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If I Were President a View Point From A Common American

Updated on January 29, 2019

If I Were President

Time For Real Change

Do you remember in elementary school when you were handed a sheet with these words on top (If I Were President...) with a graphic of either a kid with an Uncle Sam hat or of George Washington and Abe Lincoln? Well today I want to take another shot at this question from a view point of a forty three year old man that is a husband, father of three and a grandfather of one beautiful boy..

So I see that today in 2019 the two parties Dems and Reps are so adamant to oppose one another that nothing that is set into motion can be agreed upon; anything one party does the other opposes. It is almost maddening to watch, like in the movie War Games when the machine constantly tried to beat itself at tic tac toe and eventually comes the conclusion that the only option to win is to not play the game at all. But still these two political parties war on and on. All you hear about in the media when one parties president is in office is attacks on their credibility, ability, and morality. The two parties are in a constant war to stalemate the other party which stalls the wheels of government and creates stagnation and the American people suffer under their bureaucratic hate for each other. Our State Representatives say that they are there to represent the common man and woman but these are the same people who stagnate in office and play the game of democrat or republican politics.

So Here We Go: If I were President my first decree would be to...

The Peoples Representative

There has to be a better way that is good for the real man and woman on the street. A third option that will be a non biased non partisan representative of the people that has no alliance with the two ruling parties in our government and that has no ties to any special interest groups or corporate entities.

I would create an office where a commoner pulled from the populous would serve as the sort of viceroy and emissary of the people based on their own experience as an American Citizen in the real world outside of the political game.

A sort of civil draft where an pool of candidates are vetted and then given a basic educational assessment, a physical assessment and psychological evaluation in order to be sure the person can perform the duties as the peoples representative. Then as all politicians know they will receive a platform from which they will speak for the common people based on popular opinion which should hold sway over what the two parties say no matter what.This person will serve a term of four years and then another citizen will be chosen. (No this is not the President elect but what the president elect should be).

This process will give the people real say in the choices made in the House and in Congress. This is not the same thing as being voted president. Candidates for president have to have millions of dollars and money from special interest groups in order to run. Last time I checked the common man and woman didn't have those sort of connections and resources. But in this civil draft the person will be one of the population from the working class. This isn't picking a third party option, this is the real way Americans can change the stagnation in our government by having a real voice with none of the two parties able to hold sway over the peoples Representative.

Upon completion of their duties they will be able to return to their jobs and lives as they left them with no consequences like loss of employment or home. They will receive a monthly check for their service of $3,500 a month for the rest of their lives.

Spending and Priorities

Public Spending

I would challenge the budgets set forth by our government. There would oversight on the use our tax dollars. I'd demand total transparency when it comes to where our tax dollars are going. No more raises for the top government officials. I'd set a moratorium on those who "represent their states and special interests) and put caps on public service salaries. Then I'd take away their earning power and raises and would implement a system where they would be be given raises based on a performance based scale just as it is done in the private sector.

Public Works

I would cut military spending in half and use that money to stabilize our infrastructure that has been neglected for almost half a century. I'd spend more on bettering the public educational system nation wide. I'd implement repair and improvement for highway infrastructure nation wide by giving the states a fund to better improve the highway systems and bridges. I'd filly fund law enforcement and other public services such as the fire departments, parks and recreation, and other public services.

Our Military

The remaining military budget I'd use to fund our military personnel after they serve by bolstering the V.A. and improving health care for soldiers, I'd create a fund for the people who served in our military to where they could use the money they get upon leaving the military to go to school and start a life in society so they might have a better chance at succeeding when they transition back into mainstream society.

I'd only fund R & D for the military last. There is massive inappropriated spending in the military. Our military industrial complex spending habits are insane. We spend more on our military than all the other world governments put together. We have more military weapons than any other nation in the world put together. Yes it is an intimidation factor to our enemies but we don't need to use our budgets to scare them. We have the world's best equipped military and no other nation can challenge that fact. (These spending changes for the military would be temporary.)

Public Health Care

I would implement medicare nation wide for all natural born citizens and legal immigrants that gained citizenship through the proper means.This would insure that no matter your station in life you'd still be treated by the medical industry and not thrown to the side based on your ability to pay.

I'd offer states funds to help them better their public health care programs and then I'd find a way to where private insurance agencies could still operate but under strict regulated that if they refuse procedures and life saving treatments for their clients they could be held legally liable for the mistreatment of their clients and face fines and even jail time for their refusal to pay for life saving drugs and treatments.


