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How to prepare for Seduction

Updated on February 15, 2011


Let’s face it – everybody likes to be seduced!

Okay, at least most people. Seduction is great because it can arouse such a great good feeling within, it is good and best part is that it doesn’t even require any special skills or lesson from you to carry out.

Seduction could be seen as the persuasion of someone to do something you want. Even though many people like to be told what to do, seduction makes it even juicier because it cajoles the people who are persuaded into doing such things. The truth is that the joy of being persuaded comes from the acknowledgment of someone’s power i.e. the power of the person being persuaded over the person who is asking.

All you need to become a perfect seducer or seductress is just some simple understanding of human psychology and bingo!

But the question remains are you ready for seduction? How prepared are you right now? Okay let me add that I told a harmless lie when I said becoming a perfect seducer is just simple. Actually it depends.

It depends on your target but most importantly, it depends on your ability to be a good judge of men.

How do you mean? Let’s see.

The mood

Before you set out to persuade someone to do something you want, you should be aware that this person’s mood is the most important deciding factor you have to consider. This is simply because if someone is not in an agreeable mood, there is little or nothing you would do or say to move this mountain…

Is your target in high spirits? Is she experiencing occasional mood swings? Is your target recovering from trauma? Is he sending mixed signals? Is she giving you the proverbial green-lights?

You must be ready to provide the correct answers to questions like this before you even set out to cast your seduction stone first.

The body language

To persuade someone, you must use body language that conveys not just openness, but authority as well. Great care must be taken to avoid body language that betrays anxiety, suspicion, resistance or untrustworthiness. By allowing your prospect to perceive you as likeable and competent, on a subtle level, you gain compliance with your persuasion.

But it doesn’t stop with your own body language. You have to observe your target’s body language too.

It is often said that most human communication is more non-verbal than verbal. By non-verbal, I mean the body language. The body language says a lot. It can easily tell you how far you can go with your mark. It tells you if you are making any progress. The body language makes it possible for you to decode the hidden messages, thoughts or ideas which your target may be actually fighting so hard to hide.

One nice thing about human beings is that we naturally have these abilities to understand other people’s body language but then most people don’t because they don’t pay much attention to this one interesting thing that can easily make all the difference in their quest to seduce someone…

Your appearance

Your appearance is also amongst the areas that should be worked upon if you want to succeed in seducing someone.

We hear about power of first impression and what it can do but the truth is that the power of first impression extends beyond that.

Your appearance should be enhanced if you make good decisions on what to wear, clothes, cologne, shoes, jewelry and so on.

In fact, you just have to create the right image that doesn't look like you're "trying too hard..." for you to succeed.

One more thing, if you fail in getting the first impression right, just know that it is not the end of the game because you can still make up for it up next time, if you really give it a shot by preparing adequately to make amends!

Your language

Like we said before, human communications could either be verbal or non verbal. The non-verbal is covered by body language. But the fact remains that you must speak out in your seduction quest…or you remain silent forever!

So what do you say? And how do you say it? These are the basics of the language aspect of what you are about to do.

I don’t know what you are going to say but since I know why you want to say it, I can give you some tips on what you are supposed to say.

But just before we go in details, I will like to say at this point that the way in which you go about saying these things also matters a lot because personally I can never stand someone who is so much in love with talking down to other people as if he is superior to everyone else.

Listen. No matter what happens today, until the end of time, you are supposed to know these things about these greatest needs of most human beings for you to perfectly seduce them.

Humans need affection which could be seen as a desire to belong. Humans love excellence which is the drive to win. Human beings cherish great esteem which could be understood as a strong passion to be admired. Human beings need security which is a need for protection always. Protection is so important to us so if you can say anything to imply or suggest any of these greatest human needs, you are one footstep in!

But that is not all. Human beings are said to be animals of greed which means a strong desire or want for more than the right amount. If you can cleverly turn on the greed switch in your target, you are guaranteed to succeed anytime you feel like it. Humans want recognition which is nothing but a great need for personal worth. You just have to make your target realize his or her personal worth by what you say and you will be surprised how compromising things could start becoming!

Amongst other needs of human beings is also the need for privacy which could be seen as the urge to protect personal space. We also have this need for a sense of pride which is called ego.

Now I come to the most pressing needs of the whole lot.

We have the greatest need for liberty which is the strong craving to control one's fate. There’s nothing that affects an individual sensibility negatively than the feeling that he has completely lost all control and freedom, in other words, he/she is now a prisoner. So you must be ready and willing to say things that make this person recognize that he/she is free to determine the outcome of the whole seduction process even though your suggested options should be the best at that very moment.

By doing this, you are inherently satisfying one of the greatest need in most human beings which is great desire for supremacy otherwise known as power because seduction is all about power. You are making your target become so powerful over you if you say and do things that can easily make him see things this way. You are transforming her into some kind of god. You are making him see how powerless you are and who doesn’t want to be in charge but most importantly, you are seducing him and you know that people like to be seduced.

So how much will whatever you are saying bring out or assuage these needs? You now see what I meant when I said it depends mostly on you and your ability to be a good judge of men?

Do you know who to tell people what they want to hear at any point in time? Do you know how to provide for or satisfy those inborn human needs by what you say in the course of seduction?

Then the rest is easy!


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