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5 Easy Ways To Help Prevent And Fight Crime.

Updated on March 7, 2013

The fight against crime and how you can get involved.

Directly or indirectly crime affects us all, when shoplifter's are operating in stores we as customers are charged more as a result, if you have been the victim of violent crime or know of someone who has, you will know just how detrimental it can be physically, mentally and psychologically. Along with fraudsters and gangs the world can sometimes be a harsh environment to live in.

Unfortunately there are many other examples like these, demonstrating the loss and devastation caused by criminals that are evident everyday. You may think that it is but an inevitability and you are powerless to it's effects and consequences. This however need not be the case. There are a lot of avenues and opportunities available, no matter where you live or what your situation may be, all of which can enable you to not only prevent crime but help the police to fight it.

Security alarms.

A security alarm is not only useful when activated it is also a visual deterrent for potential criminals. There are many very reasonably priced yet effective systems available, they can be doubled up with a CCTV operational device or simply as a stand alone audio system, either way they are both proven to work and it is about choosing what works best for you.

Modern systems can also provide a direct line to the police so that if your alarm does happen to be triggered when you are not there, official data can still be used to help aid the police in their investigations. There are also many other clever computer wizardry that can help improve on the system you may already have.

Know your neighbour.

Contrary to popular opinion, neighbourhood watch is not a group of nosey busy bodies that spy on fellow residence and gossip about what everyone else is up to. They are in fact a group of people that understand the danger of crime and are aware of how to prevent it. They are vigilant individuals that share concerns and ideas for the good of the community amongst themselves and with the police. The scheme is so successful, that statistically members are significantly less likely to become a victim of crime and such is the impact of a neighbourhood watch area fear of crime, bogus callers and burglary are effectively reduced. You can contact your local police station to find out if there is already a scheme in your area and become a member or to start one up.

Policing the police, maintaining and improving.

Where as special constables work on the front line, Independent members of the police authority help the police in a much less physically challenging capacity. Their aim is to 'secure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police service', improving police performance, ensuring people from all local communities receive fair non-discriminatory police services. Help reduce crime, fear of crime and ensure that local people experience the policing they deserve and expect.

They attain this essentially by holding the chief constable to account and scrutinising all police services. They are responsible for the monitoring of complaint's against senior officers as well as appointing them. They set the budget, operate the independent custody visitor scheme, community engagement and consultation. They also discuss priorities, set targets, secure continuous improvement, consult, challenge, compare and compete throughout the year.

In all fairness.

Independent custody visiting, is a scheme introduced to ensure fair treatment of those who have been arrested and are in detention. Volunteers visit detainees in the police station custody unit, for a few hours a month. While they are there, they observe and report on the treatment of the detainee. Deal with the protection of the detainee and the police. Ensure rights and entitlements are being met. That the conditions of the environment are adequate, to advocate and track. This scheme benefits the police, detainee and is in the public interest. Although subject to certain conditions, anyone is eligible to volunteer for the independent custody visiting scheme and ongoing support is given.

The fight against crime is a continuous battle but by being involved in areas of policing like these you can help influence crime and the effects of crime.

Did you know?

  • That there are 14,000 special constables currently in the U.K.
  • In 1929 there was a general strike in Britain, during this time 140,000 members enrolled as a special constable to help abate the situation of that time.
  • The independent custody visiting association has a magazine for volunteers, called the visiting times. It includes features like the code review and getting to know your detainee.
  • The police in Britain have used many different vehicle models in their pursuit of criminals including the Granada, Panda, Astra, Escort and Subaru. Most of them have been a Ford.

The police are looking for special people.

'Specials' are members of the special constabulary, dedicated individuals that volunteer a minimum of 4 hours of their free time a week. Although this is a part time, unpaid position within the force, it is not for the faint hearted. Members of the special constabulary encounter real life situations, find themselves face to face with criminals and deal with criminal activity head on. They work alongside regular officers as part of neighbourhood policing teams, they wear a uniform, have full police powers and have grades or ranks similar to that of the conventional police officers. To qualify as a special you are required to pass standard sight and medical tests and be 18 years of age or older. Full training and support is given to all those that pass.


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    • wrenfrost56 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from U.K.

      Thank-you Pacal Votan :)

    • wrenfrost56 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from U.K.

      Thank-you Angela Brummer, I might have to add that suggestion. ;)

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 

      6 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Great hub. Also checking the child offender registry is a good idea.

    • wrenfrost56 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from U.K.

      Thank-you fishtiger, it's good to see you agaian. :)

    • fishtiger58 profile image


      8 years ago from Momence, Illinois

      I love your suggestion and now must find out if there is a neighborhood watch in my neighborhood. Thanks

    • profile image

      Pacal Votan 

      9 years ago

      I strongly agree with you on our responsibility for others. One thing you can always do for the community is watching your neighbours. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish crys of anguish from crys of joy if you live in a crazy neighbourhood like mine, but we keep our eyes and ears awake anyway.

      Thoughtful and valuable hub, thank you!

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Nice call to action!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      great topic you choose.this is a small tips for anyone who life in the high crime. we have to care about our environment. Maintenance our selves to prevent any kind of crime. don't forget to protect your self with ability to overcome the crime that closed to you. Don't forget with the police for ask the help or back up. thanks for share.


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