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I wish I had some of the worlds answers.

Updated on December 5, 2014

Save the world, maybe we first must save ourselves.

Not sure what to do.

It is ok to protest, but THINK, in places there are children and the elderly. Do we risk the fact to take the government to hurt those that we possibly stand up for and not the children and the elderly down? Do we ranshack our places where we live? We must evolve more and become thinkers for solutions?

Everyone says...
over take the police and attack them and take them down? We have violence so we create violence to create more chaos?

I am not sure what to do. The only thing I can do is to maybe write better. I don't like to see our people suffering so much in this world and there is not a solution people can think of without hurting more people who are suffering and tired of what goes on in our communities?

But what do we do? I think because we have the capability to be thinking creatures and for a simpleton like myself, though I can not think of big, huge, words to impress the political government and the politicians that rule everything, I am part of the "people" for I was not born into the richest of society nor do I live with a silver spoon in my mouth.

I am part of the working class blue collared working society where we live pay check to pay check and struggle to get by just like everyone else.

I am well aware what goes on in this world and there is poisons in our food, air, and water and people get sick.

The elderly sometimes are abused and left in shelters where they rot. There are many children that are without family and have to fend for themselves where they grow up mean and hard and lose their self worth.

Women have to struggle with weight issues because they are normal women and the media overcompensates with the thinnest of the thin, where in grocery stores the modern woman is at least a size 12 and how can a woman possibly look at the magazines in stores where the recipes in most of those books are loaded with toxic chemicals you put in foods like Sodium, in which you can actually throw all salt shakers out the window and not have to bake with any type of "salted" baking soda or salt anymore.

There are things that are still pushed upon my fellow human beings, where they can't afford rent and everything goes up where paychecks do not.

Gas prices soar where the simple answer is really to convert all trash into fuel to make better cleaner cars while we clean up mother earth.

We are destroying our lands and killing off animals in which animals are slowly becoming extinct.

Some police in this world (not all) think they have the power to shoot family's pets and even kittens have been shoot by police officers where power goes to their heads, while the good police officers in this world that help out in this world have to take ridicule and the bad rap where they stand for good behind a badge.

We are slowly killing ourselves and our environments in this world and it won't be God or the heavens above, but it will be us who will kill and end the world.

We do we start to heal and care more for us and the world, instead of sending ourselves towards the path of self destruction to end every living thing on this planet?

My dear friends from many country, I keep writing to express my concerns for the world and for all of you.

Even my people in America we suffer so much and I see the suffering in your countries and it is time to take a stand and for us to all stand together.

As I stand and write before you as naive as I may see as an American, I am not sure what to do for all of us.

People are dying, suffering, starving, homeless and unloved in this world and I wish that I was granted a magic wand to help end all this pain.

I am just a normal person and don't have answers, but wish I could feed all those that are hungry, clothe those that are naked and make sure there is shelter for those that have no homes.

Animals would not be abandoned and children would have people who would love them and they would be children and live the life they are suppose to live under protection of us adults.
The elderly would live the rest of their lives out with dignity.

I have so many thoughts in my head but have no idea how to solve anything in this world.
I am just a "simpleton" and have no answers at all and as of now, I am just writing and expressing my thoughts but yet what good does that do?

Everyone posts on facebook and any social media account and probably have good intentions, but it seems like nothing can be done.

I am not sure of solutions but just pray that the answers will come before we end the existence of everything that is living.

I know there are good people in this world and I just have to keep believing in this.

There has to be some hope, some silver lining in this world where there are more good people somewhere in this world.

I just feel like we have to keep reaching out to each other, somehow some way and even thinking with my naive thoughts, I just have to believe just like in the Star Wars films that the force will always overcome the dark side and good will prevail in this universe.

I don't know if praying helps but I just try. I hope someday I will be one of those ones that actually comes up with at least a few solutions that actually happen and I just sit and write about it on a social media site.


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