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Humility is Key!

Updated on June 7, 2015

Now a days I just feel like people have lost their sense of humility. Pride is at an all time high. I almost feel uncomfortable around most people because of how boastful and attention seeking they are. Everybody feels like they are better than the next person and instead of appreciating what others can do and bringing everybody's talents and skills together to make a difference people are more concerned about comparing themselves and broadcasting their own accomplishments instead of uplifting and celebrating others. I think it's cool to be confident in what you bring, bu don't overdo it. Yes, take pride in what you do but you don't have to make others feel little to promote yourself.

To be humble means having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance. The thing I think most people forget is that they have nothing to prove to others. You don't have to show off and who cares what the next person thinks about you. The only person you should care about satisfying is yourself and God. If you worry about what everybody else thinks of you, you will always be worried and never be satisfied because you cannot please everyone. So with that being said just focus on you and your craft/passion. No need to brag or flaunt all this materialistic stuff anyways because just as fast as you got it, is just as fast as it can be taken away from you. Stop allowing worldly things to get to you. Take your time and follow your own path. So many times we think we're behind for our age, causing people to do things outside of their character trying to play the catch up game. No need to rush what God has in store. Social media is totally destroying our generations sense of being. Everybody wants to be a card cracker or dope boy. Trying to take the easy road out. But I would rather be the tortoise than the hare any day because "slow and steady always wins the race".

Remember where you came from. It hurts my soul to witness how people can come from nothing and once they rise to the top forget where they came from and all the people who struggled with them or all the people left behind who are trying to make it out just like them. And for those people I just want to reiterate to HUMBLE yourselves! Be that example, that mentor, that hand of hope who still reaches out and remains the same. Like PND (Party Next Door) said, " I came up, I came up, a lil change, but I ain't change up, a lil fame, but I ain't famous". Just remain you. It's great to give back, you should want others to experience the great things in life too! This is a dog eat dog world but only because we accept and promote it (via music, television,etc.) Stop accepting the negative and promote the positive. We all are trying to get to the top. The best way to get there is by working together. We'll never make it alone because everybody needs somebody.

Lastly, some may say "well, nobody helped me!" or " I did this/got here on my own." But be that person you wanted or seeked when you were trying to get where you are today for somebody else. We'll never make progression with that mindset. Stop worrying so much about " well if I help them, they might become more advance than me." Oh stop! Who cares? You should be happy that you helped them get there and if you train them well enough you can teach them the importance of still remaining humble. Your good deeds don't go unnoticed when it comes to God. I just want everybody to encourage, support, and love one another. We are all we got. Remember where you come from while still focusing on where you are trying to go ( and don't forget to help others along the way). I want the best for everyone. Remember you're beautiful and God loves you!


Tierra Navia


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      gary 2 years ago

      I think what you are talking about is a very important topic and it needs to be discussed. Humility is that part of our character that reflects our subconscious thoughts of being mature to show our compassion and love that we have for others. It gives us that sense of what could be if we acted or responded in a more positive way when we interact with others. Its human nature to be compassionate. Its this love that's within us that allows us to be unselfish. It is true that you should be confident in accomplishing your personal goals that you set for yourself. But always be respectful of others as well when they are trying to accomplish their goals. There's nothing wrong with being a hare in a race. Some of us are blessed in that way from God. We all have special gifts and talents. Even a hare must learn to master his skills and crafts. Even the turtle wants to be blessed with the speed of the hare to beat him in the race, but the tortoise is smart enough to realize that he's running his own race. No matter who he races against, he knows that hard work, being focused and persistent helps him crosses the finish line and completes the race. So I would say to you know who you are. Stop trying as you say running someone else's race.