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New Inventor with Great Ideas, but without Cash: How to Get the Funding You Need?

Updated on April 18, 2014

Internet opens the door for everyone with great ideas to become an inventor, because there are sites that are in the look out of new inventors in the making. These sites will grant you the funding that you need as long as you can show them that your ideas can be turned into working, functional invention, product or gadget. Figure out how you can have more success in getting the funding you need by doing this helpful tips.

Seeing how advance our technology nowadays is really inspiring and opens the possibility of seeing more inventors in the making. This century, this era is really amazing, because you don't have to be a scientist to be an inventor. With the World Wide Web features or we much prefer to call it Internet allows or opens a possibility for a simple nobody person like you, like me or anyone to be an inventor by presenting our ideas to the whole world by means of global connections.

When you convince people that you have great ideas and it's doable to turn it into another great invention you will be granted the funds, the support, the time to turn your bright ideas into a real, working product or gadget that you are aiming for. The question is how are you going to convince your investors that you have great ideas that can lead to another great invention? That's where the challenge comes in.


There are some sites where you can show your ideas and then people will be willing to invest, means fund your ideas if you are successful on showing them that your idea is worth to invest on. When you have the funds you need, it will allow you to concentrate and research more, study more and then present your finished invention or product to the world after few months or however long it will take.

Take note, the length of time is also a big factor for you to get the funding that you need, so then before you are granted the funding that you will need for your research, you must convince your investors too that it will not take forever to see your invention in actual.


You need to show the world or your investors that you already have the idea and all you need to do is make that idea in actual, into real or turn that into a finished, functional and working product in a reasonable amount of time. That being said, to get the funding that you will need to make your invention to actual depends on the realistic length of time you can promise your investors. How long it's going to take you to finish your ideas that they are willing to invest on?

If you have great ideas and you believe that it can be turned into a great functional, working gadgets in the future, here's what you need to do to get the funding that you need.

Make sure that the idea you are presenting is realistic and doable.

If your idea is too great and it looks like a fantasy than a vision, then you have to downgrade it a little bit in a sense that it is more realistic and achievable. Granted that great inventions begin with broad imagination of the inventor, but you also have to remember that you will need to consider your investors. Maybe for you it is achievable, but no matter how great, big your idea is, maybe in the eyes of your investors it is impossible to happen or it's not achievable.

The best thing to do is if you don't have the funding for yourself and you will rely on others people money to make your ideas into real, consider how your investors will look at your ideas. Are they going to assume that, yes it might be going to be a big and great invention if it can be finished? They are probably seeing it as not achievable for the mean time.

Reserve your big ideas in the future when you think you are ready and already proven yourself or wait until you can fund it yourself. For the meantime, you will do better if you will stick at simple ideas and present it in a way that your investors will be convinced that it can be created, because it's doable. No one will invest in ideas that looks like a bubble or lease to say like a dream.


Make sure your idea, your mission is possible, not impossible.

How are you going to make your ideas looking possible to achieve? Or how are you going to convince your investors that it is worth to invest on your ideas? Ask yourself what kind of ideas you are presenting? Was it very new in a sense that it looks so foreign in the eyes of even a simple person?

Look, I will give you an example. We all know that Steve Jobs is very well known for inventing the Apple iPhone. What inspires him to invent the iPhone? He noticed that he or most people, the moment they come home, they are putting down their laptop, their phone and their MP3 player onto the table, then he had this idea of inventing one gadget where it will function as three gadgets: as computer, as phone and as music player. He was able to come up and invent a smart phone.

The point is he had an idea of improving and combining those things that people are already familiar with, then invented a gadget as one of the great inventions in the history that people learn and keep loving nowadays. Remember most inventions nowadays are just better improvements of things that we are already familiar with, so then investors will more likely willing to invest if they can see that the idea you are presenting is not impossible to achieve.


Present your idea in a professional way although you are an Amateur.

Yes, who says that the word "Professional" can only be applied or use by people who already proven themselves? You can be professional even if you are an Amateur who has no experience yet by means of actions. Now, how can you show that you are a professional even though you are an Amateur inventor?

Be organize. Document all your research, your theories, everything. Put everything in paper and present your findings in a pattern or format that it is clearly showing that your report is organized. Review your reports, your documents before showing it to your investors. Make sure that the document will reflect yourself.

Make sure that the report itself is created by a person who really puts time and effort on his ideas and really shows that you know what you are doing. The last thing will be to provide references or other materials that will back up your research. Great ideas and reports will be more convincing and attractive if it is backed up by convincing supporting documents too.

Now, if you have the idea, the organize reports, supporting documents that you can comfortably presents to your investors, then gather all your confidence and join those sites that are in the look out of new inventors in the making. This is the first step of your journey, so then you need the confidence and courage to get started. Don't let your idea stays as an idea. Make it into one of those great inventions of the world by making your first step. You can do it.


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