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I am NOT the 99%

Updated on September 1, 2012

Read the Prophecies of Dumitru Duduman

Are you part of the 99% ?

I certainly do not associate myself with the crowd that mingled around parks as part of "Occupy Wall Street".

However, I am against the "one percent" (it is definitely a smaller cadre than this). I have researched this group long and hard. Their greatest control is in misguiding the masses to believe they are after money.

But, what is money for someone who can do whatever he wants? These people are Satanists. They start wars on satanic dates, and offer the killed as sacrifice to Satan. Satanic ritual abuse is HUGE. But, it is so covered up, no one knows about it. George Bush started Operation Iraqi Freedom on March 24th. Barack Obama started the bombing of Libya on March 19th as well. This date is the birthday of Minerva (aka Athena), the goddess of war.

Bush, Obama, and Cheney are cousins. They worship a demon called Molech at Bohemian Grove along with other members of the "one percent".

I am not a Satanist (who the 1% are), but I am not part of the 99%, either. These 99 percenters believe they are fighting the machine when they are actually doing exactly what it wants. The global elite have a need for a crisis. These are the vehicles for "change you can believe in" that Hillary Clinton referred to when she said, "Never waste a good crisis." This is the reason most crises are manufactured by them. After 9/11, the "Patriot Act" passed- in less than day, a document 8 inches thick appeared out of nowhere. Most who voted for it regret doing so (at least in the House. Satanists claim to control every seat of the Senate).

The Arab Spring was forewarned (prophesied) years before it came by a Christian. The growth of communism has also been forewarned. It is going to create a struggle within the U.S. Then, while America deals with herself, Russia will attack. This is a prophecy by Romanian prophet Dumitru Duduman, who correctly warned us several other major, international events: the collapse of the USSR, the revival of Russia, a civil war in Romania, and even the exact day (3 years in advance) he would be exiled from Romania to America.

Duduman received a warning from an angel. The angel told him that America would be destroyed when the spirit of communism rose up in America. The movement would have a different name, the angel said. But, the same spirit. Then, a civil war would erupt. While America's focus turns inward, suddenly, the Russians will attack.

Who are the 99% ?

I visited the San Francisco Occupy camp. I recognized the people squatting there. I owned bohemian coffee shops in Philadelphia for many years. I met the band members, pot smokers, squatters, and others. I recognized their kindred spirits at the Occupy San Francisco camp.

These are not terrible people. Many of them are the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet. Some look that way, but are not. Their communities have the same drama as others. Girlfriends are stolen. Someone is short on his share of the rent. Someone stole another's guitar riff, and played it on stage at the annual park gala. They have the same interpersonal drama as other communities: love, money, and career.

What really separates this particular crowd is their philosophy of life. These people calling themselves the 99 percent are not really a fair sampling of America. Instead, they are people who live their convictions. Many Americans have religious and philosophical convictions. That is not really what separates the Occupy people. What makes them different is their willingness to live their lives based on what they verbally espouse. To them, philosophy of life, and how one eats, lives, and communes should be one and the same.

But, they don't really represent Americans. They represent their ideas.

What is the source of those ideas? Often, I saw this culture move against business. They did this because their culture is told business is bad. But, business is not bad. Corrupt business is bad. Hard work and management skills have blessed those who chose them as part of their lifestyle.

They also tend to be pro-Unions. Unfortunately, unions now are also corrupt. They have been overrun at the top echelons. This is a basic tactic of Satanists. Most of their cover operations involve civic groups requiring leadership as a prerequisite. For example, to be a Freemason, one must be the owner or manager of a business, or some other influential position in the local community or government.

When this group defends Union power brokers and attacks individual businesses, they don't understand that they are doing the work the Satanists want them to do.

The next big event in the takeover and transformation of the United States will be a civil war started by a group of rebels with the traits and spirit of communism.

Look in history. That spirit always produces deaths in the tens of millions.

The 99% may not be the jack boots of despotism. But, they are in lock-step with the plans of the New World Order.


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    • profile image

      Barny 5 years ago

      You are clearly on crack.

    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 5 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)


      Though reticent to accept that 9/11 was rigged, I eventually had to accept it because of these two facts, which are on film:

      1. The twin towers fell faster than gravity. That is impossible without some other propellant, e.g. explosive charges set by demolition experts.

      2. Building 7, which had been barely disturbed by a few small pieces of debris from the other buildings, suddenly collapsed floor by floor just like the previous buildings. Building 7 was clearly a demolition.

      And, one of the news crews actually began to broadcast that planes had struck the WTC BEFORE anything had hit it.

    • poetvix profile image

      poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      This was a really interesting read. I find the most interesting point, for me, is how such a huge document emerged overnight. Obviously, it would have been physically impossible to write it so fast. It would have had to have been started long before. A most telling fact in my mind. It makes me wonder, was it just hanging out waiting for an excuse to be presented, or was an excuse for presentation manufactured?