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If Trump Is Such A Racist - According To Secretary Of State Clinton - Then Why...?

Updated on November 15, 2016

If Trump Is Such A Racist - According To Secretary Of State Clinton - Then Why…?

I have the latitude now that I am currently between consulting assignments to engage in endeavors that I do not normally have the time for; case in leisurely/out-of-work point, I happened to watch Secretary of State Clinton’s speech in Nevada today that branded Donald Trump a rank racist. Calling Donald Trump a racist is like saying that Secretary of State Clinton is an honest person… but nonetheless, the corrupt Media and the Sheepdom, the latter that most of us are part of, will be parroting and noising the racist branding placed on Donald Trump around the water coolers and even at our houses of worship.

The question that begs itself is that if Mr. Trump is such a racist, according to Secretary of State Clinton, then why did the Clintons attend Mr. Trump’s wedding – see photograph above of an obviously happy Bill and Hillary Clinton enjoying the Billionaire’s nuptials. If Trump is such a racist, then why would he seems to have assented to his daughter’s marriage to a Mr. Jared Kushner, a man of Jewish heritage, and with Mr. Trump seemingly being the doting grandfather to the resulting union (children) of his daughter, Ivanka’s marriage to a Jew (Jared Kushner)… a group that the Klan traditionally has hated... as much as we Black folks?

It has been reported and I have read it myself that Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton’s are close friends - at least before the Presidential campaign… if this is so, apparently, Chelsea Clinton does not know that Mr. Trump is a rank racist. If Mr. Trump is a such a racist, why is that it is recorded that the Clintons have taken money from him for their charity? In addition, what of the Blacks that are supporting Donald Trump like Mike Tyson; Ice Cube; and Don King… are all these Blacks that are supporting Donald Trump's Presidential candidacy, Uncle Toms?

Once again, as a Traditional Christian, I carry water for none of the Presidential candidates - my loyalties are to Christ Jesus and His teachings; and to that end, it is why I did not and could not vote for the Mormon Romney - Mormonism to me is akin to idol worship - even though Governor Romney does not believe in murdering babies via Abortion, as President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton do. It is also why now that I am being honest to convey that Secretary of State Clinton told the truth when she said that there was a time when the Justice Department took Mr. Trump to court, in the early 70s, for refusing to rent/sell to Blacks. However, it must be noted that people like Mr. Trump can change… and incidentally, how come Secretary of State Clinton has much praise/love for Margaret Sanger, the champion of Abortion and a despicable woman who believed that Blacks were animals and that Abortion was the vehicle - akin to the ovens of Nazi Germany that were used to murder the Jews - to cull the Black herds, per se.

Secretary of State Clinton said in her speech today that there are racist organizations, like the Klan, who are supporting Donald Trump; this is indeed true, but a given Presidential candidate cannot prevent support from racist loons - that is like saying that my enjoyment of driving on the German Autobahn, notwithstanding the fact that it was commissioned by Adolf Hitler, that I support the Nazis and their murderous, hegemonic agenda.

It must be noted too that President Clinton’s mentor, James William Fulbright, was a rank racist - do I make the leap and take the liberty of saying that President Clinton too is a racist… is this the reason why it was reported that President Clinton said of then Senator Obama - because the latter was beating his wife in the Democratic Primaries - that the Senator, years ago, would have been getting our (Whites) coffee/bags? This ‘getting our coffee/bags’ was a slight to the then Senator Obama to show that Blacks should be catering to Whites in a slave-like manner. Moreover, Secretary of State Clinton has embraced Black-Lives-Matter… a group that has some members that have said, in essence, that it is ok to murder Police officers - Secretary of State Clinton has not chastised Black-Lives-Matter for some of its members, who, apparently, have racist sentiments toward Whites.

To my Black brothers and sisters, do we really believe that if Secretary of State Clinton becomes President - Christ Jesus Forbids - that economically we are going to be better off under her? Do we Blacks really believe that the Black-on-Black murders that are going to take place in our Black enclaves this coming weekend are not going to take place under Hillary Clinton’s Presidency? Do we Blacks really believe that the out of wedlock births, the Black on Black crimes and the Black high-school drop-out rates, which are the catalysts for our perdition, are going to stop because Hillary Clinton is elected President?

What does it say morally about a country that is crucifying Trump, as opposed to Secretary of State Clinton who believes that it is ok to murder babies via Abortion… and with the vast majority of the Black Body of Christ who are akin to the latter-day Pontius Pilots… who again will attempt to wash our proverbial hands and consciences for our tacit or outright support for Abortion murders and other blatant offenses of the teachings of Christ Jesus, which includes gay marriages that President Obama has championed and Secretary of State Clinton as President will continue! As it is my wont lately, I have used music, specifically, see hyperlinks to Bob Marley’s, Ride Natty Ride; One Drop; and Rasta-man Live Up, to help to flesh out the themes of this blog.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 20 months ago from New York

      Sir, I sincerely hope that you are correct about HRC's losing of the elections... thanks.

    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of pissants promisem and deantraylor 20 months ago from TWO OF THE MANY LYING LIB CRYBABIES OF HUB PAGES

      Great hub page VP! "Calling Donald Trump a racist is like saying that Secretary of State Clinton is an honest person"

      That is a monumental statement! Someone in the media should pick up on that, maybe they have but I've not been listening much and I don't get anything when I google "like saying Clinton honest"

      What Clinton said is typical of the Democrats these days and a sign that they are desperate, I don't care what the polls say. Anyone who supports HRC is the type of person who is likely to believe what she said, face it they've been taken in by all her lies or else they are as immoral as she is, probably both.

      No intelligent person is going to believe that Trump is a racist, he's never been accused of that in his entire career and just common sense dictates purposely appealing to the racist minority that may be present in the US is no way to win an election.

      So what is HRC doing? It's obvious, she is trying to firm her uninformed gullible base, an activity of desperation, not of someone who believes she is going to win the election.