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How to be a good neighbor

Updated on October 9, 2014
Drop by to have a cup of tea or coffee with your neighbors to see how they are and build friendships.
Drop by to have a cup of tea or coffee with your neighbors to see how they are and build friendships. | Source

Show you care by helping the planet and each other !

Not everyone can donate money to help a charity.

Not everyone can build homes in another country.

Not everyone can offer free medical care to those in need.

But, EVERYONE can do something to be a good neighbor !

What can YOU do ?

I have listed a few ideas below to get you started.

Please add your ideas in the comment section :)

First things first...

be a good neighbor - literally !

Do your best to get to know your neighbors a little.

Say "Hello !" when you see them.

If you see trash blowing around the neighborhood, pick it up.

Don't blast your music, don't park in front of other people's homes if you can help it, keep your dog in your own yard and when you do take it for a walk - clean up after it.

You don't have to have a fancy home or an expensive house, but you can have an orderly house and yard by keeping things fairly neat and tidy.

Help your neighbors carry their groceries in from the car.

Do you know someone who needs help ?

If you are physically able, rake up their leaves and compost them, shovel their snow to make a path to their car and to their mailbox at least - If you cannot do the whole sidewalk.

Maybe someone just needs some company ?

Set aside a little time to go have a cup of tea with them and see how things are and let it be know that you care :)

Diana's Gift Shop
Diana's Gift Shop

Diana's Gift Shop works hard to be a good neighbor too !

We ask you to do the same :)

We support other local businesses, we practice the 3 "R's" reduce-reuse-recycle, we keep our place as tidy as possible and try to keep our aisles nice and wide where we can, we help our neighbors, we donate to animal charity, we donate to local fundraisers with gift baskets... and we even try to keep our parking area neat and free of weeds... :)

Stop by if you're in the area at;

Diana's Gift Shop

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Hubbard, Ohio

If you are not near us, please take a look at our online shops:

Join with like-minded neighborly folks in your area

Try EnviroCorps

These folks clean up streams and woods and other places and they have a local group in many places.

See if there is a group near you.

If there isn't a local group near you, why not look into getting a group started ?

Show by example and teach your kids to be neighborly too...

by doing the other neighborly things above and...

keep your hands off of other people's stuff.

Do not walk through someone's yard without permission, do not pick the flowers, do not play loud music where it could disturb them - in general be respectful to be a good neighbor.

Would Mr. Rogers want YOU to be his neighbor ?

Answer these questions...

Are you pleasant ?

Are you helpful ?

Are you eco-minded ?

Are you respectful ?

I always loved the TV show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and I'd like to think he would have liked to be my neighbor because I do my best to be a good neighbor ;)

buy local to save small business
buy local to save small business

Be a good neighbor...

to everyone !

Please think of ways that you can make life a little easier, or more fun for the folks around you.

This means for your family, friends, literal neighbors, and even the folks you see when you go out to eat or to shop... .

There is always something we can do to be a good neighbor ;)

logo for the buy local movement
logo for the buy local movement

Shop Small - support small, local businesses in your area

or they will disappear...

Little, local stores like my Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop must have loyal, local support on a regular basis or we cannot survive.

We do not get corporate backing - it is just us and in my case it is often just me :)

Please make it a point to check our little stores first to see what we have to offer before you go to the big guys - you may be very surprised ;)

Our customers love the treasure hunt of having so much to see here.

We have new items, handmade goods, and vintage treasures too.

So, be a good neighbor to your local "Mom and Pop" shops like ours.


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