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If The Lord Did Not Spare Sodom – Why Is He Going To Spare President Obama For His Transgender Edict?

Updated on May 14, 2016

If The Lord Did Not Spare Sodom – Why Is He Going To Spare President Obama For His Transgender Edict?

This week, many Christians, like myself, who have young daughters, were ordered by President Obama’s edict, to permit transgendered boys to use the same school bathrooms as our daughters. Apparently, all a boy has to say is that he thinks that he is a girl, notwithstanding the fact that he has a penis between his legs, to share the schools’ bathrooms with our young girls. Most of the Christians, who frequent Social Media, who speak/write on everything, including the trivial, had nothing to say. Incidentally, I know that there are many shades of Christianity, but which Bible is our President reading when he posits these ungodly policies… and loves to remind us that he is, indeed, a Christian?

At this point in President Obama’s lame duck’s tenure, he is emboldened because Christians voted twice for this man to pervert the Word of God. I wonder if a transgendered man were to use the same bathroom of our First Lady, Michele Obama, or with the President’s two daughters – would he still have the courage of his conviction on this issue? Then again, these people, like President Obama, have sold out to the Devil, whereby, they will and have sacrificed their souls and have no qualms in doing the same to their loved ones, including their children. There are clues to what a person can and will do by his or her beliefs… and one only has to look at President Obama’s policies and speeches to know that his edict of forcing little girls to share bathrooms with boys was forthcoming.

No President has done more damage to the Body-of-Christ than President Obama and the irony is that many Christians helped him do it. This is a supposed Christian President who wants to punish states by cutting of Federal aid for refusing to carry out his transgendered edict. Explain to me you Black Christians, who voted for this man twice, how is the threat of cutting off aid is not deemed persecution of the church? In the same vein, some of us are so backward in our learning of the Lord’s Word that we have accepted the Satanic equivalent that a man placing his penis in another man’s anus where the filth comes out is the same as being Black. Likewise, the folks at the Target department stores are equating the transgender fight to being Black – we have come the full perverted circle.

President Obama has said that the murderous Planned Parenthood is doing God’s work – this is an organization, like President Obama, who believes that it is ok to murder children in their ninth month of gestation… with the convenient, Satanic caveat that it is the mother’s choice. After all, Planned Parenthood simply provides the killing fields and the butcher knives, while lawyers like President Obama find that murdering right supposedly in our Constitution. So why are we surprised that President Obama has no moral issue with transgendered boys sharing the bathrooms with girl-this man’s conscience is seared for he calls wanton wickedness good and verse versa. President Obama is written down in the Annals of Heaven as the President who supported same-sex marriage and spiked the proverbial football in the Lord’s face by allowing the White-House to be painted the color of the rainbow when the Supreme Court voted for gay nuptials - ironically, a rainbow is what the Lord made to signify that He will not destroy a sinful world again by water.

The transgendered edict will not change the way most Black Christian feels about President Obama. As long as President Obama is Black, he can do anything that is perverted to Christ Jesus, and as I write, many Christians are concocting excuses for why the President keep repeating his utter disdain for the Word of God. One sister in Christ actually told my beloved mother that when they painted the White-House the gay colors to celebrate and mock God, that President Obama was out of town… implying that it was done without his consent. Another excuse you are going to hear is that we should pray for him because the Lord put up and He takes down – of course to most of these Christians, the Lord is partial because they felt no need to pray for President Bush, the younger, when he was in the White-House.

The Christians who voted for President Obama pervert the Scriptures by saying that all the wickedness that President Obama has done was meant by the Lord, negating the fact that they voted for this man twice and would do so again, if the Constitution permitted it. This is how you know what blatant liars these Christians are because they are lining up to vote for Secretary of State Clinton who believes in the same ungodly policies President Obama does – at least Secretary of State Clinton does not go around boasting that she is a Christian. I ask this question of my fellow Christians was the Apostle Paul lying when the Lord gave him this Scripture: “… Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God….” 1st Corinthians 6.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 21 months ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      VP, praise to you for daring to tell it like it is!

      I don't ever like to claim to be a judge of who is or isn't a Christian because only God can judge and is the judge of one's heart. I mean believers are still sinners, no one, even after being saved, behaves totally as a Christian should in every respect (lest they'd be sinless) so where can "we" draw the line? Only God knows your mind and heart, your hurt and suffering, only he knows where to draw that line on each individual.


      we can measure a person's actions, beliefs and behavior against the Word of God and point out, for their benefit and the benefit of others whether they are in line with or out of line with scripture.

      All that being said this video is one Christian's analysis of Obama which I would like to see Obama himself rebut, for his benefit and the benefit of others.