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Hualapai Indian Chief sent to Asylum

Updated on December 13, 2014
A tribe of beautiful people.
A tribe of beautiful people.
Hualapai baskets
Hualapai baskets

People of the Trees

The Hualapai "People of the Trees" Indian tribe lived in the mountains of Arizona, bordering on Colorado. A fairly peaceful tribe, surviving on it's own cultural beliefs; until the white man began to expand into their territory.

Today, they are governed by the Hualapai Tribal Council and live by their rules once again. Like most Americans, they pay personal taxes, and their business' like other American business' are tax exempt.

They have managed to overcome the white man's desire to make them extinct and "proper" and kept their culture alive and well. Their language is still spoken among the elders of the tribe and they have continued to teach it to their children.

The sustain themselves with tourism, ranching and hunting, crafts and other traditional folk art.

The war: 1865- 1870

The Hualapai went to war from 1865-1870; tensions were high as expansion moved into their territory, but it was the murder of their leader Anasa that set of what would be a 5 year war. During this war, a peace treaty was signed with William Hardy and for nine months it was calm.The white man broke the treaty by killing their Chief, Wauba Yuba.

War was now on, full force, but what changed the life of the Hualapai tribe would be the Battle of Cherum Peak in 1868. More than one hundred warriors took part in the battle which lasted a full day after they descended on the ranch of Sherum. They were lead by the Tokoomheat or "leaders" of the tribe, Wauba Yuba who was murdered, Sherum and Susquatama (Hualapai Charley). The battle weakend the tribe and disease continued their downward spiral.

Sherum, seeing the state they were in surrendered, calling an end to the war in 1870. Chief Leve Leve was sent to the Canton Indian Insane Asylum.

Hualapai Reservation

A markerhualapai reservation -
Hualapai Indian Reservation, Mohave North, AZ, USA
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The Hualapai have one tribe with several subtribes living in Arizona.


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