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The Emperor's New Clothes

Updated on May 26, 2019
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As I was reading a bedtime story to my grand-kids, it came clear to me as to why Trump supporters follow blindly.

For those who don't know what an Emperor is, he or she is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank that rules his or her empire.

In the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, the Emperor is so enamored with all his clothes, that he so some swindlers come to him and offer to make him the best outfit that will make him invisible and since he didn't much care to do any work or watch over the people of his country, he thought it would be a great idea.

He could wear the suit to spy on his top people to see if they were doing their job and if they weren't he would get rid of them. It was a really simple idea, but the swindlers knew how egotistical he was and they took advantage of it.

They set up the looms and began to "fake" make an invisible outfit. The Emperor sent one of his men to check on progress and he didn't see any, but didn't want to be fired and told the Emperor what he wanted to hear. The second time had the same response.

Finally the Emperor went down to see for himself, and he believed that it was an invisible suit and he thought if he questioned it, he would be seen as a fool and he knew his people would believe him because "he" said it was an amazing outfit.

He strips to his underwear and and puts on the invisible outfit and goes out to parade it in front of the town's folk. Everyone says "it's the most beautiful I've ever seen" and other compliments, but it was a child that saw him and shouted that "he doesn't have any clothes on". It was this comment that resonated among the crowd and people quickly began to see him in the same light.

The swindlers got away with gold and fine fabrics and the Emperor's people finally saw him for what he really was.

And right in the middle of the story, you quickly see how much of a resemblance there is between the Emperor and Donald Trump.

  • Both men are enamored with themselves. The Emperor with his clothes and Donald Trump with the being the best at everything.
  • Both have people working for them that will say and do anything so they don't lose their jobs
  • Both have members of the community that blindly follow them even though Trump and the Emperor continually show that they aren't doing anything for them, but for themselves.
  • Both are terrible with money. Giving it away to swindlers, like Trump gave $62 million to Brazilian con men that should have gone to the American farmers.

All it took was a child to point out the fact that the Emperor was playing them for fools. America has yet to have the words from the mouth of babes to open the eyes of the world to see that Donald J. Trump wants to be Emperor at the cost of the American people.

Trump's New Clothes
Trump's New Clothes
Trump and his love of gold
Trump and his love of gold

The moral of the story

The moral of the story, is that because he was so enamored by his own needs, he was found weak and lacking and easily swindled.

The fear in America is that Trump cares more for himself, his power and how he is perceived, that other countries could easily sway him in doing what is wrong for America and putting the country and its people in danger.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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