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I Am Afraid To Just Be Myself - by Dan W. Miller

Updated on September 8, 2016
Dan W Miller profile image

"The Vanilla Godzilla" was raised in Ventura County, California. A USN veteran, divorced, with grandkids, living in Phoenix since 2000.

Does the internet scare you? Are you afraid of someone online that you already know or you might meet?
Does the internet scare you? Are you afraid of someone online that you already know or you might meet? | Source

The author is afraid but will be brave anyway

Today I am afraid. Oh, there are many reasons why I'm afraid. Afraid of offending even just one person. Afraid of contacting someone on a media site, even though I haven't actually met them in person, for fear they'll report me because THEY are afraid to experience someone new.

Because of these feelings, I wrote an open letter to facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Congratulations! You have made all the people on your site paranoid. It's not so much as a "do you know this person" as it should be a "do you want to know this person" internet place for social media and interaction.

90% of my fb friends I DID NOT KNOW. But I DID get to know them after we (cyber-)met on fb, then either later in person or by phone or the ol' "pen-pal" method where now I have some of thee most loyal friends ever!

Everyone who has (the limit) 5,000(+) fb friends did it when you could friend HUNDREDS per day. Now you even limit that.

You're totally blowing it here, boss. Now I can't friend anyone for fear of my account being dropped. No one can friend me because of the same fear.

Yes, I am aware of all the privacy issues. But just like the politically correct social paranoia of the 99 people being FOR something and that 1 weirdo that doesn't, we ALL have to comply to THEM.

I give it one year and Twitter, Instagram & YouTube will make your site seem like my grandma driving her 1977 Dodge Dart at 35 mph on the freeway and everyone else speeding by honking their horns at her to get moving with the speed limit.

Sincerely, your facebook friend,

Dan W. Miller

I'm Afraid Even One Person Will Be Offended

I'm afraid of saying anything obvious against extreme, single-thought minded, "me only" scared people in my state, in my country, in my field.

Afraid of leaping forward, of making a decision, of being thought of as the guy who says what other people always think but are too afraid themselves to say it aloud. I'm even afraid of thinking up my own joke or material and presenting it for fear someone will say it's too similar to someone else's (that I didn't even know existed.)

Afraid to "tell someone off" because it might be too much of a "dose of reality" for them. Then I'm afraid they'll just say any lie they want to against me and people will believe them.

Afraid of all the stupid, jealous, myopic people. Afraid of people that kiss other people's butt (just to get ahead) that they know aren't really good people deep down or aren't that creative but may have some influence. Then everyone, all the sheep, will feel inclined to follow because THEY are afraid.Afraid of people in blind cliques.

Afraid to be the rebel, the individual, the leader, the one people look to, to get behind, to be the one to start it all and afraid to be the one with balls enough to even be that person. Afraid to be the person with just plain reason.

Heck, I'm even afraid to be the one to grow my hair long, to look different than the rest, to be the oldest, to not act my age or act like the many boring people my age. Afraid to write anything longer than one sentence on any social media site because I'm afraid no one will take the time to even read it. I'm afraid to think for myself and to tell you about it.

But I do it anyway. I did before and will continue to do so even though I'm still afraid. Perhaps I'm doing all of these things so you won't be afraid, too.

Don't let those clowns online scare you
Don't let those clowns online scare you

I'm afraid my work will see it

On one side of my place, and mind you, this is the nice part of Scottsdale, the guy's house was "army green." Yes, that's right. Complete with off army green for trim and a real U.S. Army jeep that he drove. They also had a camouflage green government issue transporter truck! A dried up pool in the backyard was covered in weeds. He had a couple of classic mustangs rotting back there, too. Nice guys, though. They just really kept to themselves.

The other side? I never saw her. I was told it was "her" but I never saw "her." Luckily, there was a real great guy that worked for the city that lived across the street from us.

