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How to Prepare for the End

Updated on December 20, 2012

We are not talking about you discovering you have a terminal health issue, but the end of the world scenario resulting from divine intervention during the End days or mankind's destruction of the Earth through nuclear missiles or destruction of its environment.

Of course, what you do to prepare most likely is simply delaying the inevitable, your own death, should the End occur. But, many doomsayers actually believe they can survive and are now spending big dollars to insure it. Because of the fear element, companies like Atlas Survival Shelters are there to capitalize on it.

Atlas builds underground bunkers made out of corrugated pipe that are bigger than a NYC apartment-they are long and narrow. They can withstand a nuclear bomb. Of course, who would be around afterwards, anyway? LOL. So, you survive. At some point in time, you will run out of water and food and need to come to the surface from the underground bunker. Then, you will be exposed to radioactivity. Now you die, just later than the others. The cost of the binker ranges from $50- 120,000. They are round but inside have a flat floor and basic amenities like a kitchen, table, sofa, storage shelving and five beds. No windows.

Another business seeing boom times is the freeze dried food suppliers. Some people who have excess money to spend, have bought eight truckloads of this type of food costing $400,000.. Mountain House, a business that caters to freeze dried foods, indicates times are booming. Their food can last 25 years. The most popular item are cans of freeze-dried turkey for $37 ea., has sold 60,000 of them. You can also buy this food at Costco, a year's supply for one person runs between $900-3100. Costco has noticed a triple increase of freeze-dried foods.

Forecasters of freeze-dried food indicate that the public in the US will spend $500 million on preparing for disasters and the End. One person in LA spent $60,000 on this type of food, amassing three tons of food in his kitchen. He is part of a small 175 person group that expect the end to come by a supervolcano, solar flare, major earthquake or financial collpase. The group includes many professionals.

As to firearms, the FBI states that sales of weapons have increased 31% over last year. But all the plans beg to ask, if the doomsday event occurs, is the world that remains even worth living in? Will it be like "Falling Sky" or "Terra Nova"? Maybe where you dig your underground home will be crushed, under water. It all seems a placebo for feeling safe and secure when you might survive yet die of an infection or virus.


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    • prasetio30 profile image


      5 years ago from malang-indonesia

      We can't deny from the end of the world. I think no one can't survive. All of us will die, just wait the time. We talk about the destiny of human. From the babies, Teen, adult, older, death is the end. I also heard about this hub from television and newspaper as well. The most important thing is how to keep the world from war. Thank you very much for writing and share with us. Voted up!



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