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If I Were Voting It'd Be for Trump

Updated on July 7, 2020
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Politics used to be a great interest of mine, now I prefer analyzing the roots rather than the symptoms.

Every politician is evil, they have to be, and their good intentions don't matter.
Every politician is evil, they have to be, and their good intentions don't matter. | Source

The social and political situation in America has been deteriorating for as long as I care to remember. Unity seems to be a foreign concept to me, and liberty is being escorted out of the room by radical leftist ideals. 9/11 was the last time I felt like America united under one banner, the last time I felt like we were the land of the free and home of the brave.

The left got their way with Obama who did nothing to change the political paradigm, and now that we have Trump following a stricter path to the same ends they are frothing at the mouth and thirsty for the blood of their fellow Americans.

Disgusting Leftist Hatred

Civil wars based on race have been discussed and carried out since as far back as the inception of America, but we have squashed them violently and with great pride every time. America squashes race issues with greater and greater fervor as time goes on, almost to the point where race issues are non-existent other than to a small minority of individuals. All I see in America is the left trying to keep these issues alive for their own profit and power.

When George Floyd was ruthlessly killed beneath the weight of an evil police officer, the United States became united for a split second again and I was excited that we could stand for justice in the face of Trump's undoings. Then Black Lives Matter quickly hijacked the anti-police brutality message that could have benefited all races, and replaced that message with a racist one. Make no mistake by downplaying their racist tenets, BLM is nothing more than a racist power-player and their movement only bred more problems in America that true anti-racists will have to squash out like the vermin it is.

You see, I cannot and will not stand behind the back of any man, woman, entity, nor organization that does not value every color, of every life, of every creed and nationality. The left in America, however, is willing to stand with racial identity extremists as many of them call for the death and destruction of not only me and my race, but America as a whole. Most of them are not doing this out of fundamentalism either, but spite and to cause terror among the American populous just because they don't like Trump.

When I look at my acquaintances that align left, the majority of my acquaintances, I have watched them devolve to the level of mindless monkeys who follow whichever monkey can shriek the loudest and bang their chest the hardest. This isn't to say Trump isn't a monkey of his own creation, only to say that he doesn't want my entire race dead and so I really have no choice but to support him. Whereas Biden, the, "grip'er 'n' sniff'er," candidate would readily side with racial identity extremists, and he does, if it meant securing a win over Trump.

They made a cute couple, if I say so myself.
They made a cute couple, if I say so myself. | Source

Unwanted Touching and Supporting Racial Extremism

I'm not sure how much I actually have to get into the topic of Joe's obvious obsession with inappropriately touching women and children, but I am going to touch on it as a reason I would have no choice but to vote for Trump. You see, Trump says a lot of nonsense that shouldn't be said about women but at the very least—embarrassing I even have to say this, but they're our only two choices—he doesn't get caught on camera fondling little girls and groping women. I can't believe I have a choice between two alleged sexual felons to begin with, and I bet the rest of the world is as shocked and stunned as I am.

However, it must be stated that I side with Trump on the grounds that there has been no substantial evidence of wrongfully molesting women and children, whereas I can readily find evidence of Joe "Grip'er 'n' Sniff'er" Biden uncontrollably assaulting them with unwanted advances. The leftists would like to turn a blind eye to it, simply to replace Trump, but if I did so as well I wouldn't just be supporting a known pedophile, I'd be blatantly supporting racial extremism targeting my own race.

During these BLM riots I had the privilege of standing on the front lines with my brothers and sisters, a diverse group of individuals to say the least, as BLM called for the death and destruction of white lives and culture for their own profit. The media doesn't show these vocal and violent bits of the movement, however, because people like me are out there stopping the hate crimes they seek to commit. The left, as a majority, stands in solidarity with the people who tried to end the lives of people only trying to protect businesses and culture that the BLM movement wants gone.

Uncle Joe readily supports BLM, the known racial identity extremist group better named a racist terrorist organization.

How can I, in any way, support a candidate who supports the propagation and strengthening of racist ideals? How can anyone vote for either of these assholes?

Alas, in a broken system worthy of being destroyed and replaced, you have no choice but to side with the evil that insults you the least; for me, the side that doesn't call for my death and destruction based on my skin color is the one I have to go with.

Who will you be voting for?

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I mean, he is a total asshole. There's no denying it.
I mean, he is a total asshole. There's no denying it. | Source

Trump It Is

From my perspective I have the choice between a guy who can barely form a coherent sentence 90% of the time, and another who can do so at least 50% of the time; neither of them should be running for office and they both need to have every one of their dismissed and settled court cases revisited by a public legal forum. We don't live in a dream world where we get the choice of viable candidates though, so I'm going to side with the candidate who does not side with those that want me to die for my white skin, to breed my race out of existence, or to rip apart American culture strictly for political gain.

If I am being honest with myself, I wouldn't even vote for Trump on the grounds that he is better than Biden. They are both equally pieces of human garbage deserving of the highest levels of disdain. I would vote for Trump for the sole reason that leftists are some of the most extreme and hateful people I have ever had the displeasure of being compared to.

During these crazy times where things like critical theory are being used to challenge fundamental sciences on illegitimate grounds, I have to side with those that are not calling for my death and the death of my country as a whole. Trump encompasses the idea that I can vote for him and rest easy knowing he won't actively hand more power to racist extremists like the BLM movement. As well, Trump gives off the appearance of holding certain traditional values I hold dear, such as restrictive borders that make it harder for foreign agents to enter the country, whereas his opposition begs for open borders while supporting bills that go against their own ideals.

Trump, at the very least, is honest in his intentions to keep certain people down while raising others up.

The left, Biden and his delusional leftist extremists, they seem to want to burn things down just to inhale the billowing smoke they caused. They seem to want to revel in trickle-down cruelty so long as they are the ones at the helm rather than Trump, and I'd sooner start the civil war myself than side with such disgusting terror tactics.


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