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100% Natural Tomato Ketchup. Made in the U.S.A.? The Great Food Conspiracy.

Updated on October 1, 2016

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tomatoes on the vine

Are there any companies left who's interest is in public safety and not their growing net profits? Greed seems to be the current social/political and economic basis for everything in this world today.

Do we have a rebel, corporate holdout, or just another corporate liar?

For the time being, until we actually find out otherwise, I will give thumbs up ↑ and Kudos to:

Conagra Foods, Inc., PO Box 3768, Dept HUNTS, Omaha, Nebraska 68103, U.S.A.

For free recipes visit:

The front label reads:

Hunts Tomato Ketchup. 100% Natural. NO: high fructose corn syrup.

This is a good start for the American consumer.

The list of ingredients:

  • tomato concentrate made from vine ripened tomatoes,
  • sugar,
  • distilled vinegar,
  • salt,
  • less than 2% of (onion powder, garlic powder, natural flavors).

There is no mention as to whether the tomatoes are natural, organic or genetically modified. The flavor is closest to what i remember ketchup having tasted like before the food industry started "creating" their cheaper products with artificial stuff for net profit improvement, in lieu of taste improvement.

There is little doubt that these tasteless (lacking in taste) tomatoes currently sold on the market are produced from genetically modified seeds.

This particular brand (Hunts) has re-captured a small bit of life as we knew it when "natural" meant exactly that. (Perhaps merely a small ray of sunshine and hope before the torrential rains?)

Tomatoes were one of the first vegetable / fruits that was lost to genetic manipulation and the long term effects are yet to be seen in the next few generations. But, let's try to be optimistic.

Genetically altered tomato seeds make it all but impossible, for those of us who enjoy planting and growing our own tomatoes and green peppers at home, to be successful without over fertilization of the plants.

This year i used baby plants from a local seedling retailer. They were "Bonnie" brand and "guaranteed" to produce big red juicy tomatoes. (turned out to be total false advertising)

I bought 4 baby tomato plants and watered them diligently. Three of them never even blossomed. The fourth one i fertilized with miracle grow as instructed. The tomatoes they produced were mutants (see photos attached). They were misshapen and conjoined (what we used to politically incorrectly call Siamese twins in humans) and only 4 of them turned into tomatoes from a plant that was loaded with blossoms.

Without massive fertilization the other 3 plants did not even produce blooms.

These are the characteristics of genetically engineered foods.

They are designed to need excessive fertilization and prohibit people from growing their own foods.

My green pepper plants yielded 2 peppers on one plant and 4 smaller ones of the second plant.

2 plants have not grown more that 12 inches tall. I planted some of them in large pots (as i usually do), in shade, in full sun, and some in the ground. I used varying amounts of fertilizer and those that produced were the ones with the use of excessive fertilizer on them.

Those plants that did produce (both the tomatoes and the peppers) had seeds that were immature, small and obviously will not be able to reproduce new plants in the next spring.

The first evidence of "genetic shifting" within the species itself are abnormal fruits/vegetables; in size, shape, texture and taste. But will this "genetic shifting" producing these mutant peppers/tomatoes be carried into the human body and cause the same "genetic shifts" in humans? Only time will tell.

The goals and objectives of Monsanto and other "evil" food producers have made it clear that their intent was to create and replace "natural" produce with their own version that cannot be grown by anyone except them, and only with the heavy use of fertilizers (that they also produce).

Even their own fertilizers sold to unsuspecting individual growers cannot give enough nourishment to the plants for them to grow and yield vegetables by those of us who have always enjoyed doing so for hundreds of years.

What are the ramifications of all this? It is all about CONTROL. Control by Corporate America over our basic food supplies.

When the ability to grow foods is limited to only a few producers, they can control the market and prices will soar as long as they are unregulated by government, as does every other commodity that is beneficial to man.

For those conspiracy theorists who think that the U.S. Government is vying for a global government you may be not far from actuality. We already have:

  • a few banks (too big to fail) controlling and regulating global financing.
  • a few wealthy and powerful men controlling governments.
  • the likes of Monsanto controlling global food supplies.
  • A few wealthy corporations buying up all water rights, state by state.
  • and current legislation pending that will prohibit the individual (you, me, Craig's list et al, flea markets and yard/garage and moving sales) from re-selling anything (and everything) that we purchase; because the original manufacturers will retain all rights to anything we buy, when these new laws are enacted by congress. [This measure is to stop consumers from selling what they bought, and ensure that when we as consumers need, or desire to replace what we have bought, we must buy only from the corporate manufacturers that control global commerce].

