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How to create a better nation... a better social system.

Updated on June 12, 2013

If I had the Power...


Ever wonder what you would do if you could do anything? What about if you were the President of the United States? The first thing I would do is sit down and make my 'To Do' list...

1 Figure out how to re-build the middle class.

2 Figure out how to give fairness, honesty and integrity back to a nation that lost them.

3 Figure out how to have what is needed by 'We the People', always.

4 Figure out how to have the Government forgiven by 'We the People' for the years of neglect.

Too much Money

I had always thought there was no such thing as too much money. That concept was akin to too good looking or having too much fun. I now realize the difference in those concepts. Too good looking doesn't exist because there is no limit on looks. There are however limits on planetary resources. If 1% of the population owns 99% of the resources then 99% own nothing at all.

That is too much money. Which means we have a serious problem, because the people that have 'too much money' aren't going to give it back. They will force us to take it from them. Violence has been the answer to this age old problem since the inception of wealth.

To Do Today.

The first thing I would do is create an unchangeable law that insures the majority vote of 'We the People' can veto ANY law or tax imposed by our Government.

Then I would create a tax system that ensures no individual can become so wealthy and powerful that they risk destroying our social system through hidden financial dictatorship.

My idea of a good income tax system is one where the first $100,000 per year is not taxed. That's all yours.

If you make more than $100,000 you pay 25% of those monies in taxes. If you make a million you pay 50% in taxes.

10 million and beyond, you pay 90% in taxes supporting the infra-structure that allows you to make that kind of money.

Taxing ALL Capital gains at 90% (at least temporarily) would shift the focus of our 1%'ers from making money by having money, to making money by making a better mousetrap(product). Which, right now, is what our country/world needs.

If I am born poor and create a business that starts making 100 million a year I'll be paying the same thing as anyone else who makes 100 million a year.

Knowing that becoming successful 'in the system' means I will have a greater responsibility 'to the system' is fair.

People will always try to get ahead, and some will be successful. However since there are not unlimited resources in the world, success must have limits. Otherwise the successful will have everything and everyone else will have nothing.

We are at the point where the successful of our society have amassed such a percentage of the total resources available that the remainder of humanity cannot live. They simply don't have enough resources left to them to live and feed their children.

Historically when societies get to this point they have a revolution, the successful people are killed and the resources are taken by those who were previously unsuccessful.

I'm looking for a societal system that ends that vicious cycle.

My suggested tax system would make becoming exceedingly rich harder and harder, thereby at least slowing the cycle. Possibly ending it. It would be easy to get and be comfortable, hard to become a 1%er and always more difficult the higher your percentage of total resources was.

Thus returning the power to the people of the middle class and re-asserting needed control over the hidden financial dictators that are currently controlling our government.

The third thing I would do is institute a law that requires ALL elected officials to "donate" all their pay in excess of minimum wage to the National Deficit until the National Debt was paid in full.

The Flag of the United States.
The Flag of the United States.

Criminal Invaders Beware!

Then I'd start rounding up the imported criminal workforce of the Financial Dictators, and send them home.

I'd make them pay all the back taxes (income, property, welfare, medicaid etc.) that they owe (the same taxes all legal citizens and legal resident aliens have to pay).

I would use the I.R.S.'s seizure authority to reclaim all the goods they have stolen from the honest law abiding citizens of the United States and I would auction these properties off to these same honest law abiding United States citizens.

I'd change the policy of slap on the hand discipline for illegals caught in the United States.

I'd stop the farce of anchor babies... Having a baby on foreign soil in no way makes the parent a citizen or legal resident alien of that foreign nation. Therefore the right to remain in the United States is only a right for the child, the Illegal Alien parent must return to their own country. Parental rights would dictate that they have the right to take their child with them. The child's right to come and go as a dual national should be allowed, but the parent once discovered to have entered the United States illegally should be barred from ever again setting foot on our soil.

*** Actually the birthright of citizenship has nothing to do with the location of your birth, but everything to do with whom you are born to. A person born of a United States citizen would inherit that citizenship even if they were born on the Moon while on vacation. This birthright cannot be stolen, just like freedom, it must be earned. In becoming a naturalized citizen or permanent resident alien, in a legal manner, you earn the birth-right for your children. So the Foreign National sneaking across the border to give their baby a birth-right that is not theirs to give really is a moot point, and anchor babies are just a farce created by twisting the meaning of this birth-right.***

Lead, Follow... or Get Out of the Way.
Lead, Follow... or Get Out of the Way.

I'd build the Great Wall of Freedom, because it would protect freedom, and stop those that didn't earn it and only sought to steal it.

I'd build that wall on both of our borders and I'd have the names and faces of all the people, that gave some, every Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, Cop, and Intelligence Officer engraved on it.

I would have a special separate place for those that gave all. Perhaps even a mausoleum so that even in death those brave souls could continue their flawless protection of our home, and be with us eternally.

