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A Seniors Lament on Social Security and Medicare: I Want What I Paid for and I Don't Care Who Has to Do It!

Updated on March 31, 2020
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Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

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My Rights as a Senior

Yes, the title is right, as I watch my "paid for" benefits dwindle I also see a lack of concerned for me and my fellow Seniors in America.

I want my money and my benefits refreshed as my country promised they would be.

And honestly, I don't care if you have to pay for it, or if OUR kids have to pay for it, I want what I worked my whole life for and as I said, paid for. At one time this money of mine and my fellow seniors was put away by our government and we were promised it would be there for us.

I really don't care if Congress tosses out their standard excuse that the money is gone, because these special accounts were raped by our Congress then.

I don't care if illegal aliens in our country doesn't get money from one of the many insane welfare programs we have in place.

I especially don't care if we have to drop back on the international handouts to those countries of the world who take our checks and then tell us how they hate us.

I just want what is mine.

I worked from the time that I was 16-years old. delivering papers, working in a hamburger joint after work while going through High School. I knew I had to do demeaning jobs if I wanted money to live on and I ended up having a productive and eventually well-paying career.

I served a tour in the Navy during the VietNam War era. It was a voluntary enlistment, not a move to dodge the draft at the time. So, I spent almost five years of my life, not building a career and making big bucks, but serving my country when they needed me.

And while my peers were working their soft jobs and getting promoted to higher positions, I spent that time "sitting on the ramparts" while the rest of you slept well.

I gave up this time in my life for my family and for yours, which meant that I started a business career later than my peers, as I mentioned, and I was always playing catch-up.

I finished my service, I got married and I went to work in a factory. My wife and I both worked to provide for our family and we raised three great kids.

I realized that I needed to get ahead if I wanted to provide more for my family so I went to school at night for 14 years until I eventually got my engineering degree.

At the same time,I worked my way up through the ranks of the company and eventually ended up in middle management.

During my 45-plus years as a contributor to our economy and society, I paid my taxes and I was charged the maximum allowed by law for Social Security and Medicare for the last 20-plus years of my career.

So,You see, I PAID for my BENEFITS that were, at the time, promised to me, for my retirement.

Today they call it an entitlement. But that term leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Because? You see I AM ENTITLED to what I PAID for. I don't want anyone's handout.

Who will Pay for My Rights

The real point here is that, now, the politicians who are in control of our country want to strip me of what their predecessors laid out as the law of the land.

I was not given a choice!

IThere was no other option offered to me. The government took my money and at the same time they promised me, in great detail that I would have a certain level of retirement pay and medical care for my money (SS and Medicare taxes).

Whatever YOU want to call it,it was an Insurance Policy for a generation of Americans.

Now? Our rich, pampered, young representatives are scared that their children will have to pay extra taxes in order to care for us, the Seniors of our country, as we age and die over the next couple of decades.

Well my fellow Americans,here is how it works;

I and my peers paid for our parents rightful and hard earned healthcare and retirement income, just as you are required to do now for us and your children will be required to do for you.

And, really, for a wealthy politician,who will leave inheritances to his kids that probably will exceed what I earned over my lifetime, to complain about their having to pay for my Healthcare, to complain about the fairness of it all, is just ludicrous.

So, here is my opinion on your whining over the costs sitting in front of you as you do the annual budget.

Kids! Adults under 50! As well as you others that will be working for another twenty years or more; BUCK UP! Get off of your Butt and get Involved!

Do your duty as an American. Pay your Taxes, and figure out a way to handle the cost. I Did!

Being fair about Taxes to Care for the Elderly

Is it Fair for my children and grandchildren to pay more taxes in order for me to have the Income and Medical care that I was promised?

Well, I am sorry, or the younger generation but get real people, this is how taxes and the politicians who set up our tax system changed the way things will be.

The monies that we paid was stolen by our Congress and now it must be replaced, somehow.

Things are done by politicians to satisfy the majority voting blocks, at the time, and, if you haven't done the math, we,the Baby Boomers, and other Seniors, are and will be a significant voting block for at least another decade. And we will get what we paid for.

What you need to do, my friends, is get off of your butts and become active participants in the voting system now, if you want to have any kind of secure future for yourselves.

And,YOU need to train your Kids to understand the political process in this country and to be active in it as soon as they can vote, to take care of themselves and take care of you when you get older.

Get off of your Butt and Vote

Honestly, you can just sit back and let the existing (backroom) controllers of the political parties take away our insurance and incomes.

You can allow them to strip our medical coverage to where we have to pay more and more ourselves.

You can deny us the adequate income to purchase foods for a balanced diet.

You can strip our Medicare coverage to the point that we cannot afford our portion of critical drugs and doctors charges in order to stay healthy.

You can strip our meager incomes to the point that we cannot afford to heat or cool them and become a burden on the local rescue and emergency services when we become ill.

You can tax our residences to the point that we end up living in a car or on the streets as your omnipotent banks eject us from our meager homes.

You can do all of these thing thinking that you will reduce your own personal tax bill in the future.

Pay me NOW or Pay Me LATER

But,I hope you understand one basic reality that is staring you in the face.

The more that you take away from us, the Seniors, then the sooner we become BROKE.

You see, the majority of us live on Social Security, and any meager cost-of-living increases that Congress might give out.

And, by the way, you should be intelligent enough to understand a fact about inflation. It occurs and hits the Poor and Seniors immediately, even when the price of Milk goes up.

The COL increase, though, will be voted on and implemented at least a year later. That means a whole year when the needy have to pay more before there is any form of financial relief.

Some of us might have small pensions or savings as supplemental income and we use these as our financial buffer for these cost increases.

But these small savings are typically fixed and do not grow. So eventually, a Senior looks and they have eaten up their savings and no longer have the luxury of paying for their once comfortable lifestyle.

I mean, really, the Day-to-day cost of living in this country of ours is going up every year, and it never goes down.

So, a Senior, almost every Senior, has less real income as time goes by.

My point here is, go ahead, take more of our PAID FOR INSURANCE PAYMENTS away form us.

Go ahead and make yourselves feel good about stripping a whole generation of what they paid for.

All you will be doing is pushing us to the point that we will depend more and more as a voting group on such things as; eating in FOOD LINES, wearing SECOND HAND CLOTHES,and sitting in EMERGENCY ROOMS for free healthcare.


What am I telling you?

Well,I'm telling you that it is cheaper to manage and even improve on the system we now have and actually take care of us, the seniors, than it will be to allow things to go to HELL and then be forced to allow more inefficient support systems to be put in place to care for us, because you thought that you were reducing your own taxes.

Or, I don't know, maybe you can hide from reality and your responsibilities as a human being with a heart, and just implement a system to use us as a source of a new and improved SOLYENT GREEN (watch the old 1973 SciFi movie if I have confused you here)!

So, Again, to push my point:


And, I have my RIGHTS as a TAX PAYING AMERICAN for over 45 years, to GET WHAT I PAID FOR, and NOT what you, think I might deserve.

Don't Like it? Get off of your Butt and Vote for what is right for America and Americans, and not what our politicians want to give away to our Nation's Enemies and others who continuously bite the hand that feeds them.

When did it become wrong to take care of our own Seniors and our own Children FIRST!

Social Security by Morningstar

The 10 SS Benefits

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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