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How old are you .............really?

Updated on January 2, 2015

To live or not to live that is the real question

We often hear stories of people who do something spectacular when they are 95 or start painting or writing in their 70's or 80's and become successful. These are great stories and why not, but my concerns are those who seem to 'stop living' when they retire or even before. The people I'm concerned about are those who seem to sit at home and just be 'waiting to die'. It is such a waste of life. Life is precious, just ask anyone who has been given the awful news that they have a terminal disease. I recall recently, a lady on television who was confined to a wheelchair as she was paraplegic. If I remember correctly she only had eye movement but she had a real zest for life and she said she didn't want to die yet because there were so many books she still had to read!

If you have been made redundant, or taken early retirement, or reached the normal retirement age it should not be seen as the 'end'. It is really an opportunity to start all sorts of things you couldn't do before. It is freedom. a new start, a time to do whatever you want to do. You may have had a dream of being an entrepeneur and if so this may be the time to give it a go.


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