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I want answers.....

Updated on July 26, 2012

Questions questions......

I sit here today on this beautiful, although unexpected, hot July day in 2012 and I wonder to myself. I wonder why I can't remember seeing an ant recently. Recently to me now means years. Years and years it has been that I have seen an ant, I spend a minute trying to prove myself wrong walking around the garden looking in all the spots I used to find them when I was a kid. Nothing. When I look up I see an emptiness too, no butterflies, no bees or insects. Just the occasional bird that flies past reminds me that its not what I am seeing outside on this beautiful day its what I'm not seeing.

Various anomalies around the world have had me intrigued for decades now and that last decade seems to have shown the most change ever thought possible. We watch thousands of creatures perishing in unexplained circumstances all over the world, we see lies and deceit in the political infrastructure, ever changing weather patterns and some of us wonder how can the world be the way it is today. And why did my tomatoes taste like shit when I grew them in my garden last time?

I find the word 'conspiracy' vulgar and is now an affectionate word used for 'nuts' and 'crazy' people but when I hear it I cannot ignore the overwhelming necessity to educate the imbecile who used it that the definition of conspiracy is completely different to how it is used today. To call anyone a nut for thinking that something may be a little dishonest is to ignore what is actually being said. Think of the alternative; that nothing anywhere is ever coerced, everything is above board and we live in a day and age of honesty and truth. We all know this is not the case so if you're the kind of person to use that word incorrectly and not think about the depth of what you're saying....well.....I trust the bomb lands on you first, in fact it probably will.

I am not interested in name calling or threats, I can handle all of those - especially from some faceless bully who wouldn't dream of saying that to my face if they met me - poorly educated idiots I salute the only way I know how. I am not interested in what ignorant, misguided, brainwashed, literal thinkers have to say....the world is not that easy and don't insult my intelligence by saying anything to the contrary. I am more interested in finding the truths for myself and checking out the lies where ever they are told, I am more interested in being a person able of critical thinking, able of analysis, reading between the lines. I do this so I do not become blinded and brainwashed by anyone which makes me more able to look after myself and those that I love. I do this because I would rather be prepared and not need it than need it and not be prepared. My eyes are wide open, my mind is open to well proven evidence and I have the ability to speak up if I hear something that either doesn't seem right or I know isn't right based on sound education (i.e. not just limited to the rubbish we learn in school).

I look up and see the only butterfly I have seen all day, plenty of planes though. There goes another, another with a white belly that seems to go back and forth, back and forth emitting some white cloud trail that hangs in the sky for hours. A crisscross of smoke lines throughout our sky that slowly grow wider and wider until separate forks of cloudy looking stuff emanate from it. Oh yes I forgot, they're contrails aren't they. Nothing unusual about them. Just keep looking at the floor and don't ever look up, heaven forbid we should ever open our eyes and look around.

Move along people, move along..... theres nothing to see here.
Move along people, move along..... theres nothing to see here.


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