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How to Catch a High Value Target-Part II

Updated on December 30, 2012

The Counterintelligence Element

The following operation plan is an original concept in which origins date back to 2008; the goal of this paper is to infuse the subsequent counter-terrorism operation plan with a counterintelligence element; thus allowing the operation plan to become more effective via ferreting out any potential security risk during the developmental stages of the operation.

In the event that a United States Military and Intelligence Community led multi-national covert plan of action would be formulated; the following strategy could be implemented. Implement a Military and Intelligence Community strategic partnership with the nation of Israel, which would include the planning, training, and formulation of mutual mission objectives that would serve the purpose of insuring the security and well-being of the United States of America, Israel, Western Civilization along with all nations of the world that strive to exist in peace, and are working towards genuinely developing a Democratic society.The targets would be the heads of major international terrorist organizations; the goal arrest and or elimination of targets.

Close coordination between CI elements within the United States and Israel will be imperative. Selection of participating nations will be thoroughly scrutinized as to which nations would be willing to commit to mission objectives. Leaders of Counterintelligence elements within the U.S. and Israel would need to make contact with leaders within Intelligence Communities worldwide to conduct pre-mission briefs. The goal being to discuss the severity of the operation plan and the subsequent backlash via the international media should a breach in OPSEC were to take place. Also in such meetings the reality of retaliation from terrorist organizations should be discussed and countermeasures developed to thwart the inevitable attacks from terrorist cells that already exist within most nations of Western Civilization.

The following mission objectives would be put in place, however with the addition of proactive counterintelligence taking an offensive position in the mission preparation stage increases the probability of mission success. Due to the critical and sensitive nature of the subsequent mission objectives, CI elements will need to run thorough background investigations on all operatives recommend for this mission regardless from which nation they represent. Moving forward prior to mission objectives being implemented CI placed technical surveillance will need to be utilized in an effort to insure that proposed points of attack or secure and operational prior to placing HUMINT collectors in the field.

MISSION OBJECTIVES: 1. Collect tangible, factual information on the whereabouts of key terrorist organization figures. 2. Discover points of vulnerability of subjects. 3. Place clandestine operatives in selected areas where subjects may be considered vulnerable such as an area where an individual may seek “rest & relaxation.” 4. Have operatives pinpoint time, location, and scenarios where targets are at their most vulnerable such as a sauna, swimming pool, shower, nightclub, or with female companionship 5. Utilize information provided by clandestine operatives to capture the subject and bring them to military justice and or elimination of the subject.

Due to the extremely delicate nature of the following key strategic factors, an expert team of CI officers would need to be dispatched to the continent of African in an effort to recruit agents from nations within Africa that are AFRICOM affiliated. The recruitment of such agents is of utmost importance to mission success therefore a CI scope in addition to full scope polygraphs will be required of all African agents.

KEY STRATEGIC FACTORS: Clandestine Operations:

In order for clandestine operatives to function at a level of anonymity that would increase the chance of mission success; collaborating with African nations that maybe open to the fulfillment of AFRICOM being implemented in their country should be strongly considered. Purpose of African nationals being trained for clandestine operative duties is as follows: To assume low profile roles in the hospitality/entertainment, industry such as waiters, busboys, dishwashers, chamber maids, bartenders, disc jockeys, car valets, and masseuse/prostitutes.

In regard to covert action that may target strictly the leaders of Middle East based Islamic Terrorist organizations; it may be considered wise to utilize Israeli counterintelligence expertise in the recruiting of Middle Eastern agents that could possibly infiltrate the ranks of the targets organization. Due to the crucial and hazardous nature of such duty; CI scope in addition to full scope polygraphs will be required of all Middle Eastern agents.


The primary factor in the implementation of covert action will be the effective apprehension of well guarded, well trained, and experienced military leaders who much prefer death and the illusion of martyrdom over being captured and brought to justice. Therefore close collaboration with Israeli Intelligence is essential due their unique position of being geographically surrounded by our mutual enemies. This would lead to a clear perspective in regards to recruiting Arab Middle Eastern operatives that would play important support roles in both the clandestine and covert operations. A prime example of the type of Middle Eastern natives that should be recruited are as follows: CIA reports: “An Iranian opposition group, beginning in August of 2002, revealed several previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear facilities, sparking numerous IAEA inspections since February 2003. Subsequent reports by the IAEA Director General revealed numerous failures by Iran to disclose facilities and activities, which run contrary to its IAEA safeguards obligations.”(1) The importance of obtaining partnership with the type of Middle Eastern group mentioned above is paramount to mission success.