I would have the people that guard that wall know what they were protecting, and who.

It is a sign of being crazy to continue to do the same thing that has never worked and expect a different result.

So I'd try something else.

I would change the insurance laws which require everyone to buy insurance to cover the other guy. I would make insurance an option and only an option. Anyone wanting to protect their own property can buy as much insurance as they see fit.

I would abolish all laws that force We the People to purchase something we may not want, be that Health coverage or car insurance. It is our money and no Government has the right to decide for us how we spend it.

I would legalize drugs, because the attempts to fight it have failed.

I would abolish any and every law that took more than a high school education to understand.

I would abolish every Tax law that caused us to pay taxes more than once on any sum received. (retirement savings tax, gift taxes, property tax...)

I would abolish "special" taxes that cause some things to be excessively taxed like the tax on smoking. (to combat smoking I would classify the addictive drug Nicotine as a narcotic and treat it like the Cocaine in Coca-Cola was treated and force the cigarette companies to remove it).

I would abolish laws that give preference to one person over another based on sex. Including the divorce laws that give preference to women over men (sexism is sexism even if it is sexism against men)

I would abolish the laws that give preference to one race over another and the affirmative action laws that give preference to people because they are part of a minority. (because racism is racism even if it is racism against whites)

I would legalize prostitution.

The morality of this issue isn't a legal issue, being President means I am in charge of legality, not morality. The moral decision lies with the people. What any adult citizen decides about sex, is the choice of that grown up adult citizen. Having sex for money does not endanger the United States. It is not a terrorist act nor is it an act that compromises the safety and security of the public. Keeping it illegal means keeping people (that for what ever reason are involved in it) from access to the protection of the law, which is in the realm of responsibility of the President.

I would restructure Law Enforcement.

I would end the policies that we have today, that promote crime punishment. I would start a policy of 'Crime Prevention'.

I would reinstate the policies of equal enforcement under the law (no privileged exceptions), if a law cannot be enforced equally across the board, it should not be a law.

I would not promote Law Enforcement Officers for arrests and convictions. I would have a structure that rewards Officers for not having crimes committed on their watch.

...If Doctors fought infections and diseases the way Law Enforcement fights crime...

Doctors would stand around waiting for sick people to die so they could dissect the dead body and locate the one germ, among the millions infecting the body, that landed the killing stroke and make it pay for killing the dead person... clearly, not good enough.

I'd make it so that there were a minimum of three Judges presiding on any court case, five in capital cases. The majority decision of the Judges would be the judgement. I would make sure that Judges rarely serve with the same Judges to help keep the justice system objective and fair.

I'd create a federal bureau of motor vehicles

I would issue national driver's licenses, eliminating the state departments and state licensing. I'd streamline driving laws nation wide. Creating a smoother and less costly bureau that would help with national security by having federal resources for identification during licensing and a federal database that would prevent people from moving to another state to get re-licensed once a license was revoked.

I would develop a set of simple standard forms for the day to day legal processes. Simplifying the legal process so not only geniuses and people with the money to hire geniuses would be afforded the use of the legal system, which is their right as a citizen to have and use.

I would institute a division of legal support for citizens for non-criminal litigation.

I would grant as many 'freedoms' to as many citizens as I could, preventing the powerful from trampling the rights of the weak. Including the right to marry whomever one wishes, gay or not.

I would re-establish the checks and balances that our nation was founded on, removing government from business and business from Government.

I would institute a department of communication, whose job it would be to man the computers 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, so that 'We the People' could contact our Government and have our needs addressed, today.

I would institute a mandatory national firearms proficiency training course

Requiring citizens meet a minimum proficiency rating, through testing and federal licensing before allowing citizens to purchase or own lethal weapons, which is their right to own and bear.

*** The types of firearms any citizen would be allowed to own would be based on their expertise, proficiency and level of training during licensing. A novice would not be allowed to purchase/own a fully automatic 50 cal machine gun, but someone that passes the tests for licensing for that type weapon would. (security checks prior to licensing would also apply) ***

I would re-institute the 'Bill of RIGHTS' and remove the 'Bill of Temporary Privileges'. Especially the right to bear arms...

***Only honest citizens are affected by gun bans and the laws concerning gun control. Criminals don't care about the law and making gun ownership illegal will not stop criminals from having them. Gun bans will only disarm honest law abiding citizens. The only people that benefit from a disarmed population are tyrants whose ultimate goal is a powerless, enslaved population.

We the People are not that population. We are a population of citizens that will fight tyrants in every arena and venue that we must... "ALL enemies foreign and domestic". So look out tyrants, because we aren't chumps that will stand idly by while you enslave us, or run away terrified to someone else's country where they have made life better.***

I would then thank the countless people that made these changes possible, because without the vast number of people that help me, not one change would be possible.


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