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I Have A Solution To The Islmic Issue

Updated on December 15, 2015
Dirk Willem, rescuing his pursuer from the ice. Dirk Willem was an Anabaptist who was burned at the stake May 16th 1569
Dirk Willem, rescuing his pursuer from the ice. Dirk Willem was an Anabaptist who was burned at the stake May 16th 1569 | Source
Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Source

OK for the record, I am not partial to Donald Trump. I don't plan to vote for him. The man is an extremist who tends to speak before he thinks. I don’t want him representing America. In the issue of Muslim immigrants and gun control, I suspect he is attempting to use our fears to his advantage. I don’t believe for a moment his solution would achieve a positive result. Even so, if your honest you probably enjoyed his solution more than you should have.

I admit freely that I have strong anti-Islamic opinions. Anyone who reads my Facebook posts knows I campaign against their ideology without apology. I believe it will, if not confronted, destroy our country.However, I struggle with a solution. I can understand President Obama’s position. If he spoke like Donald Trump, all American Muslims would take up arms both in defense of their faith and their personal safety. We would discover very quickly the reality of Jihad first hand in our neighborhoods on a daily basis. I do not say this out of fear, Rather to point out the foolishness of religious discrimination and to appreciate our presidents need to keep the peace. Yet I have a problem accepting the Idea that we are not at war with Islam. For in truth, the religion of Islam is the problem. It’s holy scriptures gives evil men justification to carry out their despicable acts of Violence.

ISIL Is Not Islamic
ISIL Is Not Islamic | Source

Don't worry, only one end of this snake is dangerious

Rattle Snake
Rattle Snake | Source

The answer is not violence or discrimination. Violence gives way to more violence. Hate will breed more hate. Nevertheless, pretending that terrorist groups like ISIL aren’t Islamic is a joke, a departure from sanity. Expecting the American people to be comforted by the idea that Radical Muslims only make up a small part of Islam is like asking me to take comfort in the idea that only one end of a snake is dangerous.

Significant changes to society take place first in the minds and actions of Radicals. Our American founding fathers were radicals, the Pilgrims were religious radicals, the idea of separating Church and state was radical. Radical Ideas start off in small groups and then become mainstream. These so called “small” numbers of Radical Islamists are influencing the whole. I believe it is just a matter of time before their ideas become mainstream

Jesus  on the cross
Jesus on the cross | Source

So what’s to be done? How can we combat this dangerous and erroneous ideology?Is their an antidote, an Anti-Islam? If there is, one thing is for sure, it will not be administered by politicians or Military action.

My solution is probably over simplified and a bit idealistic. But from where I am standing Christianity seems to be the only Anti-Islam around. It shapes the Human nature in a positive way. It abhors violence of any kind, teaches charity as true love, and it defines the fear of God without enslaving the populace under a religiously run governmental. The contrast between Islam and Christianity is staggering. If we want to end terrorism in America, make Christ known and live by his teachings. Like never before, the love of Christ will be understood and appreciated. Christian principles like turning the other cheek, loving your enemies, praying for those who persecute you, and the simple act of forgiveness separate us from Islam and is, in my humble opinion, what makes Christianity the ideal Islamic solution.

Something to think about.



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    • Abrushing1968 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Rushing 

      3 years ago from USA- Florida


      That is wonderful! I love that you are dealing with this from the pulpit. That is exactly where this needs to be fought. In the hearts and minds of our fellow Christians. Your said:

      " One thing I think is important is that for a Christian to be consistent, they must love their enemies. On the other hand, for a Muslim to be consistent they must hate."

      A hardy Amen to that!

      Merry Christmas Bill, Just so you know, you are in my thoughts and prayers often.


    • Abrushing1968 profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Rushing 

      3 years ago from USA- Florida


      I find that living by the Christian principles mentioned in this Hub is very difficult in and of myself. They expose my pride. Actions like turning the other cheek is death to my flesh and requires God's help. The Grace of God is essential. This behavior will be seen only if we are willing to suffer for our faith.

      I to believe we can defend our nation. I will only fight to defend my Family and my countryman. I believe watching others be harmed and standing by doing nothing is a wrong. Love protects. I will kill or be killed in defense of others. This I believe is right.

      Thanks for stopping by. I am always honored when you take the time to read my stuff. I will pray for you as you to let the hope that lies with in you be seen by all around you.


    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      3 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Hi Aaron,

      I know it's the Christmas season, but my Sunday message yesterday was on the beliefs of Islam. One thing I think is important is that for a Christian to be consistent, they must love their enemies. On the other hand, for a Muslim to be consistent they must hate. The Koran states over and over again the doctrine of jihad, and cruel punishment for those who will not submit to Allah. The truth will make you free.

      For some reason I don't get notifications anymore, but I'm glad I found this one. Thanks, Brother.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      3 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      You are right that we need to love our enemies, make Christ known, and turn the other cheek; that is if turning the other cheek is understood as don't retaliate. I do believe we should defend our nation. If we spent more time redeeming the time, and giving the lost the reason for the hope the lies within us, and that we would be faithful on our knees and in the word, things would change quite a bit. I don't know if it would stop ISIS , but a harvest would surley be plentiful and the world would have more hope in Jesus.


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