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Greed Creed: I want what i want when i want it and i want it now.

Updated on January 7, 2016

Self Indulgence

This is the excessive or unrestrained gratification of one's own appetite, desires, or whims. (Webster's dictionary)

This state of being can either be ''self initiated'' or ''learned'' (taught) behavior.

The "learned" or taught self indulgences are the most common among the affluent (wealthiest) community whose wants supersede their needs.
However, in a "psychological" sense, this "learned" (taught) behavioral self indulgence is more common among religious beliefs. In the sense that those who proclaim that hatred and other negative emotions, and behaviors, are "justified" against anyone whose belief system differs from the particular cult (religion) they were born into. They are in the same category at the self indulgence of the affluent community.

The most dangerous of the self indulgent are those who are cast out of a society as misfits who view themselves as hated and discriminated against by authorities they cannot be part of, for any number of reasons. (minorities or being born into poverty, or the 'middle' class as seen through the eyes of the affluent).
These are the most prevailing, common, widespread and universal (global) groups of the self indulgent in society today. These are the disenfranchised, or those deprived of a legal or moral "right"' that should be an ''inherent right'' simply by virtue of birth into the human race; as the old adage says "we are all equal at birth". But we all also know that that statement is far from being true in the minds of many people.
When the wealthy and the religious zealots create a state of destitution and denial of a possible path leading to a reasonable avenue to the ability to attain a "legal" means of self support, there is no recourse but to rebel against society itself.

This denial, or deprivation, of the most basic human rights to provide for self and family, caused by greed of a few, is the root cause of all social unrest in this world today.

Root causes

The root causes of greed and self indulgences are diverse and yet obviously visible in local and global society today.

The affluent think it is their personal right to hoard, and governments without a regulated democratic base, are both equally guilty of fueling this unfortunate out of control growth of the self indulgent. The affluent who think they deserve to be more privileged than others, and government officials in order to appease the wealthy who are erroneously lauded as the "job creators". {That old tired argument being that we must appease the affluent who will provide for the rest of the unfortunate bottom world born outside their sphere of influence. (trickle down theory). Which has never been proven to have any truth to it at all.}

No restraints, or appropriate regulations, on this offensive behavior does nothing but fuel the growth of greed and self indulgence. The only recourse for the oppressed is rebellion against society as a whole.
When we see the intoxicating effects of self indulgence and greed on a handful of power hungry self indulgent people who have lost their sense of humanity and decency, we see ourselves in a state of confusion and chaos as a society on a global scale.
Individuals have no power against corrupt government, or corrupt religion, or the greedy and self indulgent affluent community. So again, there is no recourse but to rebel against the establishment that will never willingly take any responsibility for the social unrest or even admit that they play any part in causing it; and that only leads to more violence and rebellion against the establishment. Unfortunately the only way things can ever change at the top is through violent behaviors from the bottom up.

Greedy or excessive indulgences

The ugliness of over indulgence with food is visible. The ugliness of greed is hidden from view
The ugliness of over indulgence with food is visible. The ugliness of greed is hidden from view | Source

Cycle of Greed

The Greed Creed: I want what i want when i want it and i want it all now. The gross cycle of
self indulgence and greed in the world produces a grossly negative impact on society as a whole.

Society suffers when this cycle of greed and self serving grows disproportionately out of control as we see it in our global society today, which leaves the only recourse for society the necessity to turn on itself.

Violence, murder, theft, and the lessening value of human life grows out of proportion and no one puts the blame where it belongs.

Speaking the truth would be too great an affront to the affluent community, to government officials, and to religion(s) who would undoubtedly respond in wreaking even greater hardships onto the rest of society. {exactly what the dictator leader of Syria is doing to its people today}

The affluent community, government officials, and religious leaders have all caused this state of global dysfunction by their self isolationism from the needs of the many for the sake of a few self indulgent "leaders" who unjustly wield all the power in this world..

When society rebels, they (the people who have caused the problem) defend their denial of having any responsibility for causing this state of global dysfunction, and they try to shift the blame onto society itself for rebelling against them for their unjust tyranny.

