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Illegal Immigration: The U.S. Dilemma

Updated on June 6, 2010

Illegal Immigration

Before I begin, I just want to say... I am for EVERYONE being "legal." That said... there are ways to go about it that our government knows nothing about.

To begin with, I do not recall anywhere within the pages of the bible Jehovah God and his people even alluding to dismissing one class of people, based on the color of their skin or because they didn't have some special scroll that said they were in a certain city "legally." What I do recall reading, is the brotherly love each one of us is supposed to be showing our "neighbor." Jesus spoke of treating each other with compassion and understanding, and to refrain from maligning your brother. So... biblically-speaking... I know of nothing that addresses this subject.

Let's refer, for a moment, to the new Arizona law, that requires a person who "looks like" they're different to produce documentation in support of their stay in the U.S. First of all... how can an imperfect human (bible) "determine" who, exactly, "looks" illegal? There is no, fool-proof way of accomplishing that. I've heard many people in favor of this ridiculous law (all caucasians, I might add) say that, in no way, is this racist... on the part of the police, city/governmental officials and so on. Here's what I'd like to know: how is it NOT racist when a person is being "judged" based on the way he looks (skin color, facial features, etc.)? The whole idea of racial profiling came about because of this ungodly behavior on the part of law enforcement. Ask anyone who has been pulled over for no, apparent reason, if what they experienced would be considered as racist or racial profiling. I know MANY of them and, believe me, they would tell you, "Yes!"

As far as immigration itself, laws that were put in place many, many years ago are so antiquated and- yes- unjust, that they do need to be changed. From what I've heard (listening to President Obama), this change is taking place. Let's hope it is! Then... you need qualified, unbiased, NOT prejudiced people who are going to do their jobs, and enforce the laws that are written.

The part I do have an issue with, is... the border, and how, exactly, to "secure" it. I've heard much talk about a huge fence being erected... our, modern-day Great Wall of China? In my opinion, that would not only stir up a lot of anger and hateful feelings, but would send the message, that... we don't want you here! You don't belong! I know, there are many people who would say, "That's EXACTLY what we want!" I would have to say to them, "Go read your bible and tell me where God, Jesus or ANY of God's servants said it was o.k. to shun your fellow brother?" They won't find it, because... it does not exist!

The other point I would like to make, is... has anyone ever bothered to ask these "illegal immigrants" WHY they want to come to the United States? As with ANY people/situation, there are certainly those who are doing it for criminal reasons. The vast majority, though, do it for what they think will be a better life. Some of those people and their family, are leaving behind evil, frightening, horrendous existences. Have you ever heard someone say, that the U.S. is the wealthiest nation, or that its citizens are well-off, and spoiled? I have! Think about it: most of us can come and go freely, stay out as late as we want, come home when we want, buy what we want WHEN we want it. Believe me when I say, that is NOT the case in most 3rd world countries. Women are treated like objects, possessions. They're told what to do, when to do it, how often to do it (if at all). So... when I hear that Americans are spoiled, I know that to be a fact. We are a very blessed people.

Should we not, then, as God's people, share our blessings with those around us... those less fortunate than us? That's what Jesus did and what he preached his disciples and people of God do.

In closing, I do think the current immigration laws should change. The "great" and "mighty" fence, or wall, is not the answer. If everyone would pull out their bibles and actually read them (then, model their behavior/lives after the one who created us), I really do believe many of these issues would not exist.

Illegal Immigration


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