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Differences in Opinions, What Is Yours? This Is a Poll

Updated on April 2, 2019

Questions Are Always Good?

I am always curious, and have been since I was young, as to whether I am just like other folks, if I think like others, and if I would react to certain situations like other people would. If you would not mind, I am going to ask a series of questions, and when I have collected enough information, I will write another hub with my results.

Allow me to give you a scenario, and then we will proceed. Let's say that you own a dog, and have had him for a few years. He is a good dog but you have never been able to house train him, so you made him a place to sleep on the back porch, and he is basically a back yard dog.


What would you do with this dog in the future?

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Horse Community

Here is another scenario, so here we go.

You live in a community where every house has land around it and there is plenty of room for you and your family to get a couple of horses. You choose one horse for yourself, and the other one for either a child, your spouse, or a friend to ride with you if you like. When there isn't anyone else to ride with you, you sometimes will pony the other horse with you when you ride.

You have lived in this community for about eight or ten months, and you only know your neighbors on either side, but not anyone else except for people you work with. One day there is a knock on the door, and it is a couple who say they live several houses up the street, and have seen you riding before. They tell you that they have always wanted to get horses, and intend to. Then they ask you if you would mind if they could ride yours for a little while. You ask how long, and they say for a half an hour or forty-five minutes. You are a little concerned about someone getting hurt, or getting sued. You ask them if they have ever ridden before and they both assure you that they are experienced riders. You ask them each iif they have ever gotten thrown from a horse, and they both assure you that they have not.

How About This?

Do you allow your neighbors to ride your horses?

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New Employment

You have had to move into another state, for the company you are working for is giving you a promotion.

Even though the promotion means a lot more money, you are not looking forward to any of the rest of it, because this puts you into a management position. and you are not looking forward to all of the responsibility.

When you investigate further, you find out that you will be doing all of the scheduling, payroll, supervision of the workers to make sure you are keeping up with the quotas, and seeing to it that you are getting the most work done per the number of employees employed, for the previous manager was too much of a friend to his employees and was a very soft boss as far as letting people off early, letting people take more than their allotted hour lunch. He even loaned his employees money out of his own pocket.

You were told that you would have to get really strong, and set some strict guidelines that were to be written up and posted so that nobody could say that they did not know. I was also told that if the rules were broken, each employee was given a one time warning, a written warning, and if it happened again they were to be fired.

You would not be paid by the hour anymore, but put on a salary. The salary was double the money you were getting, but you were also told that it would mean spending quite a few more hours working. The up side of that, was that some of the things that you had to do that was to take up your time, you could take home to do if you liked, for some of the responsibilities like the scheduling, or payroll could be done at home very easily. You felt a little bit apprehensive about the huge change in your working details, but even more was that you also would be moving several hundred miles away from your family and friends. You were glad that there were no children to consider, for that would have been unacceptable.

When you arrive at your new hometown, and pull into the driveway of your new house, you notice that it is noticeably larger than your former home. There was a doghouse on one side of the house, and the dog had access to both the front and back yards.

The move over with, and the first day at work here, you walk into the office to find that even though you are a half an hour early there were already a few people there, drinking coffee and talking together at the front counter. You got a cup yourself and introduced yourself.

Everyone was noticeably eyeing you up, and it was a rather tense atmosphere. Obviously everyone was stressed about a new boss and what to expect. Even though you know that certain things were expected of you, it was also important you felt to be a boss that would be able to communicate easily with those employees he would be in charge of.

You have a little while to decide what you were going to do, and how you were going to handle this very new situation. You decide this;

What Would You Do?

In the first hour of work you decide to:

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A wish list

You were surprised to find someone in your house when you came home from work. You weren't sure if it was a burglar or a friend. You did not recognise their face.

When you asked them who they were, and what they were doing in your house, this person informed you that they were here to grant you a wish. The only thing that was different from your average run of the mill genie that granted you wishes, this one had a list to chose from, and if it wasn't on the list you could not wish for it. So, that rather narrowed it down if you wanted to wish for a million dollars, for if it was not on the list, you were screwed.

The wish genie handed you a piece of paper, with the list of wishes that you could chose from. The genie told you that there was no rush, to take your time and think about it, and plopped herself down on your sofa.

You sit down in your recliner chair, and begin to study the list, and this is what it said.

What is your wish?

You may have a wish, any wish from this list, be sure for there is no changes.

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  • Jim Bryan profile image

    Jim Bryan 

    9 years ago from Austin, TX

    Interesting questions and answers. But to the original point, what were your answers?


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