

But what can we do?

I see much suffering in this world and everyone

On this planet deserves a quality life and deserves
To die with some dignity.

Children and animals are meant to be loved.
We are on this planet to protect all the innocent ones
In this world.

No one in this world should have to go to bed hungry, and no one should have to live without a roof over their heads.

All of us should be thinking of more ways to help each other in today’s world.

When is skin color not going to be a factor in deciding on helping another human being?
Do we not all bleed the same blood? Do we all not feel pain like one another?
Do we not cry and have feelings?

There are many people in the world that are lost and have no one.
There is no one to say, I love you as they sit there with no shelter, no clothes, and
No food.

With how big the world is and how much all these big gadgets and all the social media,
You would think that we would overcome all of this by now.

Forget all the politicians, all they do is yell at each other and blame each other and say
that the other party is to blame but what gets done?

What are good are any of our leaders when everything remains the same?

Every person born has the right to live a life.

Education should be free and should not have to cost and put people into debt where some people can’t even finish college because they are put into so much debt they have to pay off the debt in which they are not going to receive a degree because they have to take jobs to finish paying off the debt where they tried to get an education in the first place.

Medical should be free to all.
Some countries it is free and no one should ever have
to suffer or be afraid to go get medical service because they think they have to pay medical bills that put them in debt so they rather sit and suffer.

Basically medications don’t even cure because pills are being shoved down peoples throats,
in which the side effects are brutal,and mostly the first medication you have to take a second or third medication because of the bad effects of the first medications.

I think sometimes medications are only masking the symptoms and not curing anything at all.

Why is it that most health insurance won’t cover the costs of acupuncture in which there are hardly any side effects of something that has been around thousands of years?

There is so many things in this world, which you think we could come up with easy solutions.

Sometimes there might be easy solutions but I think what it seems to come to do, if people aren't making money off anything, then they don't want to bother with solutions to problems because there is no profit in solutions that actually get solved.


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