So now I'm in a co-op, I'm living in north-west-central Phoenix. But my neighbors are very unsociable and unfriendly. Everyone always says the city is "pockets." Pockets of nice historic houses next to gated communities or near four bedroom houses and down the street from sad, hardscrabble next to abandoned, run down houses.

I've been walking around this neighborhood only during daylight hours. It's a rather tough area to look at with all the empty houses. Where did the owners go? There ARE hard working people living here, though. Makes up for the empty homes across the street.

I'm Afraid Of The Future... Shock

It has been 40 years since Alvin Toffler released the classic jolting portrait of things to come in the landmark book "Future Shock!" Six million copies have been sold since 1970. Now, Toffler Associates have released "40 For The Next 40." Trends that willl shape our world from now until 2050.

Among the many sociological predictions from the 1970 novel, Mr. Toffler warned of border privacy and that we were on the verge of something very big in communications but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Of course, the internet emerged later.

In the new book there will be an increase in females in politics, a push by religious groups for more power and the best chance for election will come from "Philanthro-capitalists," people with a lot of money and world influence.

Successful organizations will link chemical, biological, nuclear sensors just like we carry cell phones around. Mass production will be replaced by custom manufacturing. Invasion of privacy will spread because of even more cameras that will be in use along with surveillance devices.

The Future Of Social Networks

Social networks will gain huge influence. Technological advances will give poor nations the opportunity for economic power. Where work is done will matter less and people will be freed from their cubicle. However, the relentless pace of change wearies some Americans.

"Time would become almost instantaneous. Space doesn't matter anymore. There'll be no boundary." states Deborah Westphal, managing partner of Toffler Associates.

Technology is important but human communication is most important. Toffler tried to explain to his daughter the importance of face-to-face communication. Because of facebook, she could not fully grasp the significance that "in person" will STILL be the best form of communication for business or personal matters in the future.

Dan W. Miller

I'm even afraid of mascots

The author is attacked by a lovable (?) mascot!
The author is attacked by a lovable (?) mascot! | Source

Afraid of what you think I'm doing!

Not what it looks like. REALLY!
Not what it looks like. REALLY! | Source

Will facebook and Twitter be the main social media sites 10 years from now?

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    • Dan W Miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Dan W Miller 

      5 years ago from the beaches of Southern California now living in Phoenix since 2000

      I hate this "Stepford wives community." A dead person can have the same score with NO HUBS AT ALL! In fact, one dead person DOES! WHAT A JOKE this barrel of monkeys is!

      Now an inhabitant calls ME strange when all I'm doing is defending myself from attacks.

      Here is a perfect example of why I have every right to be LIVID. This guy has ZERO HUBS! NONE! - - We both have the same score of 77 after being barely 4 points ahead of him at 81! ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME? TIED? Then +4 POINTS!! HE DOESN'T EVEN WRITE!

      Go Google 'sjs' and there is one my hubs 6TH on the search behind WIKIPEDIA, MAYO CLINIC, YOUTUBE, SJS OFFICIAL SUPPORT PAGE and I've been there for over a year. HOW ABOUT SOME CREDIT FOR THAT!

    • fpherj48 profile image


      5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Dan....I'm sorry that for your own reasons, you fail to see that 1.) I am commenting TO: "bgamall" (not you) ...and I am ADDRESSING: my own opinion and attitude toward "Political Correctness," directing a personal quote toward THOSE individuals, not YOU, Dan. I am in no way, "back-tracking," Dan ,..merely explaining.

      However I can clearly see you have chosen to interpret it all quite differently and have taken serious offense. (I wouldn't blame you, had it been my intention to offend you...but nothing could be further from reality)

      You're words, "You don't know me," ring exceptionally accurate to me, Dan. You surely do not know all. It should be more obvious to you that I have read some of your hubs, shared positive comments and feedback, shared your work and encouraged you. I have also taken the time to view your stand-up videos, Dan. I could not justify doing all of this...only to insult you, later on. Now that to me, would be a waste of my precious time.

