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How to Avoid a Bad Trip on Shrooms

Updated on December 28, 2009

This article by no means encourages illegal drug use.  Mushrooms are dangerous drugs, and can lead to disastrous consequences if not handled properly.  This is simply a guide to ensure that you know what to do if you're in the presence of someone having a bad trip. 

Don't look them in the eyes for too long.
When someone is on shrooms, they are reduced to very primal instincts and behaviors.  If they're having a bad trip, it is certain they are scared and intimidated by almost everything.  When someone is on a bad trip, everything can become intensely scary, and death can seem like a reasonable solution.  Many people as it is are uncomfortable with prolonged eye contact, and when irrational, the person on mushrooms can easily become intimidated and scared of you.

Do what they're told
If they ask for help, help them.  If they want you to get them something, do it.  Being on a bad trip is a terrible experience, and knowing that someone is there to help is very reassuring

Change the environment
Music may or may not be a good idea, but someone on shrooms is very sensitive to their surroundings, so be careful with song choice.  The sound of passing cars can be extremely intimidating, so can the sound of a faucet or shower.  Take them somewhere where they can appreciate nature, or if possible, take them somewhere they feel safe.  Make sure wherever you take them is neat, or clean, because on a bad trip, everything looks disgusting.

Don't try to get them to eat
They won't sober up by eating.  In fact, it might make them feel sick.  Shrooms decrease appetite, and even looking at food can worsen someone's demeanor

Remind them that it's only the shrooms
A lot of people need to hear and understand that they are absolutely fine and the shrooms are simply affecting their brains.  Shrooms have little physical detriment, so if the shroomer feels like they are being poisoned, let them know they're fine.  Give them a little pep talk on why nature is beautiful if they need something positive to think about.

Don't try to get them to sleep
If someone's on a bad trip, images can still be created when their eyes are closed.  In fact, these images can be the worst because they're derived from absolutely nothing but fear and imagination.

All in all, shrooms can be a life-changing drug.  Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way.  These are all useful tips to prevent going deeper into a bad trip, but the best way is prevention.  Either don't do shrooms or make sure that the person doing shrooms is in a good mood and stress free before doing them.  Otherwise, the aftermath can be deadly.


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    • profile image

      tripp 4 years ago

      shrooms seem like fun although I have never tried them, I really want to. I am just afraid of the "bad trip"

    • profile image

      Shroomy 5 years ago

      Well my last trip I took 4-5 grams of dried cubensis and had the worst trip iv ever had my room was expanded and I couldn't see anything like it normally was. And I tried to sleep and that's when I jeard alien landing on the room and I went into a schitzo mindset. And Finnaly I "died" and woke up then I was having little parlayzed episodes for 30 minutes and I Finnaly actually fell asleep

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I always think that the trips people describe to me as a "bad trip" sound intensely fun. I personally have a hard time understanding what makes it so terrible. I lied in my room and closed my eyes, while a large alien probe pierced my brain and started transmitting the information in my brain throughout space. lots of crazy transmutation sounds and all. I was absolutely willing to let that happen. I don't see that as scary at all

    • profile image

      Anonymus 6 years ago

      I recently dosed up on shrooms, less than a week ago. Note to all people considering taking these: Wait until you are in a calm and lucid mood. If you take them while angry or very happy then you can have a bad trip. Before taking them, you should seriously try to mentally prepare yourself for the trip. And always have someone to help you out. Make sure that person isn't on shrooms.Before taking, sit for a couple of hours and listen to calm music, and put on a fun movie (I put on Toy story 3) or just quiet down the room and focus on your thoughts and mind. then its time to take them. NEVER, EVER TRIP ALONE. Happy hallucinating!!