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Ignite to Inspire: Why More Churches Ought to Burn

Updated on October 25, 2016

Should Blacks burn churches?


Let them Burn

The images of churches set ablaze ought to propel any onlooker or outsider of the St. Louis and Jennings Missouri areas to embrace the suffering of Black people. Especially Negroes. Suspected of committing the crimes, David Lopez Jackson, a Black man, has allegedly sparked seven fires throughout the two cities. These acts signify the much needed call for Coloreds and others to research, understand, and accept the dark past of Blacks. Though Jackson allegedly ignited five Black churches, one white, and one racially diverse, it is all a response to the daily onslaught of abuse that Blacks face.

According to philosopher Troi “Star” Torain, just as Jews promote their suffering with the scribbling of swastikas on public walls around cities, so the Black man should engender a sense of justice for the many too many slurs and indignities experienced by African Americans. Just as long as no one is physically hurt, there ought to be more burnings and acts of racially charged blazes. The revolutionary status of Blacks with the Black Lives Matter movement ought to be heightened. The remembrance of Black bodies being shot, stabbed, stretched, castrated, and set ablaze ought to ignite a sense of purpose in torching the churches. Their ongoing struggle to find some semblance of order by making disorder actually creates cognitive dissonance. This state might embolden those on the fringes of the movement to find enlightenment from the destruction of churches.

As symbols of mysticism, these establishments represent the tradition of God-fearing people. Their positions as bastions of social change and rights equality through the decades have led them to be targets. In fact, their political connections (particularly in the South) display that the Black church’s main purpose is to reinforce the Black experience. From slavery, to spirituals, to blues, to jazz, the lives of Coloreds has bolstered the American identity. Though some Negroes skulk from holding on to the past burdens and achievements of African Americans, it is time for that to cease. Blacks ought to be proud of their history and know where they come from in order to discover where they are going.


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