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If The Rhetoric Becomes Less Violent, Glenn Beck May Be Unemployed!

Updated on July 19, 2021

The More Provocative And Violent Beck's Rhetoric, The More Attention He Receives!

If the rhetoric in the United States, fueled and led mainly by the media, becomes more tolerant and less violent, people like Glenn Beck run the risk of joining the ranks of the unemployed. Beck thrives on controversy, violent rhetoric and becoming an integral part of the controversy. The more inflammatory the rhetoric, the better it is for Beck. Higher ratings, making the news, ever present in the public eye, increased book sales and an increasing income are the end result of inflaming the passions of people in the United States. Profit, profit, profit! It is a sick reason to target certain groups of people who may hold different social or political beliefs than you. But, nevertheless, it is the reason that violent rhetoric has become a mainstay of our current environment and chances are, there is no end in sight.

Glenn Beck has a vested interest in the current violent rhetoric and maintaining it. A vested monetary interest. On the very day in January of 2011 that Mr. Beck asked for everyone to tone down the violent talk, he posed on his website holding a gun. Truly a peaceful message! Glenn Beck has been the same throughout his career. Saying one thing while advocating another.

The first time I remember hearing Beck call for violence was during the Terry Schaivo debate. A liberal (four letter word to Beckies) columnist, Daniel Ruth, argued that Schaivo had the right to die. Beck disagreed and said he wanted to murder Daniel Ruth. Beck then published Ruth's email address, office address and phone number. The columnist received countless death threats from Beck's disciples. It makes perfect sense that someone who claims to be pro-life wants to murder someone. No inconsistency at all... He and his fans simply felt that saving a life was so important that even if they had to murder someone...

Glenn Beck And His Defense of Shoot Them In The Head!

Beck's Early Years; Same As Now!

According to the book by Alexander Zaitchik, Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck And The Triumph of Ignorance, Beck's early career was full of hatred and contempt for people he didn't like, evidenced by just one of the several stories in the book. There are several, but to me, this one most vividly portrays the ignorance and insensitivity of Glenn Beck. All of this to fill air time and inflict pain...

The author writes:

Bruce Kelly
A rival, this time during Beck's stint at Phoenix station Y-95, saw the ugly side of the radio host's personality in "one of the cruelest events in the history of morning radio," writes Zaitchik. A couple of days after Kelly's wife had a miscarriage, Beck called her live on air to ask if it was true. When she said yes, he joked how Kelly "can't do anything right — he can't even have a baby." Kelly and Beck had once been friends, but after this stunt their friendship "soured beyond repair."

There is no excuse for this type of behavior, on-air or off. It is the lowest of low and contemptible. The list of enemies that Beck has now is different from the list he had then, but he did have an enemies list in the early days. Beck has apparently always found it necessary to try to destroy anyone who crosses him, disagrees with him politically or just irritates him. He doesn't confine his debate to policy, his goal is character assassination. His defenders are in the millions. They don't care that his behavior goes beyond anything that would be considered civil discourse. They don't care that he lies to achieve his goals. They deny that his vile rhetoric promotes violence. Whatever Glennie says, it is okay by them. In fact, Beck has found that the more outrageous he is, the higher his ratings are. His fans will pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to see him and hear him speak. Anyone that Glennie hates, must be hated by them also.

How profitable has Beck's "entertaining" become? It has been reported that he makes up to $30 million dollars a year from his 'work' at Fox. Beck knows that he is contemptible and markets lies. In March of 2009, he told the New York Times, "I say on the air all the time- If you take what I say as gospel, you're an idiot." There are millions of people out there that apparently missed that one, because anything Beck says is swallowed whole by these (in Beck's words) idiots.

Scare Someone And You Can Be Successful!

Glenn Beck knows that fear is a great motivator. If you can convince people that there is something or someone to fear, they panic and become willing to fight. He also knows that people fear what they do not understand. Couple this with God and country and Beck knows he has a winning formula! He realizes that truth is relative and that the more you repeat a lie, the more people will believe the lie to be true. Just keep saying it, over and over and over.

What do people in this country fear? Communism, socialism, Hitler, their government being taken over, the loss of life or liberty, being thrown into poverty, going to Hell. There are so many things that people are afraid of and Glenn can profit from all of these things and does.

He makes up great, vast conspiracies, puts on his 'teacher' glasses, uses his 'schoolroom' chalkboard and scares millions of Americans. The enemies that he singles out are liberals, radicals, terrorists, evil men and women that have different sounding names, don't believe in God, hate our country and want to brainwash and kill our children. They are all evil monsters that must be destroyed before they destroy America and the American way of life. Yes, Glenn, deliver us from evil!

Of course Glenn Beck wants violent rhetoric to continue. Without it, what will he have to talk about? How will he fill his hour long TV show? Cupcake recipes or how to mix a cocktail? Nope. Those things will not bring in the money. They will not let him pretend to be the savior of humanity, the one who does God's work! Glenn Beck will ride the money train as long as he can and if violent rhetoric is the way to do it, then that will continue to be his ticket.


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