      This incident IS quite strange, Dan and also very sad. I cannot and will not say any more to help you see. I do know that eventually, as you spend more time here at HP, you will experience many of the things we all have.....serious misunderstandings being part of this.

      "Unfollowing" any hubber is not an insult by any means. We are all aware that 60% of all original followers simply fall by the wayside as time goes on, for numerous reasons. Interaction amongst fellow-hubbers is not what defines our writing careers, is clearly a Social experience.....

      Take care and much success to you.

    • Dan W Miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Dan W Miller 

      5 years ago from the beaches of Southern California now living in Phoenix since 2000

      Yes, words are written, they're RIGHT THERE in black and white, fpherj48.

      You blew it, you can't backtrack now. Usually when you're (or ANYONE is) responding to someone's hub and say QUIT BEING A BABY, then who the hell ELSE are you talking to? And if you are calling a grown man a baby, one that has defended you and this country, survived near death and saved people's lives, then for a man to be called a baby, then he MUST be a real pussy (a wimp, a coward.) HOW DARE YOU! It's not "strange." It's obvious!

      Not everyone thinks like you, oh so learned one! Think outside your box head. Yeah, I'm TELLIN' LIKE IT IS!

      Be gone with you! No attack, you assuming person! I just unfollowed you and that should be insulting enough because I have MUCH better things to do than read your blah, blah, blah of twisting of your OWN WORDS to suit your STRANGE reasoning.

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 

      5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Actually, Dan, I think it was before coffee that caused me to use the word, "uncorrect". I don't know what came over me.

      FPHERJ48, you are not that politically incorrect if you have not figured out that the war on terror is made up. Google these words: Taliban went to Texas in 1997. Then read the BBC article where it shows that the Taliban went to Texas. What you need to know is that the Taliban subsequently rejected the offer of a pipeline to Cheney (Halliburton), and HW Bush (Dresser), to the Caspian Sea oil/gas deposits. So, when that was rejected, the neocons, Cheney being chief, determined to get rid of the Taliban. That is when the phony war on terror was invented, with 9/11 being the chief neocon/globalist achievement. These people who invented the war on terror didn't care Americans were killed. Telling your friends about how evil the USA is is the essence of political INcorrectness.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Hi Dan, I enjoyed the read, your letter to fb, and the other stories.

      FaceBook keeps up with my kids and grandkids, they would not dare kick me off they might lose my family 300+.

      I usually say what is on my mind before it goes through the filter. But I do try to be mindful of others feeling, unless they are politically correct, then it is time to correct their politically correctness with the facts, I find it fun to be politically incorrect (whatever that means.)

    • Dan W Miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Dan W Miller 

      5 years ago from the beaches of Southern California now living in Phoenix since 2000

      Also, not very appreciative of being called names, fpherj48. HOW DARE YOU! So to that I'll say go ahead and be stupid by not using the correct amount of tact when, where and to whom you are speaking to in person and replying to online. You just proved your motto doesn't always work.

      YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Have a nice day.

    • Dan W Miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Dan W Miller 

      5 years ago from the beaches of Southern California now living in Phoenix since 2000

      Thanks again, "COACH!" This was actually three stories combined into one hub.

      bgamail - Quick! Get that word on UrbanDictionary! UNCORRECT. I know what are trying to say because if you wanted say INCORRECT you would have said it! YOU'RE word is not saying, "just a bit off the general consensus." You're saying "NOT EVEN RIGHT!" (Which is, at times, a good thing.) Thank you.

      And fpherj48

      I'm not as much of a pussy as you make me out to be. My beginning (first part) is actually a voicing of everyone's concerns about every thing online.

      The whole crux of the hub is no one could be THIS afraid of so much.

      I'm actually NOT AFRAID because (I quote,) "But I do it anyway. I did before and will continue to do so even though I'm still afraid."

      What's the quote soldiers say?

      "Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no bravery unless you're scared."

