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Does Illegal Immigrant Mean Dangerous Criminal? Clarifying the Facts.

Updated on November 17, 2019
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A child raised/ taught/guided, lifted, educated by a village of kind, non-racist beautiful men and women.

Immigration Data Does not Support The Assumption That All Immigrants are Dangerous Criminals.

The assumption that just because someone immigrated illegally automatically makes them a dangerous criminal, is not supported by actual data. 2017 data shows that 83% of immigrants were NOT deported for violent crime but for civil immigration violations.

The assumption that those who immigrated Illegally are bad people who intend to harm you, is WRONG! specially referring to immigrant children. The word criminal by definition leads one to believe that this is the case based on the definition of crime which is breaking a law, and it is meant to scare you, but children are innocent and free of evil intentions. In fact, most adult immigrants don't come to the US with the intention of harming anyone, but simply to find work and give their families a better life. Just like you and me they simply want a safe and happy family life.

Immigrant Children are not Criminals

immigrant children are not criminals
immigrant children are not criminals

What is the Difference Between Breaking a Civil Law vs A Criminal law

It important to note that there is a difference between a criminal law and a civil law. This CNN article and video explains this perfectly

One example of a breaking a civil law but not being a criminal who has committed a terrible crime against society is a speeding ticket. Many of you have speeding tickets, does it mean that you are all horrible animals who deserve to be mistreated and vilified? I think not. Likewise illegal immigrants have broken a civil law; therefore, yes a law is broken and it requires mending, but is the answer locking families up? automatic deportation? punishment? Is the better solution legalization? specially for those working, giving service to society, getting an education.

We need to stop making blanketed, racist assumptions/generalizations on groups of people. If the fear is that there are actual criminals within immigrants sure there are. Every group of people-- black, white, or purple has a bad apple or two: this is just a fact of humanity. Some people are broken but it has nothing to do with being a legal or illegal immigrant.

If any immigrant breaks a criminal law then let them be criminally prosecuted that is the job of criminal law, but persecution based merely being an immigrant is simply RACIST. The persecution of non-criminal immigrant workers, families and innocent children already living in the US needs to come to an end.

For more "unbiased" facts about immigration visit

Those who are ignorant lack power. Knowledge is power.

Breaking Civil Law Isn't Criminal

Breaking Civil Law Isn't Criminal
Breaking Civil Law Isn't Criminal

The US Needs immigrant Workers

Immigrant workers give service in every sector of the US, from farming to food services, to medical and construction. You need them, we all need them.

It is up to the government to stop criminalizing, and deporting immigrant workers, and give them the kindness to continue giving services legally. We need workers.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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