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Hypocrats (Democrats) Being Offended BY Donald Trump-R-U-Kidding?

Updated on October 26, 2016

Hypocrats (Democrats) Being Offended BY Donald Trump - R-U-Kidding?

Once again, my mouth is agape on account of those who are feigning being offended, especially Hypocrats (Democrats), on the ‘October Surprise’ locker-Room-Talk of Donald Trump, which was said some eleven years ago. As it is my wont, triggered by being a Traditional Christian, I must convey my bias that I am a supporter of Mr. Trump for President. To that end, I must also say that what Mr. Trump said was despicable…. confessing that I myself have had similar conversation with my peeps in the distant past. Now, I confessed this because my conscience (Holy Spirit) would have pricked me - branding me a hypocrite - had I not done so… but nonetheless, and apparently, I am by my lonesome… as someone who have engaged, if not the same Locker-Room-Talk as Mr. Trump, something similar.

What is grating to me, is hearing from the Hypocrats (Democrats) being outraged and acting holier-than-thou about what Donald Trump has said - it is akin to having conspicuous zits (Secretary of State Clinton and President Bill Clinton) on one’s face, as opposed to a pimple (Donald J. Trump) on another’s face. Let me get this, President Bill Clinton has been accused of rape and his wife, Secretary of State Clinton has disparaged these women… and moreover, President Clinton has, apparently, even paid out huge civil fines stemming from these rape allegations and Democrats are feigning outrage and playing the moral card?

Secretary of State Clinton is probably the most corrupt politician since Boss Tweed and she and Democrats have the nerves to point accusatory moral fingers at Donald Trump… accusing the latter as being immoral - what alternate universe are we living in? Am I the only one who knows about what the FBI director had to say about Secretary of State Clinton about having an illegal server - as I write, case in venal point, a couple hours ago, E-mails, authored by Secretary of State Clinton, were released which continue to substantiate how morally bankrupt this woman is. I dare anyone to objectively look in the dictionary for the word, Pinocchio, and tell me if one will not see the pronounced face of Secretary of State Clinton!

For the Secularists or the non Christians who have read this blog so far, I am about to engage in further discussion that Christ Jesus/the Apostle Paul deemed as ‘foolishness’ to said Secularists/Non-Christians - the further discussion can be equated to my Traditional Christian take on anything posited about the demonic doctrine of Evolution. Secretary of State Clinton and many Democrats believe we, as Americans, have the right to murder babies via Abortion… carving out an exception to the Hippocratic Oath of do no harm, in essence, embracing an exception that gives the doctors the right to murder babies. Compare Abortion to anything Donald Trump has done or anything he believes... there is really no comparison!

I have not even addressed same sex marriages or having Transgenders having the right to use the restrooms with our daughters. If you who are Christians - you listening Black-Body-of-Christ - who love to quote 2nd Chronicles 7:14 which says that the Lord …would heal our land if we would humble ourselves…. How are we Christians humbling ourselves when we vote for a President Obama or a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or a Democratic Party, who has, as a huge part of its platform, beliefs that are abominations to Christ Jesus? These issues include the afore mentioned Abortion, same sex marriage, and the pending formal betrayal of Israel.

A Mini Tutorial For Tomorrow’s Debate

It would behoove Mr. Trump that when he is asked in tomorrow’s debate about his eleven-year-old remarks to remind the folks of what Secretary of State Clinton represents. To that sobering end, we now have an IRS, FBI, and DOJ (Department of Justice) that are politicized and many of their respective members compromised… we have become the proverbial banana republic. We can further extrapolate by seeing what will happen to the rest of the Federal governmental infrastructure that was heretofore neutral before President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton infected them with their respective taints. The problem with human beings is that we are a vengeful lot and do we expect the Republicans not to retaliate when they eventually take office or is this issue trumped by the now opened secret that Elitists/Globalists are found in both the Democratic and the Republican Party?

To The Never Trump Movement

I know now that all of these Republican politicians who say that that they will never vote for Trump were lying to those of us who are Traditional Christians who have voted for them in the past. But how could you take a chance in letting Secretary of State Clinton become President - Jesus forbids - knowing that she is going to place at least three of her Secular choices on the Supreme Court, cementing same-sex marriages, Abortions, and other issues anathema to the American traditions - look at the moral damage President Obama has brought upon the Land! OK, you do not care about that - but what of Economic and Foreign policies that you supposedly care about? Incidentally, I know your secret… which is that an Elitist/Globalist is the same whether Democrat or Republican; it is why members of both political parties attend the Bohemian Grove resort once a year... where supposedly these Elitists/Globalists pay homage to pagan gods….

I have used Bob Marley’s song, Who the Cap Fit and Leonard Cohen’s, Democracy to help flesh out the themes of this particular blog.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 16 months ago from New York

      Do forgive me for the piss poor editing of the original blog....

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 16 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      So true, I like this "Secretary of State Clinton is probably the most corrupt politician since Boss Tweed and she and Democrats have the nerves to point accusatory moral fingers at Donald Trump… accusing the latter as being immoral - what alternate universe are we living in?"

      Not much I can add to your Hub page, really all well said VP.

      Amazing how a few lewd remarks, not deeds, by Trump over 10 years ago and like that somehow is worse or even compares to anything HRC has said or done? Hillary was less the bereft victim of her husband’s transgressions than his enabler, a “women’s advocate” with no compunction about slandering the “bimbos” who were obstacles in her way, not lewd talk actual actions taken to threaten, blackmail and defame her husbands female victims. And what did the leading democrats say about Clinton's 9 Lewinskies n the oval office. None of our business, that's his "private" life! (private or did they mean his private's life).