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How justified it is to take a gift to a wedding even though you took one to a previous shower of bride or groom?

Updated on April 11, 2015

It depends on the person whether he or she wants to take a gift to the wedding even though he or she took one to the previous shower. But society thinks different ways. People tend to buy a gift for the shower and then give cash at the wedding. Old school says that invitation means gift, even if you do not attend the wedding or shower you sent gift to both. Shower gift is usually for the bride and groom separately and wedding gift is for the couple.

Some people think that giving two gifts are not justified. It would be wrong on the receiving end of the gift to expect it. It is a proper etiquette to take or send a wedding gift to the home of bride or groom or the address of their invitation, not to the wedding itself. It is up to the guest whether they want to give more than one gift.

Some people love giving gifts and sharing in moments of joy. They believe why ruin the experience by messing it up with cynicism and bitterness over experiences. Helping to give someone a great day on wedding just feels good.

People have showers to get more gifts! Some people think wedding should be organised as to have gifts only at the wedding. In other words shower should be organised as to have gifts only at the showers. They do not need both. If somebody is giving two gifts, they can give them both at the same event.

If somebody wants to give two gifts, that is alright but should not be expected. If you expect two gifts from one guest, you are selfish regardless of two events occurring. The wedding shower is a fun thing for the bride and groom and giving her or her gifts (serious or silly) she or he needs in her or his new home or life. But the wedding gift is for the bride and the groom. Usually something they registered for together.

Some people give cash with a lovely home made card on the wedding day. If someone is paying a lot for a reception and a shower party then the least you can do is buy a gift for both and you do not need to buy expensive things.

Some people think differently in this issue. They do not care how much a couple choose to spend throwing a wedding or shower, but they are not obligated to bring several gifts. While it is a nice gesture, the couple should be happy to have their friends and family around to celebrate with them on their joyous days.

In some countries, bringing gift to a wedding means the couple has to make arrangements for it to be transported from the wedding and stored until after the honeymoon. The whole point of wedding shower is the bride and groom do not have to worry about taking all those gifts home from the wedding. The shower gift is their wedding gift.

The shower is traditionally for the gift and most people bring card with a monetary gift to the wedding. If you do not want to take a gift to both, they do not attend both. It is the right thing to do take gifts to both. Nobody ever said they had to be big extravagant for both. It is imperative to bring a gift to a wedding for the newly weds.

Consider the cost of the meal and reception to the young couple and their families, a wedding celebration is no time to be cheap and thoughtless. Some people think to bring a gift in the shower or send it to the couple's home instead of wedding so they do not have to deal with packages after the wedding.

In either cases, the person the gift is for would enjoy the feeling of being acknowledged and you are already attending the event but the gifts put a stronger emphasis on the person and showering this day is a special day. People assumed that those bringing gifts in the wedding are those who had not attended the showers. The shower is to give a gift to a bride or groom something personal.

Even though it is hard to afford gifts especially for the wedding, the people whose wedding it is should not really think it mattered. A shower for the bride used to be that you gave her the personal items like nighties or house cleaning and cooking appliance etc, A token cash gift is appreciated at the wedding to contribute to expenses.

Some people think technically it is bad manners to take a gift to the wedding. Gifts should be sent beforehand usually to the bride's house. When the gifts are brought to the wedding, the burden falls on the parents to get them home as the happy couple departed for their honeymoon. Further, there is a dreadful possibility of theft at the wedding, so that security becomes an added expense.

Registries are suggestions, not mandates, to guide guests who might have no idea what the couple wants otherwise. Gifts for the wedding are congratulatory gifts. Showers were originally meant to help a young couple set up with basic necessities, literally showering them. This was usually meant for the brides as she was responsible for all the linens of the household.

Considering that, these gifts were handmade and time consuming and brides married young, many did not have time to get a complete set of linens for their new home so the local women would gather and shower her with this. The showers which are for the groom, usually receives gifts of tools or similar items. The groom will eat out of these plates and his food will get cooked out of the pots and pans that come from that shower that was put on for him.

At the end of the day, you are the one to think whether you want to give gifts both at the shower and the wedding or only on the shower.

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