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How to Deal with Your Wallet Lost

Updated on February 20, 2014


Losing your wallet puts you in a state of panic. Your livelihood is in your wallet. If you were out somewhere and lost your wallet. Your possibility of finding your wallet is slimmer than if you lost your wallet at home or at a friend's house.

Losing your wallet will cost you, if it hasn't already! If you had money in your wallet when you lost your wallet. It is already costing you money.

Replacing your driver's license is going to cost you. If you don't have an original copy of your birth certificate. That's going to cost you. Since your social security card was more than likely in your wallet. You're really going to have problems.

You will have to wait for your birth certificate, so that you can apply for another social security card. In the mean time your driving around without your driver's license. Which could cost you even more money. If you get caught driving.

Before you assume your wallet cannot found, or your wallet is stolen. You should do the following...


Found Wallet
Found Wallet | Source

If you are home and you're sure your wallet can't be anywhere else. Do the following...

Get out of the panic mode. Sit down and stop panicking. Panicking will cause you to overlook your wallet, and you will not think clearly.

Ask anybody that lives with you if they've seen your wallet. Including your kids! If you have small children. Look in their toy box and search their room.

Look through your dirty clothes. Look under all your cushions. When I say look I mean take the cushions out and look. Look outside of your mailbox and around your vehicle. Look inside your vehicle.

If You still can't find your wallet.

You might start to have your doubts. Whether or not you left your wallet some place else. Especially if you were drinking at the bar or at some friends house. Before you discovered your wallet missing.

If you were at a friend's house, ask them to search for your wallet. Inside and outside their home. If you were at the bar. Call the bar. Ask if anyone has found a wallet. If they say no, don't just assume your wallet is not at the bar.

Go back to the bar and check the parking lot. If you used the restroom check the restroom. Even if you did not use the restroom. Someone could have found your wallet and took your money and left the wallet. Shift change for the bartenders. The bartender at the bar when you called may have not found your wallet, but another bartender could have found your wallet.

Leave your name and number with the bartender encase someone either finds your wallet or decides to be honest.

Report Wallet Stolen

As soon as you notice your wallet is missing call authorities and your credit card companies.
As soon as you notice your wallet is missing call authorities and your credit card companies. | Source

Identity Theft

Even if you have no credit cards.  Report your drivers licence stolen.  Criminal can use your ID in traffic citations and other crimanel activities.
Even if you have no credit cards. Report your drivers licence stolen. Criminal can use your ID in traffic citations and other crimanel activities. | Source

If you were not at friends or at the bar, you could have gotten rushed or stressed out while running around doing arenas.

Try to remember the last place you remember pulling you wallet out. Especially if you stopped to get gas. I can't tell you how many times. I have seen people leave their wallet or purse on top of the car. You could have possibly either left your wallet at the gas station either on the counter or on top of your vehicle.

I can't tell you how many times I left my keys on the counter or lost my gas cap. Only because my mind was somewhere else. The only reason I discovered my keys being missing is because my car wouldn't start. So if you left your wallet you wouldn't have noticed while you were getting gas that your wallet was missing.

If you had left your wallet on your vehicle. You could have pulled away, and your wallet fell off your vehicle. Your wallet more than likely fell off places where you stopped then turned. Because after you have stopped than exhilarated then turned is when your wallet was likely to fall off the vehicle.

Leave your name and phone number everywhere you have stopped. So that if your wallet is found. Your wallet can easily get returned.

Bra Purse

This bra purse zips like mine.
This bra purse zips like mine. | Source

Women Secure Your Personal Stuff In Your Bra

I remember my grandma pulling her money out of her bra. I have a bra that has a pocket that zips.

I have lost or miss placed my purse a few times in my life. Thankfully my purses were found and returned but still. It was nerve racking not having my purse.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was leaving my purse on the roof of my car. I was in a hurry and had my hands full and set my purse down on the roof of my car and drove off.

Thank God a man went out of his way to inform me of my purse being on the roof of my car.

Even Tho I felt like an idiot. I was grateful to the man because my rent money was in my purse.

I rarely carry a purse anymore I carry my Id and credit cards and money in my bra.

Its more secure and your never going to be in a hurry and set your bra down somewhere like you would a purse.

Its comfortable and not visible even for small breasted women..

Purses Good for Cosmetic Never Id or Credit Cards

You should never keep your ID and credit cards in your wallet in your purse. If you are determined to carry your personal information. I recommend you get your original birth certificate and extra social security card and have your credit card numbers put away in one place.

Before you misplace your purse or wallet. Its a huge hassle to even renew your drivers license.

I cannot imagine the hassles to get your birth certificate and social security card. If you have no proof who you are at all!


How to Make a Bra Purse

Here are some photos of the bra with a zipper. You do not really need a bra with a zipper, but its the most secure way to carry your money and ID and such.You can take an old bra and make your own pocket in your bra.

© 2012 tamron


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      Person of Interest 5 years ago from SoCal, USA

      A good procedural list! Tweeted it.

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      Better Yourself 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Very informative - great advice! Thanks for sharing!