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Identifying And Avoiding A Rapist

Updated on February 17, 2011

Recently an informal student of mine closely escaped being raped in broad daylight at a desolated spot in Manchester. The seventeen year old girl had travelled on the train and had noticed a young man in his early twenties constantly staring at her. When she disembarked she did not notice being followed. She realized that fact when it was already too late as he pinned her to a wall and forced a kiss and aggressively attempted to manipulate her clothes. Fortunately a group of college students came in that direction which made him flee the scene.

She was fortunate but there are others who are not as fortunate. They go through an agonizing experience which leave a very negative imprint on their minds for the rest of their lives which keeps haunting them and destroy their other relations.

There is a school of thought which believes that every man is a potential rapist. Well! Let us not accuse every man of being anti social and immoral. But the fact is rapists roam around in every size, age, shape and color. He may be sitting in the same row in the class room or the movie theater without your realizing and may be scheming to violate you later in the evening. He may be in the queue waiting patiently to be attended. Or he may be the guy who quietly cleans the corridor when you walk through with your friends talking happily.

Types Of Rapists

The worst part is that a rapist can be a known person or a complete stranger. The first type can be very dangerous as they are the most unexpected of them all. They come when only they could have been the saviors but instead they choose to be the culprits. They can be a friend, a neighbor or in the worst cases a brother or a father.

The strangers are though very difficult to recognize but they can be anywhere and can spring out at any time without your being warned.

Identifying A Rapist

To identify a rapist the most important thing is to identify the motive. Rape is the ultimate violent method to prove ones point against an innocent unsuspecting and vulnerable female. In most of the case, the rapist is a person who has had a lot of social problems and is full of anger and hatred. He is usually a victim of abuse by others in his childhood and finds it to be an easy way to take out his frustration.

Though it is very difficult to say but in most cases culprits of date rapes and incest rapes have no solid profile to follow. Usually a few indictors such as heavy drinking (may be occasionally) or sudden out bursts of anger are common indicators.

Psychologists say that people who indulge in self pity often and linger on to their anger may attempt to rape a known person.

It is not necessary that a stranger with a big scar on his cheek is going to attempt a rape. As I mentioned earlier it can be anyone in appearance but the attitude plays a key role.

Habitual rapists keep changing their modus oprandi, recently some abduction cases have been reported in which a harmless looking middle aged man kidnapped his victims by asking for help around groceries stores and the unsuspecting lady ended up brutally raped and in a few cases, even murdered.

Avoiding A Rape

The best method avoid rape is to avoid the rapist. According to the police and criminal psychologists, sex offenders are usually introverts who operate in isolation and usually avoid crowded places for making any attempts.

  • The best you can do is never venture alone in an unfamiliar area, especially after dark.
  • If you have to go through an isolated patch alone, try to avoid it or wait for a while for some people going in that direction.
  • Carry a mace can or a stun gun in your hand; this might be a life saver for you.
  • If you are alone at home and find someone lurking around your house. “DON”T” act brave, just call the police.
  • Never answer the doorbell if you are alone and not sure who is at the door.
  • If you find your telephone disconnected the best burglar alarm is your car’s alarm. Lock yourself in and activate your cars security. This will get somebody’s attention in the neighborhood and chances are that the prowler will quickly make an exit to avoid any confrontation or get spotted if he remains around.
  • In case of a date rape or incest rape, where the rapist is already in close proximity, best is to kick hard in the groin, this will get you sufficient time to make your way out of your house or to get out of the car to a nearest public place.
  • If you find yourself trapped at an isolated spot with a rapist scream as loud as you can before he grabs you. This usually triggers panic and also attracts attention of people in the surroundings.

 Rapes have a very long lasting psychological impact on a woman of any age. This can actually destroy her confidence and trust in males and views every man as a potential rapist. The responsibility of making the surroundings safe for women lies with the society, but it is also necessary to prevent such a happening from occurring by making yourself safe!


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    • profile image


      22 months ago

      Don't travel alone. Always have a weapon ready. Friendly women are more likely to be assaulted. Don't give directions or get close to strangers cars.

      Carry an umbrella with you rain or shine, it's reported that rapists avoid

      women who carry them as they see it as a potential weapon. Check that restrooms are safe and clear. Leave immediately if you see a tranvestite.

      Many sadistic rapists cross dress.

      Get a dog if you live alone. Never answer that unexpected knock at your door or car window. Walk with a fierce

      step. If you have long hair or ponytail

      hide it when walking, rapists target women with hair they can grab and subdue with. Get mace or a stun gun.

      If rapist says he has a weapon say you do too. Get drunk at home with people you can trust. Above all scream, yell,

      FIGHT for your life.

    • TattooKitty profile image


      7 years ago from Hawaii

      Great advice...very informative hub! I also recommend car keys as a weapon. Walking around alone can be hard to avoid, so it's always good to have a weapon handy. If you can't afford or can't get access to mace/stun gun, keys make a great weapon. Put them in the palm of your hand, make a fist, and place one key through each of your finger slits (to create sharp spikes). This will do much more damage than just a fist!

    • Owais Siddiqui profile imageAUTHOR

      Owais Siddiqui 

      7 years ago

      @Omgzzzzz A philanthropist read your comment and wants to help you. Det. Doug Brooks in Springville, UT would like to hear from you and help you. Please contact him, his e mail is

    • Owais Siddiqui profile imageAUTHOR

      Owais Siddiqui 

      8 years ago

      @Omgzzzzz I suggest that you block the individual on Fb and don't reply to his messages. Tell some adult from your family about this.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Ok I'm talking to some guy online and he wanted to add me on facebook. He seemed really nice so I told him to give me his facebook profile name first and he did. All I saw was a profile of some old creepy looking guy, and 2 mysterious profiles with nothing except a few friends (all young children or teenagers, which I thought was strange) he might be a rapist or something. I don't know where to contact for help so I'm just gunna leave the name here and hope that somebody can help get this guy off the streets. His name is Brian Kerfoot (or so I was told)and I met him on on December 7-8 at approximately 11:00 pm until about 12:10 am. I did give away some information about myself to this person (my age, first name only, country I live in, and i city i live close to).I don't know how much information is needed but I have said everything I know so someone please help me.

    • Owais Siddiqui profile imageAUTHOR

      Owais Siddiqui 

      8 years ago

      Duplicatevic you are correct! There is no economic, geographic, religion or social boundary that can demarcate these men. You will find them everywhere. Just hope they don't find you.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I live in an area where there has been sexual predators since I was 18 years old. The same houses are always occupied by sexually aggressive men and often their wives agree. It is financially upper middle class so no one 'assumes' these people are so sexually angry towards others. 2 of these households are lawyers who tell their friends they will represent them if they are caught, and so the verbalization goes unabated. Availability of money has nothing at all to do with the psyche of rapists. I know some of these households have gotten away with other crimes too, and very successfully- take care of yourselves as individuals. Don't believe the Sheriff or Police can or will help. They might get called to a false report while you are being raped. Defend YOURSELVES

    • Owais Siddiqui profile imageAUTHOR

      Owais Siddiqui 

      9 years ago

      Megan I am sorry to hear that. Many of us do not realize that rape is not an act of sex but a crime against an individual. it is just a pervert's way of showing that he is in control.

      Please don't keep it to yourself. tell your parents, friends and the police about what happened. you can also tell the entire world about it right here. I know there will be many people here to help you overcome your anger and help you live a better and happier life.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      im pissed off and i wasent very

      fortunate you twat


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