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How to spy on people

Updated on September 23, 2011

How to spy on people

Note that the art of spying successfully varies with individuals and may not be fool proof owing to uncertainties. However, success is more likely to happen than not if these guidelines are properly used.

1. Secretly Learn the language of your subjects

Language is an important part of human communication all the more applicable to subjects who are being spied on. Learning a language secretly gives you an edge over people who are being spied on. First if they think you don’t understand their language, they would not be bothered saying whatever they feel like saying since they would naturally believe that you are oblivious to their rants. However if you wish to use this method you must be unemotional as expressing emotions such as laughter, anger or sadness when your subjects speak will arouse their suspicion. So learn to control your emotions when using this method. Warning on no account should you speak or respond in that language to anyone whatsoever.

2. Use transmission effectively

Transmission is the process of sending signals and messages from one place to another via means of an electronic medium such as a radio, walkie talkie or a mobile phone. With the advent of mobile telephony and other sophisticated telecommunication devices it is now possible to listen to conversations of other people at distant locations hence eliminating the need to be physically present to listen on their conversations. With 2 mobile phones it is possible to eavesdrop on other people. Just make a call with one phone to the other ensuring that the other phone is placed within the range of the conversation then with the other phone you can listen. This however will work best if the other phone cannot be found and if distractions such as incoming text messages do not draw the attention of your targets.

3. Use proxies to deflect suspicion

Sometimes it is better to work in conjunction with one or more persons as accomplices. They could take off much of the burden of spying on others by pretending to be carrying out a legitimate action. Sometimes these proxies could be associates and staff of people being spied on. Whatever the case you must not be seen in company of the proxy especially by the subject as this might blow off your cover and undermine our operation.

4. The best time to spy is when the subject isn’t alert to his surroundings

The people you spy on may be very vigilant and cautious people however even at that they could still be distracted and successfully spied on. Always ensure that you can spot opportunities to mislead, misinform or possibly trick those being spied on to loosen up and consequently lower their guards. A good example is to use girls as a distracting tool in gaining access to vital information. Especially in bed men can be careless with their utterances.

In conclusion I would like to state that there is still more that could be learned from spying just remember the essence of spying is to be secretive but very potent in collecting information.


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    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      Very interesting. Due to the consumption of many spy related missions our prisons have been increasing their general population submissions so hopefully the ststistics aren't ilegally permited becuse we all hope that spying could be known as a hobby/job not a crime.

      Anonymous signing out...

      Or am I...

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago


    • profile image

      journi 6 years ago

      what the this is nothing im trining to do im tryen to sneak up on people whith out them seeing me ima kid

    • profile image

      john 6 years ago

      i have wanted to become a spy and with this site,am ok