The implosion

Quote: this implosion of cultures, makes realistic for the first time, the age old vision of a world culture - Kenneth Kineston.

We are now a society in which human life has no intrinsic value and the only rewards to be gained by individuals are in death.

And we wonder why the insanity of such an insane movement such as ISIS has taken such an insane, insidious, invasive, hold in our global society today.
Killing in the name of religion is truly an exercise in insanity.
Religious zealots know not what they do for they are blinded by their superstitious ignorance.
Justifying this violent behavior by citing God as its authority is the most egregious crime against society, and humanity, that mankind deliberately inflicts upon it self. It is irrational at best.

Even the most feeble minded know that the bible, and other so called "holy'' books are fiction - a fairytale borne out of ignorance and superstition.

The Era of Discontent

What is missing in life and contributing to global unrest, greed and self serving:

1. A sense of belonging and purpose.
Religions should provide the need fulfillment, but taken to extremes it leads to mass insanity and violence toward those who do not "convert" to a cult's beliefs.
With the current and historical social discord and disconnect, religious attachments are the only means of escaping the harshness of reality. But there is a great price to pay for that devotion to any religious cult. That price being the abandonment of humanitarianism for self survival. Excessive emotional dependence on any fanatical group can only lead to an unfettered obsession to the beliefs of superstition and mysticism that transcends all logic and any reality.

2. Ending of Wars
Government officials who start unjust wars should be made to fight in them. Those who fight unjust wars in the name of religion must be stamped out of existence without hesitation.
When the haters become the hated, things change quickly.

3. Putting things in proper perspective.
Religion must be compartmentalized and redefined as a 'benign' entity in society. While man has an inherent right to practice religion, it must not be allowed to influence society itself.
To destroy other humans based on the fantasy of religion is illogical and irrational; and must be deemed unacceptable behavior in any intelligent and civilized world.

The lessons not yet learn by mankind

1. No matter how much material treasures we take for ourselves at the expense of others, we all die as a pauper. Because we can never take our riches with us when we depart this earth. And the spoils of greed are left behind for others to fight over. Like vultures devouring a rotting corpse.

2. It is not the monetary rewards from greed and the abandonment of humanitarianism that makes our individual journey through life important. It is the sharing of self that ultimately matters and gives humans the greatest rewards in life... The life of a "mother Theresa" will be remembered long after the life on any individual self indulgent billionaire who never gave anything back to society.

3. The "giving of'' one's self instead of "taking for'' one's self is what truly matters in this life's journey. It is that fact alone for which we are remembered and honored. When is the last time we heard a eulogy at someone's funeral that said:..."he was a great human being to be remembered for his avid greed, total self absorption, self indulgence, and doing nothing to help others..."?

by d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 23 months ago from Somewhere in the south


      Thanks for reading and taking time to leave a comment. Much of this behavior is definitely learned at home. Not only be seeing it in family members but it is present in everything we watch on T.V. these days. Politicians pass laws that harm the general public for bribes by lobbyists that represent large corporations that openly practice greed on a billion dollar scale every single day/year. It also is visibly apparent in corporate America when they take billions home from their net profits. It is not the making of profit that is appalling it is when they take advantage of their employees through low pay, little or no benefits, stagnant wages and more, then pay government officials big money to vote in their favor when they write their own laws to protect themselves against the public's demand for safer products and a safer work environment, and for them to pay their fair share of taxes. Take Takata airbags for instance. They knew that they had made an unsafe product and hid it from the public. Now that the truth is out and many people have died as a result, they are still refusing to take responsibility to fix the problem. This proves two points: 1. that they just don't give a hoot about people in general. 2. they don't want to give up one single $1.00 out of their billions of dollars of net profits.

      The nation is sending the wrong messages to the children who learn quickly that they too can get away with things without much consequence.

      This link is from consumer reports - everything people need to know about the takata air bag recall.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 23 months ago from Sunny Florida

      You can see this greed and self indulgence coming out in many of the kids today as well as the parents. I have to believe that a lot of it is taught or learned at home.