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Updated on February 25, 2011

Ideology can be defined as a way of thinking, or more specifically, a societies way of thinking and or believing about certain other cultures or societies or even certain groups within one’s own society.

Stratification is basically a concept wherein you get to see how inequality is structured and regulated.  Stratification can be viewed as having a structured hierarchy where you have leaders on top and followers below. When it comes a social class system, especially for our current society, stratification can be widely related. In our very own society we have or upper class system, upper middle class, middle class, and so on. This in itself is an ideology we have all come to accept, and for many, they have aspired to reach certain levels of class.

Whenever anyone finds themselves working in any environment, I think anyone can relate to the hierarchy that is ever present.  I worked in retail for about two years at an Old Navy store. There we had the general manager and four assistant managers. It was quite evident that although they were in the store, they were in their own world. In fact, we had “regular” employees aspiring to please them and get into that “world” so much they would lie and cheat and manipulate in order to get ahead.  So all in all, you may have economic social status but work place social status also exists.


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