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How will the United Kingdom Die?

Updated on November 13, 2019
This seemed like a joke in 2015
This seemed like a joke in 2015

Nothing lasts for ever and like the British Empire the United Kingdom, which was created in the same century, will eventually disappear. It looks increasingly like this will happen soon and may transform England into a right wing people’s dictatorship while the Celtic countries go their own way

Tories With Black Souls

The UK is ruled by a coalition of Tory factions, some driven by hatred and fear of the poor, some by greed, some by lust for power some by more sinister motives and some by a combination of these drives.

The Tories are a gang of black souled monsters disguised as clowns.

Some dream that at the bottom of their garden are fairies shitting gold and that what gold Tories cannot catch turns to dried leaves before it reaches the poor, who they define as anyone who is not a millionaire able to live on the interest on their offshore bank accounts.

Others dream of a post Brexit world in which the Irish in Ulster shoot each other leaving a depopulated province fit for asset strippers and hedge fund managers who can turn Stormont into a money changers’ temple without some eco-fascist anarchist bursting in wielding a whip to turf them out.

Still others dream of a world where they can burn out workers for low wages, causing them to die before tey can collect the state pension, without some Johnny Foreigner prating about decency, dignity and a fair wage. What does it matter if the poor die? There will be plenty more until robots can replace humans entirely.

The Tory Party is Changing

Events in South Britain increasingly parallel events 1930s Germany. The Tory party is morphing, if the transition is not already complete, into a jackboot-grey-suited closet Nazi party that has replaced anti-semitism with xenophobia and attacks on the poorest elements of society. It is entirely credible that after Brexit the UK will be subject to martial law with right wing thugs drafted to enforce jackboot justice.

It should be clear to anyone who is not blinded by greed, racism, lust for power or reading the right wing media that the UK is not what it was in 2016, 2015, 2014 2012 or, to go back further, 1979 when the Blessed Margaret was first elected to power. England in particular is not the country any Engloshman over 40 grew up in. 1970s racism was bad but Brexit and the right wing media have permitted and normalised racism and xenophobia to a degree that even a 1970s National Front

A Dystopian Future?

In perhaps the worst case Britain will become a a land of gated communities, a Singapore surrounded by slums where, as in the Irish Famine, the rich take all the food and leave the poor to eat each other. To those who grew up reading AD 2000 Britain will resemble the megapolis with mutant poor outside the gates, Judges on the streets, the 24 hour total surveillance of Orwell’s 1984 and Newspeak together with orators who can change from praising another country to attacking it in the middle of a propaganda speech.

There is no best case. Whatever happens with regard to Brexit, Britain will be divided as never before. Even the Civil War did not divide Britain to this extent. This time there may be less violence

Goodby to the United Kingdom

If the polls are to be believed (but remember 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017) the upcoming election will result in a remain majority throughout the UK. This may delay the breakup of the United Kingdom but it will not prevent it.

Support for Scottish Independence has been growing for decades and the recent increase in support is no more than would be expected from the gradual decrease in numbers of elderly NO voters. A hard Brexit may cause a step function in support but even if Brexit is cancelled support for independence will grow steadily. Similarly in Northern Ireland the Protestants are steadily shrinking as a percentage of the population. Support for Welsh Independence is growing.

If, in this election, Mebyon Kernow have even a single MP, the writing is irrevocably on the wall for the United Kingdom.

Independence is on the way

In Scotland Independence and EU membership have been confused and it may be too late to separate them so some Independence supporters will decide staying outside the EU is more important than independence and, in the event of a second referendum, vote NO.

At present there is a strong likelihood that England will, post Brexit, decide to scrap devolution and the Scottish Parliament, ditch the DUP and the Irish Unionists and close the Welsh Assembly. To quell the unrest this will cause they may, as stated above, draft right wing thugs to patrol the streets, probably as volunteers (no need to pay them) since “Austerity” and Afghanistan have reduced the size of the armed forces to the point where, even if the army could be counted on to support martial law, there are not enough soldiers.

Scotland will become independent. The United Kingdom will break up. When this will happen and how hard the road will be is still anybody’s guess.


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