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If You Can Lie With A Smile And Raise Money Doing It, Become A Politician In America!

Updated on January 10, 2012

Playing Games With The Future

Liars' Poker Equals American Exceptionalism

Politics in America is a joke! After watching the last 15 or 20 Republican debates and being a voter for 40 years, my conclusion is simple. In order to be a candidate for President in this country, you must be able to do two things:

  1. Lie with a straight face, and
  2. Raise money from fat cats who love hearing your lies.

Lying seems to come naturally to politicians (both sides now) in America. From "I didn't see the ads" and then immediately saying, "Well, the ad I saw..." to "If you haven't been sued by CREW then you are not a conservative...", the Republican field of six in the current GOP Presidential campaign have mastered the art of the lie.

None of them are lobbyists, just consultants. Wake up America! There is no difference! Few of them tell the truth about anything, except maybe how many children they have or how many wives they have had. They all go to Church on Sunday and claim to be great Christians, yet every other day of the week, they spend their waking hours telling lies to the American voter; they are nothing more than used car salesmen who wear more expensive suits. Whatever you want to hear, they will accommodate you. It is mastery of the art of seduction that wins elections, not truth. Combine that with money and there is not an office in this land that cannot be bought. And after they are elected, well, then, the fun really starts. Those whose money propelled these illustrious politicians into office sit and wait for their bidding to be done. Usually, they don't have to wait too long...

In rare moments, voters may hear the truth, but by that time they usually cannot discern fact from fiction. So numbed by incessant lies, when the leading GOP Presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney candidly states, "I like firing people", voters think little of the consequences of voting for that candidate during a time when so many of those same voters are terrified of losing their jobs.

"I Care Very Deeply About The American People"

Caring so deeply about the American people seems to be the ticket, or at least saying it seems to be the winning phrase. In the next breath, talk about cutting food stamps to the poor, cutting public sector jobs, cutting education funds and oh! yes! cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; only then you have demonstrated how much you truly care. Throw in a little talk of how anxious you are to go to war, combined with how tough you are and that you speak to God on a daily basis and you will be a winner! One current Republican candidate cared so deeply and so passionately about the American people that his passion for the American people alone caused him to cheat on his wife. That is supposed to demonstrate what? How difficult it is to serve the people? We, the people, should apologize to the man for causing him to commit adultery.

More often than not, the only thing that politicians care very deeply about is keeping their current elected position or winning a new, higher position of power. Because they care so deeply about the people...or perhaps, the people who will hire them afterwards as lobbyists...

Truth be told, there are probably many who start out with a desire to serve the American people and there are those who begin their political careers with lofty ideals and principles, but most of them quickly lose that sense of idealism when they learn that there is money to be made. While members of Congress are privy to insider Wall Street trading and are able to legally take advantage of that knowledge to enrich themselves, they also make a pretty good starting salary. Most Congressmen do not start out as multi-millionaires, but by the time they leave Congress, they are usually quite wealthy. Whether it is working as a lobbyist/consultant, speaking publicly and charging enormous fees, writing books, making films or working in broadcast journalism, life after politics can be quite lucrative. The most impressive job resume is one that begins with former President, former Congressman or former Cabinet official.

When Corporations Are People And God And Family Are Owned By One Party...

When the American voter is led to the polls by money donated from the largest of corporate interests and even further, when God is portrayed as being owned by one party, when only one party supposedly believes in "family" values, how can anything good come from this monster we have created which is called the electoral process? We have gotten ourselves into a fine mess and the only ones who can get us out of this mess are the monkeys that benefit from the current system!

Money buys elections and politicians; we all know that. The majority of the American electorate knows that Congress is corrupt- there- I have said it! The office of the Presidency is not far behind. Visibility, commercials, campaign staff, all paid for to say the things they are paid to say. Paid for by the people? Only if people ARE corporations.

The media is no different. The media depends on those campaign commercials to fund their bottom line, too! But the media goes further. Instead of being objective, each media outlet is known by whether they are conservative or liberal leaning. And lean they do! The media calls elections and even races well before your vote is even counted. Their incessant poll numbers tell you how the majority are voting, so you may as well go along with the rest of the crowd.

I Get It! I Just Don't Like It!

Need a job? Can you kiss a baby? Or kiss A$$? Are you a narcissist to the extreme? Then you can be a candidate for elected office in America. If you weren't born rich or don't have money backers, start out small. Think school board or even county office and then navigate your way to becoming an elected state representative. From there, it is but a hop, skip and jump to national office. Along the way, you will learn to cultivate the right type of friends: The Chamber of Commerce, The National Rifle Association, some corporate backers who will help you write your speeches and your platform, a few religious leaders and most important of all, any and all those who can lie to the American people with a straight face.


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  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

    People ARE dumb! I agree completely!

    Hope you are well, Credence2!

  • Credence2 profile image

    Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

    Let's face it Jillian, "People are Dumb". Charlie Brown runs to kick the football each season trusting that Lucy will hold in place just to have it pulled at the point of the kick everytime. Stupid is believing the same thing when evidence to contrary clearly shows that the belief is not true. This may well be the end of the great American experiment. A democracy requires an educated constituency, there is nothing like it here anymore.. Cred2