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How to be a Politial Activest

Updated on July 8, 2010
This the house that George built
This the house that George built

HOW TO GET STARTED and Improve Writing Skills

I write this because a believe a lot of people would have something useful to say. Its all in the mind of the beholder and sometimes people read your work but most of the time it just sets but it makes you feel better.

Now don't be afraid someones going to say that your not being proper or that you even used a noun in the wrong place. This is merely an exercise in your very own Constitutional wrights to free speech, use it or loose it.

Now that we got that out of the way, are you ready to get started. The first thing you will need is a third party publisher so that all entrusted parties can make fun of what you write. Don't sweat it kid we all go through this also.

I use Hub Pages they were the first and have been very helpful . There are many others pages you can use so lets look and decide which way you go.

GETTING STARTED: Now here you go , don't start by just trashing someone because you can, it just ain't right. You will gain a little experience by hitting the Yahoo page and responding to all the news topics of the day. If I may offer a little advise there also, When you join divulge your real name and contact address, real people like to respond to a real person not someone who hides behind a picture of his dog or a blank stair.

Topic: As a rule the only think worth writing about is the local politics that we all love to hate. Move on to the Federal side of the fence and get your feet wet. Issues are a little more complicated and have a direct bearing on most of our lives more so that the local stuff.

What ever you decide on be utmost honest and right from your heart that's where the answers are for you.

There are a multitude of complexities that come with be a junior author and trying to get other people to read it.

Spell check has been a god sent for me since I only went completely through the 9Th grade in school. I use the Google tool bar with spell check it seems to be the best for me.

You will gather more skills the more that people tell you what a dumb ass you are and can't you spell, you have no business on the site go back to the hills where you came from.

My God man that just makes me right more to think that anyone has the right to tell me what to right or that it has no substance, it just doesn't make any difference. Right about anything that floats your boat, the main thing is that you get involved and try.

GETTING PUBLISHED: That's not as hard as you may think. At first, like I said earlier some people will make fun of you but they probably did in school also, so who cares. This is all about you,so after you right your first short story the site you choose will then direct you what to do next. This is kind of like living at home they just won't let you screw up.You will be ask to enter pictures also. its easy just use the browser from your computer and pick a picture to publish.

You will find that moast people that also publish on the home page wil be very helpfull as well. Fight through the first few times of frustration during the learning curve of getting hooked up to the system you use, And most of all have fun and don't be afraid to spill your guts when need be.


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