It seems hard to believe, and too good to be true, that a corporation like Conagra foods, inc., would actually stand up to Monsanto. Only time will tell. Are they the saviors of the free enterprise, protectors of safe foods, or a cunning ally of Monsanto that hides its true intent from the unsuspecting public?

We have been fooled too many times not to look at anything that appears beneficial to humanity; while potentially damaging to higher net profits, with scrutiny and distrust.

Another point to ponder?:

The current trend is for the GOP and the immoral 'moral' majority pushing for legislature to prevent birth control of any type, eliminate the woman's rights to choice, banning all abortions, and trying to ban same sex unions.

What will their stance be a couple of generations from now when it is too late to prevent that inevitable "genetic shifting" in progress in human beings?

Will it be blamed on the "Devil" {their usual scapegoat}, or will they man up and take responsibility? Will we kill off the mutant children? Lock them all up in concentration camps until they all die off, as some conservatives suggest today for the gay community? Or perhaps make a governmental decree that all pregnant women have an ultra sound to determine if the fetus is (mutant)? And then what? Force these women to have these mutated children? House them? Or perhaps the unthinkable alternative - make abortions mandatory?

Enjoy the new flavor of the 100% Natural Hunts Tomato Ketchup while you can; before the effects of those genetically engineered tomatoes start producing similar "?mutant tomato babies?" in humans as well.

by: d.william 06/29/2012

My mutant Tomatoes


Food, Inc. Fantasy advertising to fool the people

And pray we "won't get fooled again"

© 2012 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Well shucks i love honey and thought this was one of the "safe" foods. Now i will have to re-evaluate my diet again. Is there truly anything left untainted that we can consume? Sometimes i am almost glad i am at the end of my life on this planet, but it really troubles me that it is our own generation that will be leaving this mess for the next ones to clean up. (if there truly will be any new generations to survive that is)

      Thanks for reading and your astute comments.

    • MobyWho profile image


      6 years ago from Burlington VT

      a laugh for today? Took a jar of "Raw Honey" from my cabinet. Also states "100% organic" - now, can this be (bee)? I had bees for a while and my bees foraged far from home - also to a golf course rife with pesticides. Actually, I lost three queens and gave up when a pro figured they'd been poisoned by the pesticides. What beekeeper can be sure his/her honey is 'pure'?

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with you 100%. I have been doing the same thing for years. Every once in a while i run across some item that states 100% natural that i will purchase, but those are few and far between. When i actually find one i make an article on it. So far, i have 2 on hubpages, that certainly says something for what is on our grocery shelves, doesn't it?

    • Terri Meredith profile image

      Terri Meredith 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I've become so disgusted with the garbage that goes in processed food of all kinds, that I've stopped buying them. I'm not kidding. I bake all my own bread..english muffins, hotdog rolls, etc. I make my own pancake syrups, ketchup, yogurt, ice name it. It's a lot of work, but I've never felt better. Now, it's impossible for me to afford everything organic, but I'm determined to cut as many of their poisons out of my food as possible. Voted up and useful!

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for you comments. How did yours turn out this year? And where did you get your seeds? This is the second year mine were mutants.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I grow my own tomatoes and bell peppers. Thank's for the info on ketchup. I'll be sure to buy Hunts brand... Thank you..

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and your comments. It is disturbing when you think about it. These dolts are messing with all of our natural foods without any consideration of the possible consequences to our genetic makeup.

      They have scientists on their payroll that swear that genetically modified foods are safe for consumption. Pay someone enough money and they will agree with anything you want them to. Just because a scientist on their payroll says so, does not make it so. Scary stuff.

      Funny that you mentioned the 100% pure juice. I wrote a hub called:

      100 % Natural Orange Juice: Made in Florida, USA

      It had 2,673 readers, to date, and 79 comments since it was written on 01/07/11. I found that fascinating.

      The ingredients: 100% Florida orange juice.

      Although there are other brands that boast 100% orange juice, not from concentrate; but their orange juice is a combination of oranges imported from everywhere outside the USA.

    • MobyWho profile image


      6 years ago from Burlington VT

      Thank you for calling this to our attention...and the photos of your tomatoes was startling, especially as this happened so frequently. I've always sneered at the fruit juices on the supermarket shelves: '100% pure juice' - Yes, I guess the water used to reconstitute it could be considered juice. I don't believe much of anything any more - but I do get excited when I get a double-yolked egg. Hope they don't mess with them.


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