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Paying it forward gives back more change: Summary pay Catherine Ryan Hyde

Updated on August 27, 2012

No Guru has all the answers

Once again I have found my self wondering about various topics and one that has become a central part of a Recent Politicians campaign is that of "Change". Now let us focus on the meaning of the word Change can mean: The process of becoming different Social change; or simply the Change in your pocket in coins; to become transformed or converted; to become altered or modified; to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.

These are all adequate definitions of change in the most general sense. But when people talk about change these days I would hope to define what we might be changing from and what we might be changing into first.

The following web sites Offer a few ways to become involved in a change for the better.

The best way to not make mistakes in our future is to learn from our past I truly believe in this. It is very important to learn about Follies and mistakes of others but some times the way history has been written does not allow us the opportunity to learn about those mistakes. So we will be doomed to repeat those mistakes again unfortunately but true.

We as a people can not rely on our Government to what is best for us. We have to be actively involved in all processes of our world/ country/ state/ county/ town/ homes/ and selves. We need to choose things, ideas, goals, objectives based on a greater good concept but also on the concept of what is truly right for you.

Change can happen it needs to happen. There will always be those that resist change and progress but like the dinosaurs their time will come. Change needs to start with every one on a personal level. We need to dedicate our selves to making a change in every ones life one person at a time if we have to. Oprah is one person who I have seem take the time to make a difference in others lives. She has changed people's lives for the better. If we all tried to help others to change their lives for the better we will be better of as a people, as a society, as a nation, and as a world. We need to pay it forward to others too so they can make a change.

Pay It Forward Movement

A MESSAGE FROM CATHERINE RYAN HYDE, AUTHOR OF PAY IT FORWARD: The Pay It Forward Movement is the real-life reaction to the release...


WHAT IS "PAY IT FORWARD"? "Pay It Forward" is a book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde, but it's also an idea. It's an action plan within a work of fiction.

We truly need a NEW Perspective on things because if we keep doing the same things we are never going to see the change that I feel we all should want; a better Life and a safer and better world for all.

Think about this for a moment, if we could rid this world of War, Greed, Poverty, and Sickness; we would need to replace those negatives with positives like LOVE, Generosity, Compassion, Understanding, and Peace.

I might be a child from the 70's but my Generation has gotten the short end of the stick on many things. Born too late to be a baby boomer, had most of my childhood in the not so wonderful years of the 80's, and the 90's we got out of school before the new wave of computers and internet came to life. Now we have all mostly settled down into life patiently waiting for the Baby Boomers to go into retirement, not happening quickly enough for me. Born to soon to be a gen X or Y'er. Now we are getting usurped by this new generation X and Y that have been spoon feed their whole lives given the best of every thing and their mom and dad actually saved up money to send them to college. Unlike my parents that told me to just work hard and it would all turn out good in the end, Oh one other thing you can do what ever you want when you grow up... yeah right that is why I have had to work three jobs none of which I liked just to put food on the table to pay my bills, and keep a roof over my head?

I don't live extravagantly, in fact I live in very meager, modest conditions. Do I want a better life? Yeah I do! But I can't get around the boomers, and the X and Y ‘rs are pushing me off to the side. I don't get respect from either generations either I am younger or not deserving enough or I am too old and out of date.

I was told to respect my elders, to use my manners, but I don't see this done in every day life any more. We need to make a change and go back to the basics of human conduct and interaction we need to all respect each other; we need to understand each other. We need to tolerate each other. I have waited my time in line to be able to reach the top and instead of letting me get to the top and have my turn it feels like the younger generations are impatient cry babies that cause more problems than good until they get their way. Now this is just a generalization maybe a gen X or Y'er can prove me wrong here I would be happy with that.

Or maybe one of those older and supposedly wiser Baby Boomers might comment here, and tell me why they are not moving on after they have had their fair share at the top, and their turn is over but they are not getting off? I don't even know what my generation might be called. Maybe we are the ? Question marks. I kind of recall something about the Pepsi generation once but that was some kind of advertising pitch...

Well lets just conclude here that if we are going to make a change we need to do it as a people but also on an individual level and not just say it but put a plane together and put that plan into an action. On a daily basis. If any thing I strongly recommend getting involved with the Pay it forward movement to make a REAL Change.

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Pay it forward for a change!
Pay it forward for a change!


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