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I Took A Lousy Fifteen Minutes Nap!

Updated on April 24, 2017

It doesn't pay to sleep in this social climate. A teensy weensy nap can have grave consequences, it could see you missing pertinent public and social issues. For example, you could wake up and find yourself minus your clothes, wallet and even your Civil Liberties as is the case of New York Times, Politico, CNN, The Guardian, BBC and quite a few other real news medias who were blocked from the Commander and Chief's, Daily briefing. Well, it could be better it could be worse at least the red button has not been compromised and we are pretty much still alive not happy with our choice of Commander and Chief, for the Conservatives, but alive.

A very wise and strategic move on the part of the newly elected President. Was I so inclined to start World domination the first to go would be the Journalists and news media? Doing away with all reputable independent thinking news source and accepting less reputable forms of news distribution source, ones devoid of real reporting, and journalistic abilities. or ones with somewhat questionable ability for truth telling and replacing it with the current rag bag easily controlled news outlet is a most brilliant move. It does, however, on a 10 point Richter scale, 10 being highest rates a 2 It lacks ingenuity, as I believe Her Fuhrer Hitler did it best. We must, however, give Donald some credit it's the most brilliant thing he has done since his foray into Presidency or as I like to call it total madness. One of the first rules of any hostile takeover is to block communication, a person's inability to receive or give vital information leaves the Country at a disadvantage. It is important to acknowledge that two noteworthy news source has elected to step away from the freak show, The Associated Press and the Times kudos, to you for standing up for fair and impartial reporting. The esteemed Gentleman and former Journalist writes "Another day, another attack by the President of the United States against reputable news organizations. Today's venue, a fiery speech at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference). Calling something "fake news", Mr. President, doesn't make it so, no matter how loud the applause is amongst your acolytes. You seem to believe that the American public can't see that you are protesting the truth getting out, while not really denying the specifics of the reporting in any convincing way' - Dan Rather-

I'm reminded by "The People For Bernie Sanders" It was George Orwell that stated so eloquently "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want to be printed: Everything else is Public relations".

Real-Time Politics reminds us that the Trump Administration does a great job flip-flopping between realities in December Spicer was quoted as saying press access is what makes a democracy a democracy.

Ja Wohl, Mein Führer ( Yes indeed, my Leader)

As translated by google

I was again asleep when the Conservative's President made a pesky little request to halt investigations into possible Russian alliance, but in all fairness, one has to sleep sometime. What the President does not understand is this although he may have authority over the Military, the FBI, CIA the system was designed to ensure that no President can and does tamper or halt an investigation of the President or any Government official in high standing. That debacle will no doubt cost him as more than ever the findings will have to be reported not only to the higher echelon of Government but also to the American People, and the appropriate actions will be taken, there is absolutely no way around that.

"White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus contacted the FBI and asked them to deny reports that the Trump campaign was in contact with Russian intelligence agents before the November election, CNN reported Thursday, citing multiple U.S. officials who asked to remain anonymous. Such a request would mark a stark breach of protocol put in place to ensure that FBI investigations remain free of political interference. As Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, told the Guardian: The White House is simply not permitted to pressure the FBI to make public statements about a pending investigation of the president and his advisers." Common Dreams -Nika Knight, Staff writer

Ach Mein Gott (Oh my God)

I know my sleep habits are getting a little out of hand, again as I dozed another trek into Alternative reality was taking place. The President misconstrue entirely the job description of certain officials by asking for provisions/documentation to help ensure that his latest debacle or as I fondly refer to it (Executive order to give the rights to land ownership back to the Native American's) or as you know it, Executive order to ban Immigrants, would hold up in court. Maybe the President isn't aware that is the job of the Legal team presiding over the President's affairs. This more so than ever should show the current President that one cannot just be President in name only it requires a modicum of intelligence beyond his level. "President Donald Trump has assigned the Department of Homeland Security, working with the Justice Department, to help build the legal case for its temporary travel ban on individuals from seven countries, a senior White House official tells CNN. Other Trump administration sources tell CNN that this is an assignment that has caused concern among some administration intelligence officials, who see the White House charge as the politicization of intelligence—the notion of a conclusion in search of evidence to support it after being blocked by the courts. Still others in the intelligence community disagree with the conclusion and are finding their work disparaged by their own department". "GQ Politics" -Jay Willis-

The report submitted by Department of Homeland Security does not justify the current administration's agenda of Human Gentrification or whatever other agenda White supremacy carries with it. According to Jay Willis "Of 82 people, the government determined were inspired by a foreign terrorist group to carry out or try to carry out an attack in the United States, just over half were U.S. citizens born in the United States. The others were from 26 countries, led by Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iraq and Uzbekistan. Of these, only Somalia and Iraq were among the seven nations included in the ban...Of the other five nations, one person each from Iran, Sudan, and Yemen were also involved in those terrorism cases, but none from Syria. It did not say if any were Libyan".

A promise from the current President to maintain Transgender rights has also taken a turn for the worst, now States have the rights to determine if it is a law they would like to maintain. We have gone so far back in our ability to see each other as human beings, with needs and protections that nothing good can come from these actions. The cost of People maintaining their dignity is apparently too expensive a price for the Administration to pay.

“President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the L.G.B.T.Q. community, the White House said in a statement on Jan. 31. Then along came Attorney General Jeff Sessions.During his first week in office, Mr. Sessions halted the Justice Department’s efforts to defend in court the legality of the Obama administration’s guidance to school districts on how to provide a safe and inclusive environment for transgender students. A key part of that guidance advised school officials to allow transgender students to use restrooms based on their gender identity". The Opinion Page

Were he not such a segregationist there may have been more People rooting for him willing to venture beyond their pay grade in an attempt to help him maneuver his way through the halls of the White House. Yes, Donald those thousand of People in your employ, the ones you lambast in your Daily rants that you disrespect and somehow managed to alienate and look down on. A great majority of them perhaps would have worked for you ensuring that things run smoothly, mind you they may even have gone out of their way to ensure your staff was prepared and knowledgeable. That is until you managed to insult a great majority of them forgetting perhaps that they are different cultural makeup, gender and may also belong to the LGBTQ community.

Copyright clause: As it pertains to all written work Copyright Laws and plagiarism Laws applies cannot be copied or used in part or totality without giving credence to the Author as it stands under intellectual property laws.


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    • Juliet Stewart profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Stewart-Austin 

      2 years ago from San Antonio, TX.

      Add Your Comment.junko you are fast becoming my favored like-minded writer, however, I think you misspelled megalomaniac...I grant the media needed an eye-opening experience, as some are scared to report the truth, opting instead to increase sales with their half truths. Unfortunately, the ones blocked are the only ones who have managed to maintain accuracy in reporting. The media, in my opinion, does not need Trump, Trump needs the media to sell his agenda, YOU are correct.

    • junko profile image


      2 years ago

      The President is a media maniac he drove the media in the primaries where all news was about Trump. As president elect he took the news media to places it has never went with a president elect. Now as President we must keep I'll eyes on the prizes not Trump's side show, while capitalist and Conservatives deregulate consumer protections and lower corporate taxes. We the people need tax revenue to help infrastructure and those too poor to pay taxes. President Trump needs the news media that's who made him, but the news media don't need The President media don't need Trump,, there is backstage news and the actions not talk of The POTUS should be reported only.


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