Then I would cut taxes on businesses that operated in the United States to bring back factory jobs and I'd offer intensives to those who decided to stay in the U.S to do their business. I'd make the E.P.A. show their research when it comes to protecting the environment and challenge anything that remotely seems unreasonable when putting laws and regulations on companies that do their business in the U.S. but find they cannot operate here because of unreasonable environmental blocks set forth by the E.P.A..

Companies that operated and showed they are environmentally conscious would receive funds from the government to help their practices in being environmentally aware.

The Workforce

Companies that pay fare wages and offer their employees monetary intensives such and bonuses would be given special kick backs by the government for being employee friendly companies. By giving more pay and less hours these companies will be able to staff their facilities with better rested and more productive workers. By treating the workforce as a resource that should be cared for we will see a bolstering of the workforce and in so the economy will improve as the public's spending power and earning potential rises.


I'd implement a program nation wide to help rehabilitate those that find themselves on the streets and down on their luck. Building government funded shelters with kitchens and stock these facilities with nurses, therapists, social workers and public volunteers.

For those who have deep psychological problems I'd have facilities created where these people could receive the proper care they need to function in our society. I'd have them evaluated and based on severity of their issues they'd either stay at the facility and live there or transition into homes staffed with workers that help them function in life.

I know these programs exist in the private sector but this would be a nationally funded nationwide war on homelessness.

Legalization of Marijuana Nation Wide and Stop the War on Drugs

Our prisons are full of drug offenders who receive little help to stave away drugs once they are released back into society, so they end up in a rotating door type life to where they keep a cycle going and end up going back to jail and prison over and over because of their addiction. Our prisons are for housing criminals who commit rape, sexual child abuse, major theft, murder and other serious violent crimes. Drug offenders should not be housed with these people less you want to create more violence on the streets of our country. Take away the power of the unregulated street dealers where crime and murder are a constant threat to those who are addicted to these substances. I'd fund live in rehabilitation centers for those ready to kick their drug habits and offer them rehabilitation back into the public world.

Welfare and EBT

Each family or person receiving monetary and food benefits from the government would be required within six months to show that they are actively working or seeking employment. After that six months if they have not shown that they are trying to improve their situation or have stabilized their income each individual case would then be evaluated and then a decision would be made on a case by case basis on how to proceed with that case. If they are found to be leaching off the welfare system their case would be frozen and they would placed on a temporary hold of their benefits until they show'd they are actively trying to help themselves. If they have the mentality that they should be taken care of by the government they can see the homeless section above on how to proceed from there.


For those seeking to come to our country I would require that they go through all the legal processes of doing so and if they are found to be in our country illegally they would be immediately deported from our country to their country of origin.

I would fully fund the boarder patrol at the boarder between the U;S. and Mexico giving them the proper funds to improve their abilities to do their job and stop the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. through the boarder. By giving them the funds to buy better equipment and hire more people the boarder will be much better protected and fully staffed.

Energy and Natural Resources

I would give incentives to companies working on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geo thermal, and tidal energy creation. I'd have solar farms placed all throughout the southwest desert areas in the United States and have those energy sources linked to far off cities and towns across the U.S. landscape.

On the west coast I'd have desalination facilities placed in California and Oregon to refine clean drinking water from the ocean for use in agriculture and for public use. Thus eliminating the drought problem they face on the west coast.

The People's Power

If the two ruling parties disagreed on these issues as set above it would be brought to the people's representative and then a vote from the public would garner a decision on what projects, laws, and other spending would be implemented. This process takes away the power of the two parties to stop progress and that now stand in the way. This is the ultimate checks and balances program. No more stalling because two parties cannot or will not agree policies. The people will have a say and the government will have to step aside and put these decisions made by the people into action with no arguments.

This is my idea for giving back the power to the people and taking it away from the few who have been bought and sold by private interests. Now I know this is an impossible idea that will never take hold and that most people out there are going to think I'm off my nut for even proposing the ideas represented here. It is just an article entertaining the idea that if I had the power to make change this is how I'd try to do it. But alas I'm not and no power will ever be given to a guy like me. So my opinion is of little merit. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

So let me know what you think of these ideas. Am I crazy? Do you think it would work? Let me know in the comments and take the poll at the end of the article

What Do You Think?

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