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How to catch a High Value Target

Updated on December 31, 2012

In the event that a United States Military and Intelligence Community led multi-national covert plan of action would be formulated; the following strategy could be implemented.

Implement a Military and Intelligence Community strategic partnership with the nation of Israel, which would include the planning, training, and formulation of mutual mission objectives that would serve the purpose of insuring the security and well-being of the United States of America, Israel, Western Civilization along with all nations of the world that strive to exist in peace, and are working towards genuinely developing a Democratic society.


1. Collect tangible, factual information on the whereabouts of key terrorist organization figures.

2. Discover points of vulnerability of subjects.

3. Place clandestine operatives in selected areas where subjects may be considered vulnerable such as a area where an individual may seek “rest & relaxation.”

4. Have operatives pinpoint time, location, and scenarios where targets are at their most vulnerable such as a sauna, swimming pool, shower, nightclub, or with female companionship

5. Utilize information provided by clandestine operatives to capture the subject and bring them to military justice.

KEY STRATEGIC FACTORS: Clandestine Operations

In order for clandestine operatives to function at a level of anonymity that

would increase the chance of mission success; collaborating with African nations that be

may open to the fulfillment of AFRICOM being implemented in their country should be

strongly considered. Purpose of African nationals being trained for clandestine operative

duties are as follows:

To assume low profile roles in the hospitality/entertainment industry such as:

· Waiters

· Busboys

· Dishwashers

· Chamber Maids

· Bartenders

· Disc Jockeys

· Car Valets

· Masseuse


The primary factor in the implementation of covert action will be the effective apprehension of well guarded, well trained, and experienced military leaders who much prefer death and the illusion of “martyrdom” over being captured and brought to justice. Therefore close collaboration with Israeli Intelligence is essential due their unique position of being geographically surrounded by our mutual enemies. This would lead to a clear perspective in regards to recruiting Arab Middle Eastern operatives that would play important support roles in both the clandestine, and covert operations.

A prime example of the type of Arab Middle Eastern natives that should be recruited are as follows: CIA reports: “An Iranian opposition group, beginning in August of2002, revealed several previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear facilities, sparking numerous IAEA inspections since February 2003. Subsequent reports by the IAEA Director General revealed numerous failures by Iran to disclose facilities and activities, which run contrary to its IAEA safeguards obligations.” (1)

The importance of obtaining partnership with the type of Arab Middle Eastern group mentioned above is paramount to mission success.


Accurate logistical intelligence must be gathered by already in place operatives from both United States and Israeli Intelligence units. Primary data needed will be probable destinations of targets along with size of protection detail traveling with target, time of arrival, mode of transportation, hotel accommodations etc.

Although the plan of action will be primarily a United States and Israeli led operation.It will be of utmost importance that mission support is provided by multiple nations due to the fact that each target will have unique preferences in regards to where they may seek “rest & relaxation”. Therefore nations that have mutual interest such as the safety and well-being of their citizens and are considered allies with the United States and Israel should be put on notice as to the magnitude of the mission objectives and provide partnership and collaboration with their countries Military and Intelligence communities.


Although it would be difficult to project exact locations of “rest & relaxation” of intended targets during the embryo stage of mission preparation; however the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, along with a select group of South American nations should be sough tout in the development phase of mission preparation. The goal would be to secure partnership, and full collaboration with the above nations Military and Intelligence communities.


Due to the fact that the bulk of the terrorist leaders that will be targeted will be natives of Arab Middle Eastern nations; it would be a prudent choice to provide all mission preparation training in the United States in classified secure locations that will require Top Secret Security Clearances to gain access to the training sites.


Because of the multi-national nature and magnitude of the plan of action the compensation and incentives offered to individuals selected to be trained as either clandestine or covert operatives will be at the discretion of that trainees government of which he or she is a native of.


The United States of America is currently deeply concerned with the validity of its economic crisis, and enthralled by the “cult of personality” contest that is the Presidential race. The leaders of the United States as well as American citizens as a whole must turn as a nation to place attention elsewhere. There is a global crisis that is taking shape that goes beyond even the Western world’s economic woes, and energy issues. A new “axis of evil” is being formulated and is being led overtly by “super-power” Russia, along with its long time foe and now friend “super-power” China who prefers to act in a more covert but just as dangerous manner.

The world as we know it is diminishing rapidly, the days of the USA & USSR on top and all the rest of world along for the ride are long over. Therefore no assumptions should be made in who would be considered a trusted ally in the proposed plan of action.the utmost caution must be taken in the invitation and formulation of a operation of such multi-national proportions However continuing on with the “status quo” of discussing in depth and at length the absolute horror of Islamic Extremist terrorism and the threat it poses civilized society is no longer acceptable. Therefore please find this hypothetical strategy of a plan of action in which would benefit the United States, Israel, and Western Civilization in it’swar against Islamic Extremist terrorism.

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