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I am forever in gratitude Sassa.

Updated on September 5, 2015

Thank You Sassa and the South African Government


Thank You R.S.A Government.

‎Sister Chilly.

Jesus. Thank you to my sister for her endless support.
Dr Ngweru Psychiatrist Ngam
Regards to Prof Teane from Tembisa Hospital whom have stabilised me since 2012

Thank you to time.Prayer.Silence.And Being polite and respecting women.
Thank you to Sassa a rehabilitation arm of the government helping R.S..A citizens with disabilities
Against all Odds who count their blessings, and never give up in the face of Poverty.

Thank YouTo doctor Molefe Sassa.
He gave me 6 rules to my happiness and stability.

1. Do not stress myself unnecessarily in the work place and cohabating ‎ environment.
2. Never ever ever touch cannabis‎ again or you will never qualify for a Sassa grand,
meaning you will be stranded without your surplus income which eases the pressure
which materialises your primary dreams, which are what we really need.

3. Try get a learnership.
4. Find common ground with those you love and closest to you.
5. Plan Pray and execute, perceive if things do not go as planned.
6. Love yourself.

Sisi Chilly
My sister played a huge role in my Stability and sanity.
On the 1st of september I am getting zyban it is R590 that is what I will purchase first it helps you quit smoking in 30 days.

It worked for me quit for a month in 2007.
Then I own Joburg rates and taxes 15000 rand monthly it increases by R300 so I will pay R500 a month.
then save R500 in my Absa savings account.
To fix my bike will cost R1500 then I can get to interviews easily.....

I will contact my agencies
Progression in edenvale for learnerships
They placed on a learnership at Britehouse SAP at the Campus Bryston 2013
September to January 2014 it was ment to last a year.
Then talent ahead in Bedford view they have administration jobs they tried to place
me at Altech Netstar in February yet I did not make the second interview.

Should all fail call force direct in Sunninghill should be able to place me in the cellular
industry in Call centre as I worked for Autopage Vodacom Neotel and American on

Thank you mama Chilli you have filled my life heart and spirit with much needed JOY.

Regards Nkosi

Gods Poet Nkosi


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