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Hypocrisy and a State of Confusion

Updated on April 18, 2020

I know I shouldn’t be, but I am...Confused. We see it on the television, it comes in over the radio, it’s on the side of buses, and pinned on billboards….”We are in this together”; “Together we will make it through”; “Let’s be a friend to our neighbor”; “Please Give a Helping Hand”. Companies and Celebrities and Athletes and Churches and Everyday People are donating money and resources and their time. And any day now folks are getting a Government check, well soon as trump signs them all.

It does confuse me when we say we are in this together and we DON’T stop thousands of KIDS from going to Miami and returning home to directly and indirectly infect and affect every part of the US. How do we say “Let’s be a friend and give a helping hand” when we’re charging our neighbor $100 for a roll of toilet paper. Where is the togetherness when you watch folk fight in Walmart because someone scooped up all the paper-towels and refused to share.

Please help me with my confusion by showing me a business, grocery store, convenient mart, outlet, online warehouse that has not gone up if not doubled prices. Yep...that should really help people who aren’t able to work right now. But hold on...I think he signed another check.

Even the BIG players with the heart wrenching ads to boost our morale are getting their cut. Connie and I sat down to watch a movie we had seen probably five times, a 1972 movie. But this time they wanted an additional $4.00, alongside my already paid membership, to watch this movie. Games have gone up, food has gone up, water has gone up, utilities have gone up, and many more of the things you need to be comfortable while you “stay at home”. What has gone down...of course...gasoline. You can fill up and drive to the end of the driveway all you want. Where else at the moment do you have the desire to go…

I hate to think all those heart wrenching ads are meant to boost our spending morale and to make us more vulnerable to falsity and deception. Please relieve my confusion by assuring me we are better than that. No matter what our race, religion, sex, status, and all other idiosyncrasies, this is not our first struggle and not our last hardship.

As for me I do believe God can do all things. And though it is not easy to loose a loved one, HE has a plan and reason for all of this. We have been thrust into a moment in time that will either define or re-define all of us. Regardless, life will never be the same again. WE can be different too. WE can write the true definition of who we are and set a precedence that coming generations will follow. I’m so confused because it just seems so easy to “Do Unto Others as You Have Them Do Unto You”.


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