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How to be a Croropathi - Billionaire.[ Tips for future Goundas.]

Updated on February 16, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Tips for our Future GOUNDAS.

1 - Try talking to people with some funny looking head gear or a beard or a towel on your shoulder or a big moustache to look funny also dye your hair to look light white like patch hair in front of your fore head hanging.

2 - Go to all political mela,gotala,gapla,conference,religious functions,street meetings of political party,death of any person male,female,child or baby be it natural or otherwise,the later is very important.

3 - Join any political party but most important is the major national party only.You can join a regional party for training and later switch over to the major political party.

4 - Initially wear rowdy type colored cloth and go on fine tuning it as you get nearer and nearer to a neta a Gouda is better in Bangalore.

5 - Act tough in case someone try's to bar you from getting nearer to neta.There is plenty of competition for this manoeuvring in short period.

6 - Borrow money and pay them later and tell them in case of any emergency you will come to them at shortest notice and solve their problem,give them your cell phone number and incase you dont have give any body's number you got.

7 - Time to buy a old used cell phone it may cost cheaper if you know the right person.

8 - Your time from 1 to 7 will be 7 years.

9 - Now is your exam to try your luck as a Independent Member of local nearest rural panchyit election for which some one will pay and that person will be a prominent businessman.Even a Restaurant Owner will do provided your training period is spent in sleepless night 24x7 in front of the gate of the modal neta you have chosen.

10 - If you get elected its child play for you from than on.If you fail try again.There is no success if you do not try and keep trying.

11 - Once that is over you have graduated as a Bachelor in Politics in your colony University.

12 - Next is MS.

13 - After MS it is just M.

14 - After M it is MOS.

15 - After MOS it is CM.

16 - After CM it is again CM but this CM gives you a CEO power with Police in dress and Mufti round the clock and where ever you go.

17 - This is at the State Level.if you wish to go National than you know how to go.

18 - Go - Now it is your LUCK - Take care and be honest.


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