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I suppose That President Obama Will Give A Supporting Shout-Out To Bruce Jenner For Getting Rid of His Testicles....

Updated on May 9, 2015

I suppose That President Obama Will Give A Supporting Shout-Out To Bruce Jenner For Getting Rid of His Testicles.

By the time the often hyped and taped Bruce Jenner interview with Dianne Sawyer airs tonight, those who are going to watch that demonic spectacle would have heard, by then, his female name change to go along with his newly manufactured gender. In case you have been living in a cocoon, though, even if you were, the news probably would have found a way for you to hear, that Bruce Jenner, a man who have lived his life as a man for close to seventy years and have fathered six children have decided to become a woman. The political correct term for Bruce Jenner getting rid of his testicles is deem gender re-assignment but the Lord told the Apostle Paul that such events like 'gender re-assignment' is one of the manifestations of the ungodly world being overtaken with the demonic attributes of a reprobate mind, as recorded in Roman 1:28.

Satan, who influences the world, especially through Hollywood, prepares the world for such novel behaviors until said behaviors become the norm in our society. It is why that even though I have not seen the show 'Orange is The New Black, it is a show where one of the leads just happens to be a transgender; so besides the artistic merits of that show, which I have never watched, the secular agenda is forever being pushed to say that the transgender lifestyle is normal. With that backdrop, it is why the Bruce Jenner interview with Dianne Sawyer will have the usual secular advocates out and about and dominating the news circle tonight and beyond, and, sadly, there are Christians, including President Obama, who too are going to wax poetic, saying how brave Bruce Jenner is. No doubt, the half a dozen or so children Bruce fathered when he was a man and the rest of his family are going to put up a united front and say the 'right' thing, especially since we are living in a world where such perverted spectacles are handsomely rewarded financially.

The worst curse that befall anyone is to believe a lie and there are many, including President Obama who are going to tell you that there is nothing morally wrong in Mr. Jenner changing his gender. Some will go as far as to tell you passionately that the Bible, which is the Christian's guide as to morality, wholeheartedly support a man who have lived his life as a man to get rid of testicles physically and psychologically. Of course, I, among those who will call the Bruce Jenner spectacle what it is - a man influenced by demons - will be called a 'hater.' I tell you a mystery, it is those who support these abnormal behaviors are the haters because all the prophets, apostles, preachers preached out against these proscribed behaviors of love so that no one will enter a physical burning Hell for trespasses against the Living God.

One of the sick aspects of the world we are living in and is apropos to the Bruce Jenner sex change situation, is the fact that in the months to come, someone will be making the News as Bruce Jenner's lover and that person will tell the world, with a straight face, that they were made for each other. These are the happenings those of us who read our Bible know that are going to take place. As a matter of fact, we are going to get more perverted because we have already gone beyond the pale that is deemed demonic behavior, whereby we legally murder children (Abortion) as part of everyday lives. All that is happening - same-sex marriage, trans-gender lifestyles, the killing of Christians, are all part of the demonic gravy topping that make up the reprobate mind that the Christ inspired the Apostle Paul to write. In addition, when Christians bring these concerns to the fore, do not be surprised when they are called names because that too was predicted by the Christ in the respective Biblical books of Isaiah 5:20 and Malachi 20:17, where the world calls evil 'good,' and 'good' evil.

Once again, the Bible says that friendship with the world is enmity with Christ Jesus and so you must ask the question, why is it that certain behaviors that the world lauds, but are frown upon in the Bible? Remember the barometer that if there is a happening, a behavior or such and the world likes it, it is morally wrong, period! Jesus said plainly that we are going to be hated because they first hated Him and so if you speak out against what the Word says is morally ok, expect the Satanic blow-back. Everyone will be saying the political correct thing before and after the Bruce Jenner interview tonight and do not be surprised if President Obama gives him a supporting shout-out. This is the way of the world now on how they look at all things, through the secular prism's eyes, which are governed by consensus, including, apparently, what to believe concerning Christ Jesus' morality; but know that the Lord changes not... notwithstanding the reprobate behaviors we are engaged in... including the pending Bruce Jenner sex-change interview....


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    • Frederick Green profile image

      Palis Pisuttisarun 2 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Cool hub! I agree he is a very brave and amazing man/woman for being himself/herself.