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I Support Calls For An Independent Investigation Into The Cause And Origin Of Covid-19

Updated on May 1, 2020
Awolesi Abiodun Adedola profile image

Abiodun holds a first degree in Microbiology and has written articles on world events in times past.

I Support Calls For An Independent Investigation Into The Cause And Origin Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

A well known saying goes thus; "In God we trust, others we investigate." If this investigative code of conduct is anything to go by, inquisition into the cause and origin of the ravaging covid-19 pandemic should not be an exception.

Although Beijing, the Chinese Political Seat of Power has continuously denied any wrong doing especially concerning the accusation of United States President Trump that the extent of covid-19 infections and casualties were under-reported in China, the eventual admission of more covid-19 related figures by Chinese authorities than was initially released has already heightened suspicions across the world.

At beyond 3,130,191 infection cases and above 217,674 casualty figures, and still rising, these alarming covid-19 figures are enough reasons for a fully independent Investigation into not only the origin of the disease but also into all negligence that resulted in its worldwide spread.

After the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison's call for an independent Investigation, I heard the United States Secretary of States, Mike Pompeo mention the figures of covid-19 casualties and said he wondered who wouldn't want to investigate the source of such a pandemic. The United States of America is suffering the most with over a million covid-19 infection cases and more than 60,000 deaths.

Here in Nigeria the figures are over 1500 infection cases with more than 50 deaths but the economic hardship imposed on the common man by the covid-19 lockdown order is becoming unbearable as well. Our Government here cannot even effectively distribute palliatives to all needy people. That is a topic for another day.

Reasons For My Support Of An Independent Investigation Of Covid-19 Origin

Here are some reasons why my convictions tell me that an independent Investigation into the origin and cause of covid-19 is mandatory.

1. Should there be no foul play by China, an independent investigation team would vindicate the Chinese nation and we can all move on peacefully.

2. The various conspiratorial theories mystifying and surrounding the covid-19 pandemic will be laid to rest by the truth behind the pandemic.

3. Any wrong doing will be exposed and all culprits brought to book.

4. An independent Investigation will find out if the World Health Organization, WHO under Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was negligent at some point thus, allowing the world suffer an avoidable pandemic.

5. The true figures of infections and casualties in China could be known and the motive behind hiding these figures could further be unravelled for our collective good.

6. All mistakes made by all relevant stakeholders could be avoided in future once the truth and the whole truth comes to light.

7. The suspicion that coronavirus originated from a Chinese laboratory will either be disproved or proved to be true.

Several Lawsuits Have Already Been Filed By Nations And Associations Against China

Yes, many want their pounds of flesh off the Chinese Communist Party. For instance, lawyers in Nigeria have filed a 200 billion dollars damages lawsuit against China.

We must have heard of the German and some other nations' lawsuits against China; all laying claims to huge sums of money. I even read a news article that Beijing was upset by a US plans to file a lawsuit against China over covid-19 related damages.

All these matters of lawsuits are to be expected as many watch their loved ones helplessly snatched off untimely by the cold hands of death.

Besides, shouldn't those guilty of enabling the covid-19 turn into a worldwide pandemic be made to pay a large chunk of money for damages done to economies?

By their negligence or possible falsification of covid-19 figures in terms of infection cases and casualties, those crops of people have enabled covid-19 spread worldwide.

There is trauma and stress as everyone everywhere have to adapt and conform to new ways of living a socially distant lifestyle.

The reality the people of China have to accept is that someone's got to pay for the mayhem covid-19 has unleashed on the world populace and all accusing fingers point towards China.

There Were Some Obvious Wrong Doings In Handling The Covid-19 Epidemic Before It Turned A Pandemic

Apart from the revelations an independent investigation will bring to light, one fact remains clear, Chinese Authorities' poor handling of covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan of Hubei Province coupled with the World Health Organization's negligence at some point have caused the world a whole lot of wreckages in terms of loss of lives and economic setbacks.

Whoever aided and abaited covid-19 worldwide spread needs to be brought to justice and ultimately made to pay the price, part of which are the huge sums of money demanded by the various lawsuits against the nation of China.

Investigation Into The Origin Of Covid-19 Is Not A Witch-hunt

It is now obvious that there are objective reasons for setting up an independent investigation into the origin of covid-19.

This is not just a case of witch-hunt but a necessity for the survival, security and safety of the human race and therefore all concerned should give their maximum cooperation to the investigation once it is set up.

Mr Scott Morrison Has Called For An Independent Investigation Into The Origin Of Covid-19

China Needs To Allow An Independent Investigation On Covid-19 On Her Soil

China the origin of covid-19 did not record up to 5000 covid-19 related deaths yet the United States, who China drags number one world power with, has recorded beyond 60,000 deaths. Countries in Europe have recorded far more deaths than China and economies are suffering huge setbacks while China is reopening for business.

There are bound to be suspicions hence, the need for China to cooperate with an independent investigative team in order to exonerate herself if she has no hidden skeletons.

President Donald Trump Of The US Has Repeatedly Called Covid-19 The Chinese Virus

Magnified Images Of The Coronavirus


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