      All these things are in the back of my mind. Go ahead and get kicked off facebook for not following some guidelines. (Albeit unwritten guidelines.) One must not be just blind because you want to do it MY WAY. "The Frank Sinatra Method" doesn't always work.

      Thanks for being a faithful follower. Appreciate you.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York's "Politically INcorrect, not UNcorrect. Of this I'm sure because I am the single-most Politically INCORRECT individual ever.......with no plan for changing. From day ONE, I rejected this nonsense. Our language, phrases and expressions have been good enough for centuries.

      I'll be damned if I'm going to alter everything I say....or bend over backwards and do cartwheels for fear someone's feelings somewhere may get slightly bruised. Toughen up and snap out of it. Quit your whining and don't be a baby!

      Political Correctness is just another way to Bull$hit the masses.....soft soap REALITY, walk on egg shells to accommodate the radical they don't get angry and literally take our heads off.

      I have news for the jerks who came up with the PC concept......People will hate us for the sheer sake of hating us, no matter what we say or how we say it. What we do or don't do. Their goal is to wipe us off the face of the earth. Period. What possible difference can our words matter?

      My motto? TELL IT LIKE IT IS. If you do not want to hear the truth and the facts....just don't ask me any questions!

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 

      5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      If you guys knew the truth about the 9/11 conspiracy, the Sandy Hook Hoax and actors found at the confusing Boston Bombing, you would have a cause for not being politically correct. I am very politically uncorrect. Is that a word?

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      5 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Hi Dan - Your hub is a fabulous read. Voted UP++++ just like my friend jpher48. I usually do a 'scan' on a hub before deciding whether it's entertaining enough to read it verbatim. Not so with your creative compositions.

      I love your 'freedom of speech' - the flow of it - the honesty. I look forward with exciting anticipation to 'gifting' myself with more of your brilliant hubs. ~ Happy Days ~ Audrey

    • fpherj48 profile image


      6 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Dan....Hope you'll forgive me, but I read this entire piece with my infamous , "It's-a-fact-I-am-blessed-with-incredible-genius-radar," smugness on my face. From day one, I Instinctively & quite simply knew, I wanted nothing to do with this "thing" called, "Facebook."

      In fact, the more people I listened to, who began tossing precious life moments onto a screen......communicating, sharing and corresponding electronically, with hundreds, thousands...about EVERYTHING, yet nothing....the more confident and convinced I was.....that the very concept, horrified & sickened me.

      Because I didn't quite know the ins & outs of this Techno-Beast.....I did make a terrible mistake......for which, through no fault of my own, I shall be forever embarrassed and sorry. I had lost all of my contact info for a dear friend, from a city, miles away. Wanting desperately to get in touch, I knew she was on I signed on, with the SOLE purpose of contacting her....on a one time basis. The moment she responded, I immediately (OR BELIEVED I had) cancelled out this account. Cancelling is 100% IMPOSSIBLE. Once you are "ON"'s like being born......You're there till you die. Except, the reality is, you can die from this earth and will STILL remain somewhere in a dark, empty corner..on FB. You NEVER get to leave....your name is in stone, in blood, engraved for all eternity.

      This, in itself, is the scariest thing I've ever encountered or hope to long as I breathe. I tried everything......even begged the help of experts, who assured me that they "took care of it," for me......only to discover THERE I AM. Spooky, frightening, a nightmare, is a flippin curse!

      I had only recently come to terms with this major crisis in my life. Thank you, NOT, for bringing it all flooding back. I will consider forgiving you..............UP++++

    • Dan W Miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Dan W Miller 

      7 years ago from the beaches of Southern California now living in Phoenix since 2000

      facebook is a scary social medium at times and I'm an outspoken person. But it goes beyond that and carries over into the experience of... LIFE.

      Thanks again for the read Irob and I hope I made a fan out of Phil

    • Irob profile image


      7 years ago from St. Charles

      I'm afraid to say anything LOL

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm afraid Dan is right !


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