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How do you like us Now? The Trump supporters.

Updated on January 3, 2018
Don Bobbitt profile image

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

Two Parties representing themselves

How do you like us now?

You and your two organizations of far-left and far-right gangs of manipulators calling yourselves Democrats snd Republicans.

You managed to split yourselves into two parties of egotistical “representatives of the people”. But you were no longer our representative, were you?

You were a collection of local groups who had eventually put themselves into their own little cliques, and then you pushed the common man away and out your doors.

You had your cocktail parties and patted each other on your backs for all having the same opinions and goals.

There's a Storm Coming!

There's a Storm Coming, and it's US the working people of America, pushing for change to our political system.
There's a Storm Coming, and it's US the working people of America, pushing for change to our political system. | Source

What the Party wants and not what the people want

One party wants abortions, the other wants abortions to stop.

And to Hell with those of us who have mixed emotions and opinions, on such a serious subject.

One party wants to own guns ad the other wants to have no one with guns.

And to hell with those of us who are sitting in the middle, with other more moderate ideas.

One party wants to ban and eliminate ALL social services and benefits for ALL Americans, while the other wants to support every American and every immigrant who can jump a fence or crawl through a tunnel, turning the US into a new Socialist experiment.

And to Hell with those of us who want to help their fellow Americans first, and at the same time manage a more sensible national budget.

One party wants ……

OK, you get my point.

What do the people want? Someone who represents them.

We have turned into two-party system where each party is so alienated from the other, that they are impossibly deadlocked on these and other issues that should be negotiated and resolved, at least partially and logically, like we want them to do.

And we want them to do this by reducing our budget, that presently feeds the “favored and the select” and ignores those of us who are out of favor, or just don’t have enough money to donate to each party’s favorites.

Well, How do you like us now?

We found this crazy Billionaire who is financing his own election campaign.

He says things that piss off people like you, the radically opinionated journalists, and the election experts ….. on purpose.

He say what he thinks, and sometimes he is wrong. But he's big enough to admit he’s wrong. Just like we would do.

He doesn’t blow smoke up our Asses, when asked a question about a national problem. He just says WHAT HE THINKS. Right or wrong, it’s what he thinks.

He calls a liar a liar, and doesn’t say crap like “there must be some error in what ………”

He just makes us, the common man, so damned Happy that we are actually beginning to feel we might be able to elect someone that we want to look at our nations problems.

Not someone who is going to jump on his party’s boat and ride away into their special sunset drinking their cocktails and toasting their success in tearing another little piece of America down.

Doing this while totally ignoring us, the working Americans who go to our jobs each day, and come home and worry about our kids future and just, you know, still CARE about America.

DO I want a philanderers wife running my America?

Do I want an avowed Socialist running my country? D

o I want an extremist conservative who wants to eliminate every little benefit I worked for my whole life, to go away?

UH, How do I say this ….. HELL NO!

Yeah! How do you like us now!

by Don Bobbitt, January, 2016

Primary Politics Explained

© 2016 Don Bobbitt


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