The Kingdom of Jordan & the GID a Pivotal Ally:

The Kingdom of Jordan and its General Intelligence Department (GID) must be recognized for their valiant efforts in the global war against terrorism; therefore intense coordination would need to be implemented as the GID along with the Israeli Mossad would have greatest access to crucial information in regards to the logistical aspects of the operation. However the GID is quite frank in regards to both internal and external threats within its nation. Therefore an extremely offensive Counterintelligence would apply. Coordinated efforts with GID CI elements would identify possible security risk and utilized its unique geographical, ethnic, and religious perspective in assisting in the recruiting of the best & brightest Jordanian operatives and agents to improve the projected success rate of the operation. The GID is uniquely equipped to perform a major role in operational procedures as their philosophical perspective in fighting global terrorism lines closely with the United States, Israel and Western Civilization as a whole, the GID states; “Jordanian democracy is targeted by external and internal powers and sides to undermine it, so one of the GID major duties is protecting it.Peace with Israel is a strategic Arabian choice. The Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty achieved a numerous gains for Jordan, Palestinians and Arabs. There are internal and external opposition for the peace process trying to derail it by all means, especially through terrorist acts, the thing which made protecting the peace process and contributing in providing suitable conditions of peace and stability for the peace building stage (investments, tourism, etc.) , one of the major objectives of GID.”(2)

In regard to the logistical factors listed below; a comprehensive counterintelligence operation would pave the way for the crucial infiltration that would need to take place in order to insure mission success. Cutting edge CI technical surveillance equipment would be utilized by the agents that infiltrate target organizations. The information acquired via CI technical surveillance could prove to be the difference between mission success and failure.


Accurate logistical intelligence must be gathered by already in place operatives from both United States and Israeli Intelligence units. Primary data needed will be probable destinations of targets along with size of protection detail traveling with target, time of arrival, mode of transportation, hotel accommodations etc. Although the plan of action will be primarily a United States and Israeli led operation. It will be of utmost importance that mission support is provided by multiple nations due to the fact that each target will have unique preferences in regards to where they may seek “rest & relaxation”. Therefore nations that have mutual interest such as the safety and well-being of their citizens and are considered allies with the United States and Israel should be put on notice as to the magnitude of the mission objectives and provide partnership and collaboration with their countries Military and Intelligence communities.

While reflecting on the original concept for the operation it became apparent that without effective counterintelligence the mission plan would be useless. The coordination of multiple nations would leave various opportunities for security breaches. Offensive CI would be the only tool that could weed out internal threats. Implementing sound CI causes a rethinking in what nations would be involved in the operation. Originally the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, along with a select group of South American nations would have be sought out in the development phase of mission preparation. However prudent counterintelligence may dictate the decision to include a multitude of nations in a proposed operation of such a delicate nature would be unwise.

The high value subjects targeted in the operation would be predominately Islamic Extremist of Arabic Middle Eastern dissent; therefore common sense would dictate that to truly obtain high value intelligence, HUMINT collectors as well as CI agents would need to operate as undetected as humanly possible.

Therefore the focus on multinational partnership would revolve around our Middle Eastern allies, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, along with a select group of African agents to perform specialized functions within the operation.

Please find a glimpse into the mindset of the Saudi Arabian Intelligence & Security “In recent years, the Saudi government and intelligence services have become more concerned with the influx of refugees and immigrants. Increasing global concern over Islamist terrorist networks, and international suspicion of Saudi officials for permitting the funneling of weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, prompted closer monitoring of Saudi national borders. Saudi intelligence and security forces erected video surveillance cameras, night vision and thermal cameras, and next-generation radar along national borders and the coastline. The electronic surveillance is meant to aid an extensive troop force, and free some military personnel for other operations. The government also offers incentives and high monetary awards for citizens who aid in the identification and arrest of illegal aliens.” (3)

It appears that Egypt's mentality toward combating terrorism in the Middle East region is compatible to the needs of the mission objectives basic information in regards to Egyptian Intelligence follows; “Egypt's primary intelligence agency is the General Directorate for State Security Investigations (GDSSI). The Ministry of the Interior administers the GDSSI. The agency collects both foreign and domestic intelligence, using civilian and military operatives and resources. The GDSSI maintains several operational departments and partner agencies, including the Counterintelligence Branch, the Department for Combating Religious Activity, Directorate of State Security Investigations, and a security action unit. The agency cooperates with military and foreign intelligence services in operations intended to protect national interests, especially relating to shipping, oil production, and refinement, and regional anti-terrorism measures. The organization has received criticism from human rights groups and members of the international community for its employment of harsh coercion techniques and conducting espionage on Egyptian citizens.” (4)

In closing it has become evident during the dissection of the operation plan that the symbiotic relationship between intelligence gathering and counterintelligence is crucial. However an unexpected discovery has been made; HUMINT collection without the benefit of offensive CI laying the ground work in regards to target assessment is rendered dysfunctional. However defensive counterintelligence will always be needed to thwart threats, and uncover the truth after a breach in security has already been perpetrated.







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    • Kevin Fenning profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin Fenning 

      7 years ago from Philadelphia PA


      However at some point the leaders of the United States and Israel must reconize that our mutual enemies...which in my opinion exist well beyound Islamic extremists...warrants a unity within our nation's IC that is mandatory to the survival of the United States and Israel. Thank you for your opinion...


    • dantisheeple profile image


      7 years ago from Southeast AZ

      I understand that Israel is an ally in the Middle East, but I'm not sure coordination of CI efforts is a good idea since Israel poses the greatest foreign intelligence threat out there.

    • Kevin Fenning profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin Fenning 

      7 years ago from Philadelphia PA

      Hey Frodoe,

      Thanks for reading my work; moving forward, I just took a brief scan of AFRICOM's Website @ I did not see anything about AFRICOM relocating from Stuttgart, Germany to Fort Monroe, VA. But what do I know...I am just a fat old man that loves America!

      Take care,


    • profile image

      Frodoe of Fort Monroe  

      7 years ago

      So how do those of you reading this feel about the idea of Fort Monroe, VA becoming the new home for AFRICOM!?


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